Skupina počítačové grafiky: projekty. Prezentuje: Jaroslav Křivánek

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1 Skupina počítačové grafiky: projekty Prezentuje: Jaroslav Křivánek

2 (záložka Témata / Topics )

3 What we do Realistic rendering 3D printing 3D recognition Smart 3D content creation Game development Miscellaneous artistic & other funky topics

4 Creative and realistic 3D printing Jaroslav Křivánek

5 Creative and realistic 3D printing Jaroslav Křivánek

6 Active illumination in 3D printing Jaroslav Křivánek

7 Dithering, color reproduction & color separation in 3D printing 2D obrázky Jaroslav Křivánek 3D tisk

8 Intelligent 3D graphics (via machine learning/ai) Architectural sketches Style transfer in 3D Denoising & super-resolution 3D scene understanding & learning Jaroslav Křivánek

9 Jaroslav Křivánek Architectural sketches

10 Style transfer in 3D + =? Jaroslav Křivánek

11 Denoising & super-resolution Jaroslav Křivánek

12 3D scene understanding & learning Jaroslav Křivánek

13 3D scene understanding & learning Most natural orientation of objects Most common spatial configuration (chairs around a table) Materials on objects Appropriate scaling of textures Automatic (semantic) labeling of imported 3D models Automatic & intelligent UV unwrapping Automatic lighting Jaroslav Křivánek

14 Find a sofa that fits my living room Jaroslav Křivánek

15 Find a good material for my desk Jaroslav Křivánek

16 Detekcia významných oblastí s využitím superpixlov s využitím genetických algoritmov s využitím deep learning Elena Šikudová

17 Príznaky lokálne príznaky na 3D dátach kombinácia globálnych a lokálnych príznakov pri vyhľadávaní obrazov v rastúcich databázach Elena Šikudová

18 Iná téma z oblasti spracovania obrazu a počítačového videnia po dohode Priebežne sledujte nástenku pri miestnosti 406 Elena Šikudová

19 Jaroslav Křivánek Simulace transportu světla

20 (záložka Témata / Topics )

21 Music to 3D Generate 3D Models / Animations from Audio Input Static 3D interesting shapes + Animation matching sequences + Interaction eg. as a BSc thesis extension Tobias Rittig

22 Particle system Interactive rendering Global illumination solution with simplifying conditions Simple geometry Limited lights + one enviromap etc. On GPU only or hybrid CPU/GPU solutions Support for experimentation (scriptable!) Lot of extensions... Ivo Kondapaneni

23 Oskar Elek Computer Graphics Group (PostDoc) Areas of interest: rendering (Monte Carlo, real-time) 3D printing (appearance fabrication) simulation material modelling

24 Topic #1: Real-time Fractal Renderer [made in Xaos] Interactive zooming into fractals Oskar Elek Render different fractals (Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton )

25 Topic #1: Real-time Fractal Renderer Project phase Robust interactive GPU implementation (CUDA or shaders) 2-3 standard fractals Simple UI for parameter tweaking Thesis phase Variable-resolution perceptual ( foveated ) rendering Adaptive sample reusing (reprojection) Experimental fractals / coloring schemes / filters (author s choice) Sign up if you re into some of these GPUs, math, computational art, image processing Oskar Elek

26 Topic #2: Generalized 2D Particle Simulation [made by Patrick Huebner] [made by Zaha Hadid Architects] Physics-based particle simulation on simple 2D stencils Oskar Elek or actual images such as projected building facades

27 Topic #2: Generalized 2D Particle Simulation Project phase Simulation in 2D black & white stencil world (CPU or GPU) Basic interaction with geometry (bouncing) and forces (gravity) Ability to generate animations, simple scripting Thesis phase Application to and simple interaction with images Consider interaction between particles (force fields) Simulate advanced phenomena: dielectric breakdown, Brownian motion, diffusive aggregation, fluid flow (optional) Sign up if you re into some of these Simulation, computational art, physics, geometry processing Oskar Elek

28 (záložka Témata / Topics )

29 Charles University, Prague 28 th February, 2017