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1 very ht and sunny day reminds us that the time f summer vacatin is appraching. It has becme a traditin that fr many f us, the cnventin marks the beginning ur vacatin. The excerpt frm the verse n the cver f this magazine describes the atmsphere f ur cnventin. This sentence stands behind all f the summer plans f the participants f the 92 nd cnventin. Only eight years separate us frm ur 100 th year f existence. We d nt knw if we will be able t celebrate this anniversary. We certainly hpe s. Only Gd knws the future f ur cnventin. Our cnventin is missin riented and has been initially funded fr this purpse, that we may be mutually encuraged be each ther s faith Cntents: Editrial - Natasha Legierski...74 BWA News-June Christ Calls t Act, Part 4 - Thmas Csmades...76 Kristus vlá k akci, 4. èást - T. Csmades, pøekl. N. Legierská...77 The Natin RemembersJhn Hus - Natasha Legierski...78 Nárd vzpmínámistr Jan Hus - Nataa Legierská...79 Questin Bx - Heavens Help - Jhn E. Karenk...80 Questin Bx - Hw D We Pray? - Jhn E. Karenk...81 Cnventin Histry...82 Cnventin Reflectin...83 Frm Our Readers...90 Childrens Crner...92 Yuth Scene - Elizabeth Legierski...93 Blessed Is the Man - Jhn Karenk...93 Frm the President - Rbert Dvrak...94 Pem: When Jesus Came - Judy Prater...94 Pem: Yu Will Make Me Stp - Judy Prater...94 Ladies Page - In Service - Ve slubì - Natasha Legierski...95 Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje July 2001, Vl. 27, N 4 (USPS ) ISSN Published Bi-Mnthly by The Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada Peridical pstage paid in Philippi, WV. Publicatin Office: Glrius Hpe 1524 Lancaster Dr., #134, Oakville, ON, L6H 2Z2, Canada Editr-in-Chief: Natasha Legierski Electrnic Publishing and Art: Vit Malek Assistant Editrs: Janice Cermak, Ján Bank Editrial Staff: Gerge Smmer, Gerge Legierski, Jseph Nvak Yu may send articles t abve address POSTMASTER: Send address changes t Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje Rt. 4, Bx 58D, Philippi, WV USA Next issue deadline - August 15, 2001 (Rmans 1:12) Yu have just received the previus issue f Glrius Hpe several days ag. This delay was nt planned and we aplgize t all f ur readers. Every mistake encurages us t imprve. S it is in this case; we are wrking hard t ensure that yu receive the July issue at the beginning f July. Nw yu may witness whether we have been successful. We will prvide yu with news frm the cnventin in the next issue. This cnventin s slgan briefly summarizes the cntent and success f the Christian s life. Whatever we may have learned, experienced, planned and hped fr in ur lives, all f this must be directed t the knwledge that ur life must be funded n lve fr Gd. This lve ensures a victrius life with all its struggles, accmplishments and failures. This is the life Jhn Hus had in mind when he std befre the Cuncil f Cnstance. Because f his lve fr Gd, Jhn Hus was willing t be burnt at the stake. May the memry f June 6, 1415 be a manifestatin f ur lve fr Gd. May yu have an enjyable summer! Editr-in-Chief Natasha Legierski The truth remains fr eternity, it can nly be defeated temprarily. Cursed is he wh departs frm truth fr a piece f bread. A lud prayer is f value nly if it is sincere. The tngue wrks in vain, if the heart is nt praying. Jhn Hus adý hrký a sluneèný den nám signalizuje blíící se èas prázdnin a ddechu. Stal se tradicí, e sejitím naí knvence pr mnhé zaèíná dvlená. Úryvek vere, na pøední stranì èaspisu, který dríte v ruce, vyjadøuje atmsféru knference. Tat vìta stjí v pzadí prázdninvých plánù vech úèastníkù 92. sejití knvence. Puze sm let nás dìlí d dvrení sta let existence knvence. Zda-li se uskuteèní sté výrèí, nevíme. Jistì si t pøejeme. Jen Pán Bùh zná buducnst tht misijníh tìlesa, kterým knvence je, byla a za jeh úèelem vznikla. abychm se splu pvzbudili víru (Øím.1:12) Pslední èísl Slavné nadìje se vám dstal d ruku pøed nìklika dny. Opdìní nebyl plánvané a vem ètenáøùm se velice mluváme. Pøi kadém prvinìní je èlvìk phnut k nápravì. Stejné t je i v naem pøípadì: usilvnì pracujeme na tm, aby se vám èervencvé èísl dstal d ruku hned pèátkem mìsíce. Nyní jste svìdky, zda-li se nám t pdaøil. Zprávy ze sejití + Pkraèvání na stranì 75 Frnt and back cver: Cnventin phts archiv 74 Printed n recycled paper Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

2 Baptist Wrld Alliance News June 2001 Frm the General Secretary Dentn Ltz The BWA, The UN, and Human Rights n 1975 the BWA Executive Cmmittee, which met in Australia, apprved the BWA applying fr status as an NGO (Nn-gvernmental Organizatin) with the United Natins. Sn thereafter the UN apprved the Baptist Wrld Alliance s applicatin. Since then we have had representatives in Geneva, New Yrk, and Vienna. Of curse ur main representatin has been at the United Natins headquarters in New Yrk City. We have had three significant Baptist representatives since that time: Eleanr Schnurr, Carl Tiller, and Gerge Yunger. Each has been respected as a leader in the assciatin f religius NGOs. In fact there is an annual award given t the mst effective NGO, the award being named after the BWA s first representative, Eleanr Schnurr! Recent newspaper reprts and radi bradcasts have indicated that the BWA s membership as an NGO is up fr renewal and that ur BWA membership may, be threatened. (See UN Optimism stry bellw.) This exercise gives us pause t ask the questin, Why wuld the BWA want t be an NGO at the United Natins? There are several imprtant reasns fr us t be an NGO at the UN: Christian Presence: Religius freedm, human rights and justice are nt islated cncerns fr Christians. Rather they are central t the message f Jesus and the Kingdm. By being an NGO at the United Natins the BWA has an pprtunity t express publicly befre many natins ur Christian cncerns fr justice, peace, and righteusness. Our absence wuld mean that there wuld be ne, less Christian vice representing ur Christian heritage and traditin, smetime at dds with thers. A Defense f Religius Freedm: Since the fall f the Berlin Wall in Nvember 1989 the wrld has nt becme a friendlier place fr religius freedm. In fact, just the ppsite has happened. Never befre his there been a mre blatant and pen persecutin f Christians than tday. Religius wars cntinue t threaten Bsnia and Serbia, Israel and Palestine, Indnesia, India and Nigeria. By being an NGO at the UN, ur BWA representatives can defend religius freedm and be a vice fr ur believers in the Tw-thirds wrld wh are experiencing persecutin. Better t be Present at the Table than t be Absent and Ignred: Our BWA member bdies frm minrity cuntries are eager fr the BWA t be at the table. If the were nt there then wh wuld raise their vices in prtest and defense f their just cause fr freedm and justice? The fact is being at the table allws us the freedm t represent ur strng cmmitment t religius freedm fr all! We will nt be muzzled by the UN, by secular rganizatins, r ther religius grups. As Baptists, faithful t the liberating pwer f Christ, we will cntinue t be a vice fr the viceless, a vice crying in the wilderness fr freedm and justice fr all! UN Optimism Cntrary t reprts in the Washingtn Times, May 17, abut its status as a Nn-gvernmental Organizatin (NGO) at the United Natins (UN) the Baptist Wrld Alliance remains very ptimistic that it will be re-accredited as an NGO, a psitin it has held with the UN since Dentn Ltz, general secretary f the BWA, says the BWA will address cncerns frm the Ecnmic and Scial Cuncil (EcSc) which is currently cnsidering accreditatin f NGOs. The BWA cmmitment t defending the principle f religius freedm will cntinue, Ltz said. We will nt be muzzled, nr restrain ur vice frm defending thse wh are persecuted, n matter their race, cuntry f rigin, r religin. Editrial pkraèvání ze strany 74 knvence uveøejníme v následujícím èísle. V heslu knvence je struènì vyjádøena náplò i úspìch køesanva ivta. Ckliv jsme se v ivtì nauèili, c jsme prili, c jsme plánvali a jaké nadìje jsme si vytváøeli, t vechn vyúsuje v jedn pznání: ivt musí být zalen na lásce k Bhu. Tat láska zajiuje vítìzný a radstný ivt se vemi bji, úspìchy i neúspìchy. Tent ivt mìl na mysli Mistr Jan Hus, kdy stál pøed kncilem v Kstnici. Z lásky k Bhu pdstupil Jan Hus i smrt upálením. Nech je vem køesanùm, vzpmínka na tent den, 6. èervence 1415, manifestací lásky k Pánu Bhu. Pehnaný èas ddechu vám pøeje redakce! éfredaktrka Nataa Legierská Cnventin Web page is nw being updated regularly Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

3 Christ Calls t Act Part 4 Thmas Csmades 6. Be a Cnquerr n the curse f histry, thughts and aspiratins have centered n cnquest, chiefly military cnquest, which in Islam cnstitutes a religius dgma (Quran, 33:25). Cnquest f new cntinents, cnquest f knwn muntain peaks, cnquest f new frntiers f science and knwledge, cnquest in the arena f sprts and pursuits in ther areas are all pressing fr this high achievement. Since creatin, since the defeat f Adam and Eve, wh talks abut spiritual cnquest? In a life tenure when human beings experience ne defeat after anther, wh talks abut spiritual cnquest? N ne, except Jesus Christ, the mighty cnquerr ver the wrld, sin, Satan, hell and death. He alne is the One wh says, I have vercme the wrld (Jhn 16:33). Abut his victries, see Revelatin 5:5; 6:2; 17:14. Abut the victries f His believers, see Revelatin 12:11; 15:2; 21:7. The prayers f the saints undubtedly brught such majestic triumph t them. As seen in Christ s admnitin t awake, likewise in this the admnitin t be a cnquerr, the effect f prayer is strngly implied. In fact, the earnest persn will detect Christ s call t prayer in every admnitin. Thse wh crucified the eternal Christ were jeering and celebrating. But when they were infrmed abut His resurrectin they resrted t fabricatins in rder t cver their apparent defeat. Christ is the abslute Victr. N pwer n earth, in heaven r hell can ever defeat Him. He is calling His believers t be victrs, drawing the supply f strength entirely frm Him (1 Jhn 5:4,5). Let n ne even entertain the ntin f victry apart frm its being identified with the pwer f His resurrectin (Philippians 3:10). The germ f defeat had already crept int the life f the churches addressed frm heaven. The prime afflictin f the Church thrughut the centuries has been and still is defeat. The frces which vercme are sin, allegiance t ther masters, dctrinal deviatin, inner cnflicts and a hst f ther seditius allurements. The picture f a defeated church which nrmally is destined fr victry is ne f the saddest sights. Christ is pleading with His fllwers t embrace His victry, making it their wn. Let the reader fllw thrugh the scriptures t find the resurceful blessings He will bestw n the victrs. The ever-triumphant Lrd is inviting us t participate in His victry. Can there be any excuse fr defeat with such a Master? 7. Open The Dr Ancient Ladicea was a wealthy banking and cmmercial city in the prsperus Lycus Valley f Asia Minr. Every amenity was hers. There was ample mney t erect the mst sphisticated frtificatins t defend the sprawling metrplis. The Herculean gates imbedded int the walls culd be clsed and pened arbitrarily by thse within. In the ld wrld, enjying the prtectin f strng walls with wellplaced gates was an undeniable advantage. Hw distressing is the utlk f a church which erects fences in self-prtectin, all the while carrying ut her selfmtivated prgrams. Alas, the very Head f the Church is left ut while the church enjys her cmfrtable exercise in self-gratificatin. This wide wrld is flded with all srts f churches in which Jesus Christ is neither the head nr the indisputable ruler. Pause fr a mment and cnsider the state f yur wn church. Is there any area where the Lrd, wh gave His life fr the Church and lves the Church, has been pushed aside, replaced by human nrms and whims? When there was n king in ld Israel, every persn did as he saw fit (Judges 21:25). The state f the church in these critical times is sadly reminiscent f that ancient disrderliness. As lng as Christ is nt hnred n His rightful thrne in all areas f the church, being free t chase away frm His temple all human intrusins and avcatins, nthing can be remedied r bettered. The thrng f prblems in the church can be remedied with a single strke: pen wide the clsed dr f the church and let her Head in. Recgnize in full His lng-ignred authrity, acknwledge Him as the lving, caring hst at the banquet table. He is ready t feed everyne with abundant prvisins He wh readily fed the thusands with a supernatural act. In the church in Thyatira, a blatant feast was carried n, which the Lrd rebuked:...jezebel, wh calls herself a prphetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants t practice immrality and t eat fd sacrificed t idls (Revelatin 2:20b). This church had pened the dr and fallen under the spell f a self-impsing hstess, ffering all srts f bnxius, vulgar meat and drink. She lured undiscerning cmmunicants t eat at her table and then engage in rgies. The manipulatin was widespread. Hw many have crept, and are creeping, int the assembly knwn as church! Like Jezebel f ld they have n difficulty wrming their way in, and then create havc arund their pretended banquet table. Let their wn table befre + Cntinues n next page 76 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

4 Kristus vlá k akci Èást 4 Thmas Csmades pøelila Nataa Legierská 6. Buï vítìzem histrie známe bdbí, kdy se ivt sustøeïval klem dbývání nvých území. Pøedevím t byly vjenské výbje. Nábenské pøesvìdèení v tm hrál velku rli, napø. Islám (Quran 33:25). Dbývání nvých kntinentù, vrchlù hr a nvých bzrù v blasti vìdy, vìdìní, sprtu a pdbné snahy v dalích blastech, vedly k úasným výknùm. Kd vak hvøí duchvním vítìzství d stvøení a pádu Adama a Evy? Kd hvøí duchvním vítìzství v ivtì, kdy lidé prívají jednu práku za druhu? Nikd, puze Pán Jeí Kristus, vítìz nad svìtem, høíchem, satanem, peklem a smrtí. On je ten, který øekl: Já jsem pøemhl svìt (Jan 16:33). O svém vítìzství hvøí ve Zjevení 5:5, 6:2, 17:14, vítìzství vìøících ve Zjevení 12:11, 15: 2, 21:7. K jejich slavnému vítìzství nepchybnì pmhly mdlitby svatých. Kristva výzva k prbuzení, zahrnuje mdlitbu tht druhu. Ve skuteènsti, hrlivý èlvìk pzná v kadém napmenutí Kristv vlání k mdlitbì. Ti, kteøí Krista ukøivali, se psmívali a slavvali svùj úspìch. P vzkøíení, aby zakryli jasnu práku, se bránili vymyleným pøíbìhem krádei. Kristus je aslutní Vítìz. ádná mc H nemùe pøemci, ani na zemi, na nebi neb v pekle. Vyzývá vìøící, aby èerpali sílu pøím d Nìh a stali se vítìzi. Ké by se nikd nepkuel dsáhnut vítìzství bez pznání Jeh mci vzkøíení (Filip. 3:10). Sbry, kterým je napmenutí s nebe adresván, ji byly napadeny zkázu. P celá staletí tázka pádu církve stjí v ppøedí. Síla, která pøemáhá je høích, sluba jiným pánùm, falená uèení, vnitøní knflikty a dalí svdy. Je smutný phled na církev, která aè urèená k vítìzství, upadá. Kristus prsí své následvníky, aby si pøivlastnili Jeh vítìzství. Nech se ètenáø zaète d Písma a najde zdrj pehnání, které bude udìlen vítìzi. Oslavený Pán nás zve, abychm mìli úèast na Jeh vítìzství. Mùe vùbec djít k práce s takvým Pánem? Pkraèvání Christ Calls Cntinues frm page 76 them becme a snare; let their sacrificial feasts be a trap (Psalm 69:22; Rmans 11:9, 10). If yu are listening t the vice f the risen Christ, turn yur back n all unsavry tables where dainties are being served: man-invented dgmas and practices; mdern-day ethical-mral espusals; materialistic-hednistic life-style; hemrrhaging, erding standards; dignifying self-absrbed leaders and teachers; mingling persnal interests with thse f Christ, t whm all glry belngs; Pharisaic exclusiveness fcusing n trivialities, r vague thelgical inclusiveness; with a hst f ther stale fds sacrificed wh knws t whm! (Jude 4). Open the dr t Christ and sit at His banquet table. His presence will bless yu beynd all imaginatin. T be cntinued Jan Hus Pkraèvání ze strany 79 Bhem dùstjnìjí. Neb Bùh tím více má èlvìka vzácna, èím více h následuje, a prt jest dùstjnìjí. (Výklad desatera) Oblast mezinárdnstní Kdybych znal cizzemce dkudklivìk v jeh ctnsti, an více Bha miluje a dbré stjí ne mùj vlastní bratr, byl by mi milejí ne bratr. ( Výklad desatera) Vzdìlání Otèe a matk, chcete-li míti dítì, aby byl knìzem dbrým, prste Bha, a zdaøí k své chvále a k jeh spasení a k vaemu a církvi svaté prspìchu. A ty áku, uè se pr tté. (O svatkupectví) Vìdìtiby nám mál platn byl, kdybychm sbì th uiteènì nebrátili. (Pstilla) Pravda a spravedlnst Vìrný køesane, hledej pravdy, sly pravdu, uè se pravdì, miluj pravdu, prav pravdu, dr pravdu, braò pravdy a d smrti, neb pravda tì vysvbdí d høícha, d ïábla, d smrti due a kneènì d smrti vìèné. (Výklad víry) Èteme-li Husvy listy, slví nás jeh zdravý phled na ivt. Bez fanatickéh pdbarvení vnímal realitu: ivt je práce a radst, bj a zklamání, knec pøináí vítìzství a radst. T se zývá i v dpise psaném èeskému nárdu 10. èervna 1415: Mistr Jan Hus, v nadìji sluha Bí, vem vìrným Èechùm, jen Pána Bha milují a budu milvati, ádst svu vzkazuje, aby Pán dal jim v milsti pøebývati. Amen. Vìrní a Bhu milí páni a paní, bhatí a chudí! Prsím vás a napmínám,abyste Pána Bha milvali, jeh slv velebili a rádi slyeli a plnili. Prsím vás, aby pravdu Bí, kteru jsem vám z Bíh zákna a øeèí svatých psal a kázal, abyste dreli; prsím také, aèby kd de mne slyel na kázání neb sukrmì c prti pravdì Bí, aneb aè by kde psal (jen dufám Bhu th není), aby th nedrel. Prsím také, aèby kd vídal mé lehké byèeje v mluvení neb v skutcích, aby se jich nedrel, ale aby za mì Bha prsil, aby mi Bùh ráèil dpustiti. Psal jsem list tent v aláøi v kvách, èekaje na zejtøí na smrt dsuzení, maje plnu nadìji v Bhu, abych d pravdy Bí neustupval, a bludù, které jsu na mì køiví svìdkvé svìdèili, abych se dpøísáhal. Kterak se mnu Pán Bùh milstivì èinil a se mnu jest v nedivných pkueních, pznáte, a se u Bha v radsti z jeh milsti shledáme. Pznámka: Výrky Mistra Jana Husa jsem úmyslnì pnechala v pùvdním znìní, které se nám dchval ve výbìru Husvých výrkù z jeh spisù. Výbìr sestavil Frantiek ilka pd názvem Vzkazy vìrným Èechùm (vydaný v rce 1938 v Praze). Milvníci èeskéh jazyka jistì cení krásu staré èetiny. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

5 The Natin Remembers Jhn Hus Natasha Legierski, translatin Peter Branda Remember yur leaders, wh preached Gd s Wrd t yu Fllw their faith. Hebrews 13:7 ur memries f any particular persn are usually related t a deep persnal experience, an extrardinary deed r ability, r the ideals f that persn. Memries are stred in ur minds as a variety f images. Every persn has his wn ideas abut smene whm he has never seen, but has nly heard r read abut. What is it that helps us create this specific image? In mdern times phtgraphs can be f sme help. Hwever, mst imprtantly, it is the infrmatin abut the persn s life that helps us t create an image. Jhn Hus, the man f faith f the 15 th century is still present in the thughts f many sincere Christians. In all likelihd the images f Hus physical appearance that have been preserved t this day d nt represent reality. A lack f surces and the elapsed time veil his appearance in a shrud f mystery. The inner being f this significant histrical figure is, hwever, clearly revealed. The writings f Hus reveal the image f his spirit. He still speaks t every persn f the 21 st century. The message Jhn Hus has left is relevant tday and will cntinue t be relevant in the future. He became the leader and spkesman f the Czech natin. Tday, we realize that he des nt speak nly fr the Czechs, but fr every true Christian. Hus sincere relatinship with Gd and his lve fr the Scriptures pened his eyes t Jesus Christ and frmed the character f a pastr and refrmer. If smene wants t create refrm, he must first f all be truly refrmed himself. His way f life and thughts must demnstrate refrm in all circumstances. In ther wrds, a refrmer must be a great example. Jhn Hus became an example in the sphere f religin, mrality, sciety, educatin, truth and justice. What des Jhn Hus have t say t us tday? Let us examine sme f his wrds. Religius Sphere: The fundatin f religin is lve fr Gd: True lve is t lve Gd abve all things and t lve ur neighbr as urselves. Lve must als be practical: Every persn has his wn will t submit t the will f Gd in all things. Mral Sphere: I ask in the Lrd s name, that yu wuld fear Gd and wuld keep His cmmandments. But I ask yu by the mercy f Jesus Christ, nt t fllw me in any carelessness that yu may have seen in me. Yu knw that befre I became a priest I wuld ften play chess and this way waste much time and bring thers and myself t anger. I have als erred in cuntless ther things and I submit my self t yur prayers as yu ask ur gracius Lrd t frgive me. Scietal Sphere: Meekness builds great men; greater meekness builds greater men. This is an pprtunity t shw wh is greater amng + Cntinues n page Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

6 Nárd vzpmíná Mistr Jan Hus Nataa Legierská Vzpmínejte na vùdce své, kteøí vám mluvili Slv Bínásledujte jejich víry. ( idùm 13,7) zpmínky na sbnst èlvìka se byèejnì vztahují na hlubký sbní záitek, mimøádný èin, schpnst neb idelgii né sbnsti. Vzpmínky jsu frmvány a uchvány v naem vìdmí v rùzných brazech. Kadý Zasahuje d suèasnéh stletí a bude spjvat i staletí buducí. Jan Hus se stal vùdcem a mluvèím èeskéh nárda. Dnes jsme si vìdmi th, e není mluvèím puze èeskéh èlvìka, ale kadéh pravdvì vìøícíh èlvìka. Husùv upøímný vztah k Pánu Bhu a láska k Bímu Slvu mu tevøela phled na Pána Jeíe Krista a vytøíbila charakter kazatele a refrmátra. Chce-li nìkd prvádìt refrmu, musí být pøednì sám d Pravda na vìky pøebývá, aè na èas praena bývá. Zløeèený ten, kd pr skývu chleba pravdu pustí. Mdlitba hlasitá jest jedinì vzácná, kdy s mdlitbu srdeènu se sjedná. Darm jazyk pracuje, kdy se nemdlí srdce. Mistr Jan Hus hlubky refrmvaný. Jeh zpùsb ivta, mylenky demnstrují refrmu za vech klnstí. Jinými slvy, refrmátr musí být vzrem. Jan Hus se stal vzrem v blasti nábenské, mravní, spleèenské, mezinárdnstní, vzdìlání, pravdy a spravedlnsti. Jak a èím nás Mistr Jan Hus mùe slvit i dnes? Nue, psuïme sami jeh slva: Oblast nábenskápdstata nábenství je láska k Bhu: Láska jest milvání Bha nade vecky vìci a bliníh jak sebe saméh, Bha saméh pr nìh, e jest nesmírné dbré, a bliníh pr Bha a v Bhu. (Prvázek) Láska vem musí být praktická: Kadý èlvìk má svu vùli pdbniti k vùli Bí ve vechvìcech. (Pstilla) èlvìk má svu sbní pøedstavu nìkm, kh nikdy nevidìl, ale slyel nìm neb èetl. C napmáhá k vytvøení knkrétní pøedstavy? V dnení dbì t mhu být ftgrafie. Jsu t vak hlavnì infrmace rùzných situacích a událstech, ve kterých se dtyèná sba nachází a reaguje na nì. Pzrující klí si tak vytváøí svùj vlastní názr. Dtyèná sba tím získává urèitu pdbu v èích a pøedstavách lidí. Mu víry 15. stletí, Mistr Jan Hus, znvu ívá v mylenkách nejednh upøímnéh køesana. S nejvìtí pravdìpdbnstí pdba Husvy tváøe nedpvídá skuteènsti. Nedstatek pramenù a èasvý dstup zahaluje Husvu pstavu d ruky tajemství. Vnitøní pdba, tht velikána dìjin lidskéh pklení, vak tajemstvím není. Husvy spisy dhalují jasný braz jeh ducha. Jejich prstøednictvím prmluvá ke kadému èlvìku 21. stletí. Mistr Jan Hus tvøí pøechd mezi støedvìkem a nvvìkem. Oblast mravní Napmínám tì v Pánu, aby ses Bha bál, jeh pøikázání zachvával. Ale prsím tì pr milsrdenství Jeíe Krista, abys mne nenásledval v ádné lehkmyslnsti, kterus na mne spatøil. Ví, e jsemjak mnì t blí!pøed knìstvím svým rád a èast hrál v achy, zmaøil èas a èast jiné i sebe nu hru neastnì pøivedl d hnìvivsti. Prèe dpustiv se i jiných chyb bezpèetných, devzdávám se tvým prsbám k Pánu nejmilstivìjímu za dputìní. (z dpisu Martinkvi z Vlynì) Oblast spleèenská Pkra èiní velikéh, vìtí pkra èiní vìtíh. Pak mìj ten dùvd, abys dkázal, kd jest vìtí: Kdklivìk jest Kristvi pdbnìjí v prspìchu církvi svaté a v pkøe, ten jest lepí, neb jest pøed + Pkraèvání na stranì 77 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

7 The Observatin Twer Heavens Help Rev. Jhn E. Karenk e ve all heard the prverb: Gd helps thse wh help themselves. Many peple are very capable, and culd be classified as D-it-yurselfers. But even they face situatins where they need special help. Crisis situatins can drive anyne t their knees, calling fr help. Smene has put it well this way: A Christian is smene wh has invisible means f supprt. That kind f heavenly help is available, when there s nwhere else t g but UP. The wrd help (used ver 100 times in the Bible) illustrates Gd s unlimited pwer at hand t thse wh seek it. The invitatin is always there: Cme unt me all ye that labr and are heavy laden, and I will give yu rest (Matt. 11:28). Jesus said, Him that cmeth unt me I will in n wise cast ut (Jhn 6:37). Cmers vercme thrugh Christ. One f my favrite verses is The Lrd is my helper, and I will nt fear (Heb. 13:5). Althugh the cntext cncerns harmful peple, I believe ther verses crrbrate that Gd s help is available in any situatin f need. My Gd shall supply all yur need accrding t His riches in glry by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). In yunger years, David had an almst verwhelming amunt f truble, but aid frm abve available in abunding measure in respnse t his request: Give us help frm truble ; Gd is...a very present help in truble ; My help cmeth frm the Lrd ( Ps. 108:12, 46:1, 121:2 ). The prphet Isaiah adds his assurance f Divine help with these wrds: I will help thee, saith the Lrd ; The Lrd Gd will help me (41:14, 50:7). Many thers in the biblical recrd verify the ability and availability f Gd as a helper. Gd prvided a help meet fr Adam (Gen. 2:18, 20). Mses named his secnd sn Eliezer, which means My Gd is an help. (Ex.18:4). The apstle Paul facing death said, Having...btained help f Gd (Acts 26:22). Jacb, n his death bed, blessed his sn Jseph with these wrds: The Gd f thy father...shall help thee (Gen.49:25). The Prphet Samuel, after victry ver the Philistines, placed a memrial stne and called it Ebenezer, which means: Hithert hath the Lrd helped us (I Sam.7:12). Can yu lk back frm yur present situatin and say, Ebenezer, making it persnal with a me at the end f that phrase? Has Gd prvided yur greatest need f salvatin? If nt, then settle that matter nce and fr all time with this simple scriptural prayer: Help me, O Lrd my Gd. Save me accrding t thy mercy (Ps. 109:26). Then lk t the Lrd fr the assurance f grwing hliness withut which n men shall see the Lrd (Heb.12:14). The very name f Jesus means that he shall save his peple frm their sins (Matt. 1:21). The Christian life can be described by these tw shrt phrases: He saves and he sanctifies, r makes hly. Hw are yu ding with Gd s help? I can d all things thrugh Christ Wh strengthens me (Phil.4:13). If yu are nt prgressing in yur Christian life, help yurself t Gd s help. He is available and able t meet all yur need! (Phil. 4:19) There need be n paupers in Gd s family. Ask and yu shall receive (Matt. 7:7). Amen. 80 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

8 The Rev. Jhn E. Karenk 1330 Nrmandy Dr., Gdfrey, IL Hw D We Pray? Rev. Jhn E. Karenk st prayer is selfish; it s fr ur needs: hearth, health and wealth. We ask fr ur family needs: physical, financial and filial. It s largely, Lrd, bless me and my family, i.e., Jhnny needs a jb; Mary is sick and needs healing; Jimmy is having truble in schl; Betty is facing a divrce; Grandma is grieving after lsing Grandpa; and Lrd, I m having these recurring headaches, and I ve gt a sre back and we culd use mre mney t pay fr the new car and furniture we bught, etc., etc., etc... When Jesus taught the disciples t pray (Matt. 6:9-13), he started ut with three requests that were aimed at a higher pririty: Gd s hliness, Kingdm, and will. These are nt tempral things. The secnd cmmand teaches us nt t take the name f Gd lightly:...in vain (Exd. 20:7). The Kingdm f heaven (Gd) is a prminent theme in all the gspels and New Testament. Jesus said, I cme t d Thy will, O Gd (Heb. 10:7). The Scriptures clearly say that there are pririties when YE pray (Luke 11:2). Seek ye first the Kingdm f Gd and His righteusness, and all these things will be added unt yu (Matt. 6:33). Our agenda, when we pray, ften scuttles Gd s greater purpses, which He just may be accmplishing by the rifts, ruts, cavities, and catastrphes f ur selfish desires. I am nt saying we shuld nt pray abut ur persnal needs, but that Gd wants us t fcus n the mre imprtant, the eternal, mre than the tempral things that usually dminate ur prayers. In mst church prayer times, be they n Sunday mrning r at a time set aside fr a prayer meeting, the requests are almst entirely fr healings f the sick, unemplyment, safety in travel, cmfrt fr the bereaved, etc... All f these are tempral and lack the spiritual mtive that were cncerns f Biblical prayers, fr instance... With the return f ur Lrd n their minds, Paul prayed fr sme spiritual needs f Christians (2 Thess. 1:11,12): (1) that ur Gd wuld cunt yu wrthy f his calling, (2) fulfill all the pleasure f His gdness and (3) the wrk f faith with pwer. These are requests fr hliness and abundant life in effective service fr ur Lrd, all t the intent that Gd will be glrified by grace manifested t, fr, and in us! Peter s last recrded wrds are: But grw in grace and the knwledge f ur Lrd and Savir Jesus Christ. T Him be glry bth nw and frever. Amen (2 Peter 3:18). The wrds f Jesus are apprpriate in this cnnectin: A man s life cnsists nt in the abundance f the things which he pssesses (Luke 12:15). Are ur gals, purpses, aims, and desires in this life aimed tward the eternal, mre than the tempral and passing affairs that cnstrict, negate and nullify ur effectiveness as faithful and fruitful Christians? The Christian life begins with right prayer, cntinues with right living, and cncludes with the right gal: Glry t Gd in the highest (Lk. 2:14), that the name f ur Lrd Jesus Christ may be glrified in yu, and ye in Him (2 Thess. 1:12). We were created...t live fr Gd s glry (Isa. 43:7) and we d this when we live fruitful lives fr Him (Jhn 15:8): Herein is my Father glrified, that ye bear much fruit; s shall ye be my disciples. Fr what shuld we pray? May I suggest: T live with eternity s values in view, that we may be Zealus f gd wrks (Tit. 2:14), Redeeming the time, because the days are evil (Eph. 5:16), pressing tward the mark f the high calling f Gd in Christ Jesus...that we may knw Him and make Him knwn, as the gal and ambitin f ur lives (Phil. 3:14,10). Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

9 Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada Organ Missin Amng Czechs and Slvaks in the Wrld Èeskslvenská baptistická knvence USA a Kanady Misijní tìles zasahující Èechy a Slváky p celém svìtì he Cnventin traces its histry t beginnings in Chicag, where a grwing Czech and Slvak immigratin settlement was taking place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. German Baptists living in Chicag at that time made early effrts t reach the Slavic cmmunity f the city with the Gspel. (Mst Slvaks and Czechs wh settled in Nrth America were nminal Rman Cathlics r secularized free-thinkers. ) By the turn f the century tw Czech-speaking cngregatins were perating: First Bhemian Baptist Church and the Emmanuel Bhemian Baptist Church. Many mre cngregatins in Chicag and its suburban areas, as well as in ther parts f the United States and, later, Canada, sn were springing up. In the year 1909, the first Slavic Baptist Cnventin met under the leadership f the Reverend Vaclav Kralicek, then pastr f First Bhemian Baptist Church. Delegates included pastrs and lay persns frm Plish and Baptist churches. The Cnventin elected fur fficers t carry n it initial rganizatinal wrk. All were clergy: V. Kralicek, president; M. Steucek, vice president; K. Strelec, recrding secretary; and, V. Hlad, treasurer. Three years later, at a cnventin held in Pund, Wiscnsin, members decided that Plish Baptists and Czech Baptists shuld pursue their wrk separately. Immediately the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f America was rganized. It met the fllwing year, 1913, in Creightn, Pennsylvania, and has cnvened annually ever since. In the early years f Cnventin life, mst energy and activity was directed tward denminatin-like cncerns: the establishment f cngregatins and relatinship amng ministers, develpment f missin wrk, rganizatin f a wmen s auxiliary and yuth assciatins, discussin f thelgical cncerns, and cperatin in financial matters. Over subsequent years the Cnventin has called and sent Cnventin Histry missinaries t Czechslvakia and ther cuntries, and in ther ways it has always sught ways t supprt missin enterprises abrad. Sn the Cnventin saw the need fr a cmmunicatin linkage amng the cnstituency, and s it prvided fr a publishing ministry. Fr many years the cnventin magazine bre the name Pravda a Slavná nadeje meaning Truth and Glrius Hpe. Currently the peridical, a semimnthly, carries the title Glrius Hpe/Slavná nadeje. During the hardest years f the Cmmunist regime in Czechslvakia, when plitical rigidities made cntact with the hmelands f Central Eurpe difficult, the Cnventin turned its attentin t Haiti and the supprt f evangelism and church planting in that Caribbean natin. The fcus n Slavic lands, hwever, never was frgtten. In the 1970 s and 1980 s the Cnventin turned nce again t its first lve, supprting Gspel utreach in Czechslvakia, this time thrugh language-specific bradcasting f TransWrld Radi (TWR), Mnte Carl. Mre recently still, the 84th Annual Cnventin held in Minitnas, Manitba, 1993, vted t shift funding frm TWR bradcasting t the Baptist Unins f the Czech Republic and Slvakia directly. Since 1994, then, n an alternating year basis, the Czech Baptist leadership and the Slvak Baptist leadership make prpsals t the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada fr specific financial supprt. Prjects t which the Cnventin has devted funding in recent years include the renvatin f retreat facilities in the High Tatra Muntains, develpment f half-way husing in Olvi fr released prisners, the establishment f a residential facility fr the elderly in Litmerice, and the staging f large tent evangelism events in several majr cities. In the summer f 1997, the president and executive secretary f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin visited in the Czech Republic and Slvakia with lcal Baptist Unin leaders, pastrs, and cngregatins in an effrt t further slidify the nging, lng relatinship with Baptist brthers and sisters there. 82 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

10 Cnventin ReflectinOdlesk knvence Lking t the Past 1950 Mdlitba: Lrd, teach us t pray (Luk.11:1) 1951 Osbní enangelizacezískávání p jednm 1952 Occupy Till I Cme (Luk.19:13) 1954 Obivení nárda: Nárde psvìcený, iv buï v Bhu (J.A.Kmenský) 1956 Svatst vìøících: Svatý buïte neb já svatý jsem (1. Petr. 1:1b) 1959 Kristus ivt ná 1960 Nebe nae, blahslavená nadìje 1962 Já s vámi jsem p vechny dny 1963 Nezmenite3 4ný Kristus meniacemu sa svetu 1964 Pselství evangelizace 1965 Hdnverns slva Bieh 1968 Církev v nynìjí dbìdùleitst církve, bivení církve, zdpvìdnst církve (Mat. 16,18) 1972 Tak ve3 4ké spasenie (idùm 2,23) 1973 Psílám vás (Jan 20,21) 1974 Synvia Bí: Pvlaní, úèastni, dvzdaní (1. Jan. 3:13) 1975 Gds Men wh Helped Change the Wrld (Iz. 6:8) 1976 This We Believe (Jhn 6:69) 1977 The Mre Abundant Life (Jhn 10,10) 1978 Stewards f the Grace f Gd (1. Peter 4:10) 1979 Redeem the Time (Ephes. 5:16) 1980 The Lve f Christ Cnstraineth Us ( 2. Kr. 5:14) 1981 AriseGand Cry 1982 Kd vyuèuje due, jest mudrý (Pøísl. 11:30) 1983 Walking in the Light (1. Jhn 1:7) 1984 Zaèátek uèení tvéh svìcuje (alm 119,130) 1985 All Things Are Wrking Tgether fr Our Gd (Rm. 8:28) 1986 Yu did nt chse me, but I chse Yu t g and bear fruitfruit that will last. Then the Father will give yu whatever yu ask in my name. (Jhn 15:16) 1987 Rziø míst stanu svéh ( Iz. 54,2) 1988 Knw the WrdLive the WrdShare the Wrd Thrughly Furnished by the Wrd f Gd (2 Tim. 3:1617) Pznej slvij slvzvìstuj slvplnì vyzbrjen slvem 1989 Making Gd KnwnIn the Beginning Gd (Gen. 1:1) 1990 Thus Says the Lrd: I Have Called Yu by Yur Name Yu Are Mine (Iz. 43:1) 1991 Jesus Thrugh Many Eyes: Wh d yu say I am? (Mat. 16:15) 1992 Things That Remain I knw that everything Gd des will endure frever; nthing can be added t it and nthing taken frm it. (Eccles. 3:14a) 1993 Thus Far Has the Lrd Helped Us (I.Sam.7:12b) A ptud pmáhal nám Hspdin. Where Have We Been? 1994 Thus Far has the Lrd Helped Us Where Are We Nw? 1995 Thus Far Has the Lrd Helped Us Where Are We Ging? 1996 Thus Far Has the Lrd Helped Us Hw D We Get There 1997 A Gspel fr the Wrld and Salvatin t Us (Rm. 15:1,2) 1998 That He Might Have the Preeminence: Pictures f Jesus frm the New Testament We Have Seen His Glry (Jhn 1:14b) 1999 T Live as a Spiritual Christians But the fruit f the Spirit is Lve, Jy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Genersity, and Faithfulness. (Galatians 5:2225) 2000 Our Hpe fr Living in the New Millennium: The ne wh is in yu is greater that the ne wh is in the wrld (1 Jhn 4:4b) 2001 Christs Expectatins f Us If yu lve me, yu will keep my cmmandments. (Jhn 14:15) Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

11 In the beginning it was the Pravda 84 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

12 and Slavná nadìje Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

13 Knvenèní sbry v rce Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

14 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

15 Then Pravda a Slavná nadìje 88 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

16 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

17 Hpe Even In Illness t the age f 24 years, when my daughter was 4 mnths ld, I became ill and after several mnths f underging medical examinatins, I heard the wrds that peple dread: Yu have a rare disease fr which there is n knwn cause r cure. We can try using radiatin treatment and chemtherapy t remve the tumr. The prgnsis is uncertain it is pssible that yu may nly live fr several weeks. At first, this was a great shck. I thught that all f this culd nt even be true. Seeking Help When a persn is ill, they have nly ne wish t be well again. It is nly natural t search fr help. We als lked fr help wherever pssible. We turned t reputable dctrs in the Czech republic and abrad. I received the prescribed radiatin and chemtherapy treatments all withut any imprvement t my cnditin. A number f friends ffered varius remedies that were guaranteed t help, such as petrleum drps, varius diets, Swedish drps, varius hmepathic medicatins, extracts frm Mexican cacti, as well as treatment by a naturpathic healer. We tried sme f these, but my cnditin cntinued t wrsen. My husband and I are Christians. We believe that Gd hlds ur lives in His hand and that He guides us even in situatins f everyday life. I must, hwever, admit that althugh I believed in Gds help, I relied n human help t an even greater extent. One day as I was reading the Bible, I read these wrds frm Jeremiah: Cursed is the ne wh trusts in man, wh depends n flesh fr his strength and whse heart turns away frm the Lrd. But blessed is the man wh trusts in the Lrd, whse cnfidence is in Him. This passage tuched me very deeply. Suddenly, my eyes were pened and I understd that the prblem was nt with Gd, but in me and in my apprach t the disease. I had nt trusted Gd cmpletely. I asked Gd fr frgiveness and decided t submit t His will with the understanding that He wuld lead my life in the best directin. It was an extrardinary mment, during which I felt Gds tuch and experienced great inner peace and jy. This mment was truly the breaking pint. We were n lnger the nes feverishly searching fr great dctrs, but it was Gd Himself wh began t send dctrs wh had experience with my disease t us. They suggested a new methd f treatment, after which my cnditin significantly imprved during the fllwing mnths. Hwever, I must nt mit what was mst imprtant: every treatment was cupled with my prayers, the prayers f my family and many ther believers. A Real Miracle Nearly 22 years have passed since I was diagnsed with my disease. During this time, we experienced many miracles within ur family. I will mentin at least ne f them. One day, abut seven years after the beginning f my disease I began t feel very strange. After a medical examinatin I was tld that alng with my current prblems, I als have a large tumr r cyst in my uterus. I had t g fr an ultrasund. The dctr there, wh was unaware f my situatin, calmly annunced: It is the twentieth week f pregnancy here I see the little arms and legs. This was truly shcking news, because as a result f the disease my hrmnal functins nearly ceased t functin. Als, at the beginning f the pregnancy I was examined by an experienced gyneclgist wh failed t recgnize any signs f the pregnancy. During this time I als had x-rays taken f my stmach. We realized that even the dctrs examining the x-rays verlked the signs f pregnancy. N ne culd believe that I was already in the fifth mnth f pregnancy. On the ne hand, this was a very jyful discvery, but we als knew that during the first mnths f pregnancy I received chemtherapy treatment and als had x-rays perfrmed. The dctrs made it clear that the likelihd f the child being healthy was minimal. On the cntrary, we were t expect that sme rgans may nt develp at all, r that they will be damaged. Tgether with my husband we kneeled and asked fr Gds help and guidance. After praying, we bth std up with an assurance that we wuld accept the child n matter what the situatin may be. We bth felt that we had n right t terminate the pregnancy. After fur mnths and eight days frm the time that I had learned abut my pregnancy ur sn was brn. He weighed 4.25 kg and was in better cnditin than many children f healthy mthers. After giving ur sn a very thrugh medical examinatin, the dctrs did nt find any signs f health defects and labeled this unusual case a miracle. Our sn recently celebrated his fifteenth birthday in perfect health. Hpe Even In Illness Currently, I am still struggling with my disease. It is nt easy, but I can declare that I am living with an internal peace that cmes frm Gd and des nt depend n external circumstances. In the past, the ne thing I was afraid f mst was that I wuld becme seriusly ill. Nw I have discvered that when I have Jesus Christ in my heart I d nt have t fear death. He frgave me my sins and thanks t His sacrifice n the crss I have been made righteus and at peace with the heavenly Father. I knw that if Gd tk me frm this earth I wuld be with Him in His kingdm. Our Gd is truly a pwerful and glrius Lrd, wh answers prayers. It is wrth it t trust in Him. Lydia Smilkva My grace is sufficient fr yu, fr my pwer is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cr. 12:9 Lydia Smilkva is the daughter f ThDr. Pavel Titera, the frmer president f the Bible Seminary in Olmuc. 90 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

18 Nadìje i v nemci yl mnì dvacet ètyøi let a mé dceøi ètyøi mìsíce, kdy jsem nemcnìla a p nìklika mìsících vyetøvání jsem slyela slva, kterých se lidé tlik bávají: Onemcnìla jste vzácnì se vyskytujícím nádrvým nemcnìním, jeh pøíèina i léèba je neznámá. Zkusíme vás záøit a pdat chemterapii. Prgnóza je nejistámùe také jít jen nìklik týdnù ivta. V první chvíli t byl k. Myslela jsem si, e t vechn snad nemùe být pravda. Hledám pmc Kdy je èlvìk nemcný, má jen jedn pøání být pìt zdravý. Je jenm pøirzené, e zaène hledat pmc. I my jsme hledali pmc vude, kde se dal. Obraceli jsme se na významné lékaøe u nás i v zahranièí. Abslvvala jsem pøedepsanu chemterapii a záøení stále bez kýenéh zlep- ení. Øada pøátel nám v dbré víøe nabízela rùzné léèebné prstøedky, které mìly zaruèenì pmci: napø. petrlej p kapkách, rùzné diety, védské kapky, hubu Kmbuchu, Béresvy kapky, rùzné hmepatické léky, výtaky z mexických kaktusù a také léèbu u lidvéh léèitele. Nìkteré z nich jsme vyzkueli, avak mùj zdravtní stav se stále zhr- val. Jsme s manelem køesané. Vìøíme, e pán Bùh má ná ivt ve své ruce a e nás vede i v bìných záleitstech lidskéh ivta. Musím se vak pøiznat, e i kdy jsem vìøila v Bí pmc, pøece jsem více spléhala na pmc lidsku. Jednh dne jsem èetla v Bibli, v knize prrka Jeremjáe, tat slva: Prklet buï mu, který dufá v èlvìka, pírá se puhé tìl a srdcem se dvrací d Hspdina. Pehnán buï mu, který dufá v Hspdina, který dùvìøuje Hspdinu. Tat slva mne zasáhla jak blesk z èistéh nebe. Najednu se mnì tevøely èi a já jsem pznala, e prblém nebyl v Pánu Bhu, ale ve mnì a mém pøístupu k nemci. Vìøila jsem Bhu jen napùl. Prsila jsem Bha dputìní a rzhdla jsem se pdøídit jeh vùli s tím, e On pvede mùj ivt tím nejlepím smìrem. Byla t zvlátní chvíle, ve které jsem pcitila Bí dtek a prívala hlubký vnitøní pkj a radst. Od té chvíle dl ke skuteènému zlmu. U jsme t nebyli my, kteøí hreènì hledali nejvìtí lékaøské kapacity, ale Pán Bùh sám nám zaèal psílat d cesty lékaøe, kteøí mìli urèité zkuensti právì s tut nemcí. Navrhli nvý zpùsb léèby, p které se mùj zdravtní stav bìhem nìklika mìsícù výraznì zlepil. Nesmím vak pmenut t nejdùleitìjí: kadá léèba byla prvázena mými mdlitbami, mdlila se za mne také celá mje rdina a mnh dalích vìøících lidí. Skuteèný zázrak Od vypuknutí mé nemci ubìhl ji témìø dvaadvacet let. Bìhem tét dby jsme zaili v nai rdinì mnh zázrakù. Zmíním se jednm z nich. Jednh dne, byl t asi sedm let d zaèátku mé nemci, jsem se zaèala citit velmi pdivnì. Pøi následném vyetøeni na nklgii jsem se dvìdìla, e mám ke svým dsavadním prblémùm jetì navíc v dìlze velký nádr neb cystu. la jsem na ultrazvukvé vyetøení. Tam mnì paní dktrka, která nic mé situaci nevìdìla, pøi vyetøeni klidnì známila: Je t dvacátý týden tìhtenstvítady vidím ruèièky, nièky. T byla skuteènì kující zpráva. Vdy v dùsledku naru- ené hypfýzy mnì vlivem nemcnìní u nìklik let hrmnální funkce takøka nefungvaly. Navíc jsem na pèátku tìhtenství byla na vyetøení u zkuené a peèlivé gyneklky, která vak tìhtenství nepznala. V té dbì jsem prdìlala také rentgenvé vyetøení bøicha. Zpìtnì jsme si uvìdmili, e také rentgenlg i zkuený intemista pøehlédli na snimcích známky, svìdèící tìhtenství. Nikd nemhl uvìøit, e jsem ji pátý mìsíc v jiném stavu. Byl t na jedné stranì radstné zjitìní, ale na druhé stranì jsme vìdìli, e právì v prvních mìsících tìhtenství jsem brala chemterapii a byla rentgenvána. Lékaøi nás upzrnili, e pravdìpdbnst, e se dítì nardí zdravé, je minimální. Napak, dá se pøedpkládat, e se nìjaký rgán vùbec nevyvine neb bude pkzený. Splu s manelem jsme pklekli k mdlitbì a prsili Bí pmc a vedení. Od mdlitby jsme ba vstali s vnitøním ujitìním, e si dítì necháme a pøijmeme je takvé, jaké bude. Cítili jsme, e nemáme práv nechat tìhtenstvi uknèit. Za ètyøi mìsíce a sm dní d chvíle, kdy jsem se dzvìdìla svém tìhtenství, se nardil ná syn. Váil 4,25 kg a byl na tm lépe ne mnhé dìti zdravých matek. Lékaøi pøi velmi pdrbném vyetøení naeh syna neshledali sebemení zdravtní prblémy a s phnutím tent nebvyklý pøípad znaèili za zázrak. Ná syn v plném zdraví nedávn slavil své patnácté narzeniny. Nadìje i v nemci V suèasné dbì stále bjuji se svu nemcí. Není t lehké, ale stále mhu vyznávat, e iji s vnitøním pkjem, který má svùj pùvd v Bhu a není závislý na vnìjich klnstech. Vdy jediná vìc, které jsem se kdy v ivtì bála, byl t, abych nebyla nìjak vánì nemcná. Pznala jsem vak, e kdy mám Pána Jeíe v srdci, nemusím se bát smrti. On mi dpustil mé høíchy a díky Jeh bìti na køíi mhu být spravedlnìna a smíøena s nebeským Otcem. Vím, e kdyby mne Pán Bùh z tét zemì dvlal, pùjdu k Nìmu d Bíh králvství. Ná Bùh je skuteènì mcný a slavný Pán, který vyslýchá mdlitby. Vyplatí se mu dùvìøvat. Lydia Smilkvá Dst má na mé milsti, neb mc má v nemci se dknává (2 Kr 12, 9). Lydia Smilkvá je dceru ThDr. Pavla Titìry, bývaléh øeditele Biblickéh semináøe v Olmuci. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

19 92 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July 2001

20 Always running Elizabeth Legierski Always running, but never behind S many thughts, a strm in my mind. But beynd the cluds sme thing I did find, That the sun is still there, just hidden frm my Kind. Hw can we chase the shadws away? They re s big, they d beat us any day. Ah, but that is where yu are wrng, my friend, Let me take yur hand rund an anther bend. This glm that darkens, des it nt abide in yur mind? Therefre with yur thughts must yu this blackness bind. Yu tell me the strm is t strng and the waves verpwer yu Yu ask me when a hurricane rages, what can a single mind d. I tell yu, the gale that deafens is in yur head And if yu think it cntrls, yu had best take frever t yur bed. Fr my saying thus yu declare yurself insane And a life in madness is a life inane. S I charge yu: arise and fight. Wage the war till yu behld the light. Fr the tempest can yet be bund And the silver light f hpe be fund. Jhn E. Karenk Heaven (eternal life) is Gd s best gift and He wants everyne t be there. The Lrd is lngsuffering t us-ward, nt willing that any shuld perish, but that all shuld cme t repentance (2 Peter 3:9) Wh will have all men t be saved (1 Tim. 2 4). All we like sheep have gne astray; we have turned everyne t his wn way; and the Lrd has laid n Him the iniquity (sin) f us all (Isaiah 53:6). Jesus died fr all ur sins. Gd s way f salvatin is a Persn, and He (Jesus) is the nly way t heaven. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life; n man cmes unt the Father except by me (Jhn 14:6). Are yu trusting Him and Him alne fr yur salvatin? All cnventin gifts may be sent in the enclsed envelpes: US residents may use the Business Reply envelpe r send their gifts t Vera Drs, 6621 Elmdale Rd., Middleburg Hts, OH, 44130, and Canadian residents may send their gifts t Henry Pjman, 1516 Pembrke Dr., Oakville, ON, L6H 1V9, Canada. Make checks payable t Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin, and n the bttm write t what accunt yu are sending yur gift: Cnventin, Glrius Hpe, Trust Fund, r Schlarship Fund. MOVING? Please write t: Glrius Hpe Rt.4, Bx 58D Philippi, WV USA Include yur mailing label frm a recent issue f Glrius Hpe fr faster service. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje July

[We will continue columns Builders and Makers of the Convention and Czech and Slovaks and the Bible in next isues of Glorious Hope. Editors.

[We will continue columns Builders and Makers of the Convention and Czech and Slovaks and the Bible in next isues of Glorious Hope. Editors. s I write these lines, the wrld is being shaken by varius events. Tragedy fllws tragedy, with crippling effects n ur sciety. During Thanksgiving, when we express ur gratitude fr all that we receive frm


Jan Petrus (1962-2012)

Jan Petrus (1962-2012) Jan Petrus (1962-2012) None of us could have expected the tragedy that has befallen us this week here at our school. As Mr. Gray said, We have lost our heart. Honza Petrus created the 1st International


Komunikujeme v rámci EU

Komunikujeme v rámci EU Komunikujeme v rámci EU Mgr. Jitka Fraisová Soukromá střední odborná škola Hranice, s.r.o. Jaselská 832, Hranice Mgr. Dalibor Šimko externí expert Hranice 2012 Komunikujeme v rámci EU studijní texty Jitka


Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more...

Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more... Kam na jídlo? E knihovna Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou And much more... TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Words from the editorial board...2 Interview of the Dean...3 Welcome to first year...6 New campus information...10



AKTIVITA 1 OSOBNÍ OTÁZKY PERSONAL QUESTIONS AKTIVITA 1 OSOBNÍ OTÁZKY PERSONAL QUESTIONS jazyková úroveň: falešní začátečníci, mírně pokročilí pomůcky: příloha 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D postup: odpovídejte na běžné otázky v přítomném čase příklad: How old is


DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám

DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám ANGLICKÝJAZYK DIDAKTICKÝTEST POSLECH,TENÍAJAZYKOVÁKOMPETENCE Maximálníbodovéhodnocení:63bodů Hraniceúspěšnosti:44% 1Základníinformacekzadánízkoušky Didaktickýtestobsahuje63úloh. asovýlimitprořešenídidaktickéhotestu





Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego,

Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego, OBSAH Úvod.. 3 Pracovní list 1 5 Worksheet 1.. 6 Worksheet 2..... 7 Pracovní list 2.. 8 Worksheet..... 9 Pracovní list 3.. 11 Worksheet..... 12 Pracovní list 4.. 13 Pracovní list 5.. 15 Pracovní list 6..



7 TRAVELLING 8 CULTURE 110. 9 SPORT 118. OBSAH Úvod REFERENčNÍ část PÍSEMNÁ ZKOUšKA POSLECH S POROZUMěNÍM Informace o zkoušce 0. Zkouškové strategie. Cvičení typu pravda / nepravda (true/false). Varianta cvičení výběr odpovědí z více možností


A reptile in HK. Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou. Meet the students. Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích

A reptile in HK. Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou. Meet the students. Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! A reptile in HK IFMSA Adapťák Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou Meet the students Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích Issue 003 1 2013 November TABLE OF CONTENTS


A OF PRIMER CIVICS Designed for the Guidance of the Immigrant Written by J. J. Zmrhal issued by The Colonial Dames of Illinois 1912 Copyrighted by Eliza L. Potwin 1912 THB WALUVCE PRESS CHICAGO PRVNI CITANKA





DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzavřeným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otevřeným úlohám

DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzavřeným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otevřeným úlohám ANGLICKÝ JAZYK DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE AJMZD15C0T01 Maximální bodové hodnocení: 63 bodů Hranice úspěšnosti: 44 % 1 Základní informace k zadání zkoušky Didaktický test obsahuje


Promrdaný roky. The Fucking Years. skuteèný pøíbìh. The True Story

Promrdaný roky. The Fucking Years. skuteèný pøíbìh. The True Story Promrdaný roky skuteèný pøíbìh The Fucking Years The True Story Sedíme u Davida v pokoji a vymýšlíme si. Už víme, jak to chodí, a tak si radši nejlepší nápady píšeme na papír, aby se nám s prùbìhem veèera,


Buddy UP. fall 2010. inside. magazine for bringing students together. Interviews. CoMeet Move UP Photos. E S N V S E P r a h a

Buddy UP. fall 2010. inside. magazine for bringing students together. Interviews. CoMeet Move UP Photos. E S N V S E P r a h a Buddy UP magazine for bringing students together fall 2010 E S N V S E P r a h a Buddy System inside Interviews nation2nation CoMeet Move UP Photos BuddyUP / Spring 2010 Buddy UP / fall 2010 MILÍ PŘÁTELÉ,


Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy PRACOVNÍ SEŠIT 2013

Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy PRACOVNÍ SEŠIT 2013 Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy PRACOVNÍ SEŠIT 2013 Obsah Problematika Zahraniční rozvojové spolupráce, migrace a rozvojových zemí Prof. Darko Tanasković Turkey and the Balkans Prof. Predrag Simić Serbia:


Department of English and American Studies. English Language and Literature. Humour in Czech Translations of Three Men in a Boat

Department of English and American Studies. English Language and Literature. Humour in Czech Translations of Three Men in a Boat Masaryk University Faculty of Arts Department of English and American Studies English Language and Literature Veronika Steidlová Humour in Czech Translations of Three Men in a Boat Master s Diploma Thesis



ANGLICKÝ JAZYK AJMZD14C0T01 ANGLICKÝ JAZYK AJMZD14C0T01 DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE Maximální bodové hodnocení: 63 bodů Hranice úspěšnosti: 44 % 1 Základní informace k zadání zkoušky Didaktický test obsahuje


Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008/2009

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008/2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008/2009 CEZ GROUP Contents Introduction 4 CEZ Group and the Public 6 ČEZ Public Relations 6 ČEZ Foundation 17 Donorship Outside of ČEZ Foundation 24 Joint Philanthropic


1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault.

1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault. Don Sparling 1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault. Angličtina používá according to, když jde o informaci získanou





ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti

ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE AJGZD10C0T01 Didaktický test obsahuje 63 úloh. Didaktický test obsahuje dva subtesty, ke každému subtestu


Lubomír Černý. Polkas and Marches. d e. with an introduction by Holly Small

Lubomír Černý. Polkas and Marches. d e. with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý d e Polkas and Marches with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý: Polkas and Marches 2/88 Preface Lubomír Černý was my legendary uncle who immigrated with whole family in Canada around


May might bring heart fires

May might bring heart fires FREE OF CHARGE Tourist Magazine No.2, May 2008 www.kampocesku.cz May might bring heart fires There Is Something to Golf How about Chodsko? Sand Festival in Písek Dear readers, I don t know what your perceptions


Texty: Depeche Mode B-stran singlů (1981-1998)

Texty: Depeche Mode B-stran singlů (1981-1998) Texty: Depeche Mode B-stran singlů (1981-1998) Dreaming Of Me Light switch, man switch film was broken only then all the night, fuse tomorrow dancing with a distant friend filming and screening, I picture


DALTON INTERNATIONAL. www.daltoninternational.org

DALTON INTERNATIONAL. www.daltoninternational.org 2004 DALTON INTERNATIONAL www.daltoninternational.org CONTENTS / OBSAH 3/ Miloš Šifalda Jana Šancová 4/ Dalibor Lasovský 5/ Ellen C. Stein 7/ Matthew Fleischer 8/ Karel Rýdl 10/ Benjamin Taaffe 12/ Jane






S P E C I A L E D I T I O N SPECIAL EDITION DEAR GUESTS AND PATRONS, The team at the InterContinental Prague are proud to celebrate 40 years of being a leading international hotel in this vibrant and intriguing city. Ever since the


Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové. Martin Smutek, Miroslav Kappl (eds.)

Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové. Martin Smutek, Miroslav Kappl (eds.) PROMĚNY KLIENTA SLUŽEB SOCIÁLNÍ PRÁCE SOCIAL WORK CLIENT METAMORPHOSES rizika prevence rizika risks prevention risks Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové


Sunny Canadian NEWSLETTER. Ročník/Volume 1 vydání/issue 6 5.9.2012 Z OBSAHU / ABSTRACT:

Sunny Canadian NEWSLETTER. Ročník/Volume 1 vydání/issue 6 5.9.2012 Z OBSAHU / ABSTRACT: Sunny Canadian NEWSLETTER Ročník/Volume 1 vydání/issue 6 5.9.2012 Z OBSAHU / ABSTRACT: DESETILETÉ VÝROČÍ ŠKOLY / 10 ANNIVERSARY SC PŘEDSTAVUJEME NOVÉ KOLEGY / WE INTRODUCE NEW COLLEAGUES KROUŽKY 20012/2013