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1 The clured leaves f autumn re mind us f the palette f bright clurs that an artist uses t capture the beauty f nature with a paintbrush. The fall seasn never fails t amaze us with its riginality. The leaves, which were still green just a few days ag, pint t the Creatr with their wnderful clurs. The beauty f nature during the varius seasns teaches us t ntice the beauty arund us. As sn as they are brn, children begin t develp a sense f esthetics. The extent t which a child learns t be aware f beauty depends n hw much the parents are aware f the harmny f creatin. The disruptin f this harmny is Cntents: Editrial - Natasha Legierski Plans fr the Christian Scial Centre Autbigraphy- Lidie Jariabkvá st Czechsvak Annual Cnventin- Gerge Smmer Wmens Missinary Unin - Anne Opcensky Mary Brtan - Ida Feryance Christian Scial Centre - Lidie Jariabkvá Zámìr pr køesansku sciální slubu ivtpis Lydie Jariabkvé Køesanská sciální sluba - Lidie Jariabkvá Frm Our Readers Czech Republic Missin Trip, Part 2 - Richard Mazanec In Memry - Jarld Zeman, Stan Hynek, Antnín Springle Blessed Is the Man - Jhn E. Karenk Childrens Crner Yuth Scene - Vlastimil Pjman Frm the President - Rbert Dvrak Frm the Executive Secretary - Gerge Smmer Tell Us Abut Yu - Maria Gabankva Osbní svìdectví - Ludmila Dedeciusvá Maries Circle in Minitnas Cnventin Eches in Pictures, Part Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje September 2000, Vl. 26, N 5 (USPS ) ISSN Published Bi-Mnthly by The Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada Peridical pstage paid in Philippi, WV. Publicatin Office: Glrius Hpe 1524 Lancaster Dr., #134, Oakville, ON, L6H 2Z2, Canada Editr-in-Chief: Natasha Legierski Electrnic Publishing and Art: Vit Malek Assistant Editrs: Janice Cermak, Ján Bank Editrial Staff: Gerge Smmer, Gerge Legierski, Jseph Nvak Yu may send articles t abve address POSTMASTER: Send address changes t Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje Rt. 4, Bx 58D, Philippi, WV USA Next issue deadline - Octber 15, 2000 reflected in peple s feelings and results in negativity. Our natural reactin is then a desire t bring everything back t its riginal state, t the harmny rdained by Gd. In practice, hwever, we can see the impssibility f satisfying this desire. This reality may be applied t ur persnal lives and t the life f the entire cngregatin. We experience pleasant mments as well as unpleasant nes, and we can sense the lack f harmny. We knw that we must fight and struggle in rder t regain harmny. This causes ur life t becme ne great battle in which we struggle fr internal peace and balance. An experienced Christian is aware f the fact that this battle never ceases and requires that we always stay n guard. The battle never ends because the riginal harmny rdained by Gd has been disrupted. Man is nt able t regain this harmny (the relatinship between man and Gd) thrugh his wn strength and ability. Man understands that Gd, in His lve twards humanity, prepared a plan that enables peple t attain internal peace. Man believes in the pwer f Jesus Christ thrugh whm we are able t cme befre Gd the Father, and he is willing t turn his entire being twards Jesus Christ. Only in this way is it pssible t regain the lst harmny in life. Are we willing t allw Gd t create a new rder in ur lives? If s, then ur lives will be as beautiful as nature in autumn. The cntents f this issue f Glrius Hpe are still influenced by ur cnventin, held at the beginning f the summer. We believe that in the pages f this magazine yu will find much inspiratin fr which t thank and praise Gd, especially during the time f Thanksgiving that we are currently celebrating. Editr-in-Chief Natasha Legierski P dzimní barvy listù nám pøipmínají pestru paletu umìlce, který mistrnì tìtcem zachycuje krásu pøírdy. Pdzim nás vdy znvu a znvu kuzlí svu riginálnstí. Listy, které jetì pøed nìklika dny byly zelené, nás svými úasnými barvami upzròují na Stvøitele. Krásy pøírdy v jedntlivých rèních bdbích uèí èlvìka vnímat krásn klem sebe. Estetickému cítìní se dítì uèí hned d narzení. D jaké míry krásn vnímá, záleí na rdièích, jak ni vnímají harmnii stvøitelskéh díla. Naruení tét harmnie na sebe upzrní, dráí se v cítìní èlvìka a vyvlává negativní pcit. Pøirzenu reakcí byèejnì bývá tuha uvést ve zpìt d pùvdníh stavu, tedy znvu vytvøit Bhem stanvenu harmnii. Praxe vak dkazuje nemnst splnìní tét tuhy z dùvdu hrubéh naruení, a neb úplnéh znièení knkrétních bjektù. Tut skuteènst mùeme aplikvat d naich sbních ivtù i ivta celéh sbru. Príváme rùzné chvíle, krásné i nepøíjemné a cítíme nesulad. Víme, e musíme bjvat a usilvat znvuzískání suladu. Tím se ná ivt prmítne d jednh velkéh bje, ve + Pkraèvání na stranì 115 Frnt cver: Maria Gabankva Basket f Apples Back cver: Cnventin 2000 Phts Phts : Gerge Smmer and Vlastimil Pjman 98 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

2 Plans fr the Christian Scial Center Frm the wrk f ur sisters... On my way t the Sisters Cnventin in Ostrava, I thught abut whether we wuld be successful in building a clser relatinship with ur frmer hmeland in ur cmmn wrk n the missin field. We knw that the wrk f the sisters within the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin in USA and Canada was started with the specific purpse f ffering help and supprt t ur cuntry. During the Cmmunist era, this type f wrk was made impssible, s the sisters shifted their fcus t ther areas, but they cntinued wrking and ffering financial supprt. Nw, after the fall f the plitical regime, it is nce again pssible t fcus n the Czech and Slvak Republics. Frty years f atheist upbringing has left its mark n entire generatins, especially in the mral and spiritual spheres. Peple depart fr eternity in cmplete hpelessness; they are disappinted with sciety and life, ften abandned even by thse clsest t them. Many d nt believe in the existence f Gd, and die withut knwing the Saviur. The departure frm Gd is truly the tragedy f ur natins. On the ther hand, Gd des nt abandn anyne; He has His servants everywhere, even in ur ld cuntry. At the Sisters Cnventin, I was able t meet thse wh have been called int service by the Lrd specifically t help these needy peple. On the fllwing pages, a sister wh stands at the frefrnt f the expanding missin wrk in Ostrava will intrduce herself t yu. Our sisters cmmittee was familiarized with the prject during ur cnventin in Phillipi and decided t supprt it financially. Christ s church shuld wrk as ne large team. Every persn has a rle n this earth, and by cntributing their abilities r financial resurces can help in reaching the gal. We wuld like t encurage yu t jin us in supprting this prject; naturally, ur brthers can cntribute as well. (Cheques shuld be made payable t the Czechslvak Ladies Missin Unin and sent t the cnventin address in the preprinted envelpes.) We wuld als ask yu t pray fr this sister and her family, that the Lrd wuld lead them s that many suls might still be saved. Let us nt frget that there will be mre rejicing in heaven ver ne sinner wh repents than ver ninety-nine righteus persns wh d nt need t repent (Luke 15:7). Dear brthers and sisters, In April f this year Natasha Legierski attended the Sisters Cnventin in Ostrava. I accepted ur fellwship as a gift frm Gd. Mst f the infrmatin I receive abut yur cngregatin cmes frm the magazine Glrius Hpe. Sister Legierski s visit nce again brught ur cngregatins clser tgether. Jariabka family I am glad that I have the pprtunity t familiarize yu with my plans fr ffering Christian scial services thrugh ur Baptist Church in Ostrava. I have attached sme infrmatin abut myself and ur wrk. I wuld welcme any help, ideas, r advice yu may have t ffer. I am als interested in yur experience in the area f scial wrk in Canada. Wh else culd better relate t ur situatin in the ld cuntry than thse wh used t live here? I believe that ur cntact culd expand frm the pages f the magazine and the ccasinal telephne call t, fr example, an pprtunity fr yur yuth t spend the summer here in Ostrava. Alng with expanding their mther tngue and discvering the natural beauty f the regin, they culd help with preparing the scial prgrams and services fr the fllwing year. Wishing yu Gd s blessings, Sincerely yurs Lydie Jariabkva Basic Infrmatin My name is Lydie Jariabkva. I was brn n Nvember 5, 1949, in Olmuc as the eighth f ten children. I am married and have fur children, three daughters and a sn. My yungest daughter is 18 years ld. I live in Ostrava-Pruba, J. Skupy 1639, , Czech Republic. My father, Alis Erlich, was a preacher f the gspel f Jesus Christ. He served in the BJB fr 27 years. My mther was the first deacness f the Pardubice Snaha. Bth f my parents were deeply rted in the Christian faith. They devted mst f their time t wrk within the church. My persnal life was als submitted Autbigraphy Lydie Jariabkva t this pririty. I accepted Jesus as my persnal saviur in I was baptized in the Baptist Church in Krmeriz by Pastr Zbril. I wrked in the yuth grup in the Ostrava Baptist Church. I taught the children s Sunday schl class. Currently I sing in ur church chir. Rts The family envirnment and the life f the cngregatin frmed my character, pinins and decisins t a great extent. I was + Cntinues n page 106 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

3 91 th Annual Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin, June 29July 2, 2000 Our Hpe fr Living in the New Millennium The ne wh is in yu is greater than the ne wh is in the wrld. 1 Jhn 4:4b Well, nce again a cnventin has cme and gne, and we are left with great memries. With advancing age, we realize hw quickly days, mnths, even whle years pass away. It is very interesting that even children ntice that fact. I realized that when we gathered fr the General Bard meeting in Crim Dining Rm n the first day f the 91 st Annual Cnventin. It seemed as if nly a few mnths had passed since we gathered fr the General Bard meeting in Je Nvak led us in pening devtins, reading frm Ephesians 3:1, with a few cmments expanding n the Scripture. Then he and Gerge Smmer led in the pening prayers. G. Legierski and president R. Dvrak We heard the minutes f the midyear 1999 meeting and ther reprts. The finance secretary and the treasurers presented their reprts. The Bard discussed thrughly the amunts f mney in the varius funds. There are fluctuatins in the value because f the financial ups and dwns in the stck market. It was decided t have the Budget Cmmittee discuss hw t invest the varius funds fr the best returns. The recmmendatin f the Budget Cmmittee will be handled at the midyear meeting befre the decisin is finalized. Natasha Legierski, Editr, reprted that Glrius Hpe nw includes three languages: Czech, Slvak, and English. The magazine is imprving with each issue. She thanked all wh are wrking and cperating in the publicatin. She wuld like t have mre articles abut what is happening in the churches f ur cnventin. Rbert Dvrak cmplimented her n the excellence f the finished prduct. Je Nvak then presented his reprt n the distributin f tracts. He has been wrking fr 15 years n the tract prgram. He als gave a cmplete reprt as t the respnse he is getting frm many places and asked that we cntinue t uphld him and the wrk in prayer. The Awards/Recgnitin Cmmittee reprted that an award f recgnitin will be given t Gerge Legierski in recgnitin f his having been Editr-in-Chief f Glrius Hpe in the past. Je Nvak, chair f the Nminating Cmmittee, appinted the fllwing cmmittee members: Nminating: Je Nvak- chair Daniel Widlicka Jan Bank William Rtar Stan Mantle Garth Priebe Flrian Manas Russell L. Kepple Budget: Rbert Dvrak- chair Gerge Gregr Bill Rtar Oti Alac Henry Pjman Vera Drs Time, Place: Bill Widlicka-chair Jhn Senak Fred Opcensky Publishing: Gerge Smmer-chair Je Nvak Jan Bank Gerge Legierski Natasha Legierski Auditing: Je Hdul- chair Le Hala Richard Mazanec Missinary: Flrian Manas-chair Le Hala Yuth: Jan Bank- chair Stan Mantle Awards & Recgnitins: Rbert Dvrak- chair Helen Hrvath Fed Opcensky Steve Michael Flrian Manas Gerge Smmer The president and the executive secretary are ex-ffici members f all cmmittees. Je then presented a ballt fr the next electin perid: Executive Bard fr President: Rbert Dvrak; First V-President: Jza Nvak; V-P. fr USA: Flrian Manas; V-P. fr Canada: Jan Bank; V-P. fr Parl. Prcedures: Jhn Jeren, Jr.; V-P. fr Publicatins: Natasha Legierski; Executive Secretary: Gerge Smmer; Assist. Secretary: Alice Kmetk; Treasurer-USA: Gerge Gregr: Treasurer-Canada: Otilia Alac; Fin. Secretary -USA: Vera Drs; Fin. Secretary- Canada: Henry Pjman; Glrius Hpe Editr-in-Chief: Natasha Legierski; Canadian Office President: Jan Bank; V-P.: Milan Lev; Secretary: Milan Lev; Treasurer: Otilia Alac; Finance Secr.: Henry Pjman; Membersat-large: Fred Opcensky; Je Jersak, Je Nvak. 100 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

4 General Bard Grup I Members fr Je Abraham; Otilia Alac; Rbert Dvrak; Helen Hrvath; Jseph Hynek, E; Jhn Karenk, E; Rbert Karhan; Russell L. Kepple; Alice Kmetk; Natasha Legierski; Flrian Manas; Stan Mantle; James Mazur; Steve Michael; Helen Mikulencak, E; Jza Nvak; Fred Opcensky; William Rtar; Mary Schun, E; Jhn Senak; Gerge Smmer; William Springle; Bb Struharik; Daniel Widlicka; Esther Widlicka; General Bard Grup II Members fr Lillian Adam, E; Vlad Canji; Vlad Dudk; Evy Evenhuis, E; Ed Evenhuis, E; Jhn Gabr; Le Hala; Je Hdul; Jhn Jeren, Jr.; Jhn Jeren, Sr., E; Je Jersak; Andrew Kmetk; Milan Lev; Richard Mazanec; Tny Mikulencak, E; Garth Priebe; Antny Springle, E; Paul Struharik; Mike Sivulka, E; Marija Smmer; William Widlicka. (E = General Bard Member Emeritus) The ballt fr the Executive Bard had the fllwing additins: Je Nvak as a member-at-large in the Canadian ffice. Fr General Bard Grup I Members: Je Abraham, Rbert Struharik, and Jerry Anders. A new designatin f E fr Emeritus was given t sme f the senir members n the Bard: Je Hynek, Jhn Karenk, Helen Mikulencak, Mary Schun, Lillian Adams, Evy Evenhuis, Ed Evenhuis, Jhn Jeren, Sr., Tny Mikulencak, Antny Springle, Paul Struharik, Mike Sivulka, Stan Hynek. These persns will nt be required t attend all meetings but will still be a permanent part f the Bard. E persns will nt appear n the next rster f bard meetings. Additinal names can be put n the ballt t be members f the General Bard nly if they are presented t the Nminating Cmmittee and after they have been asked if they wuld like t be n it. Rbert Dvrak wuld like t see an pen invitatin t the yung peple t take their place n the General Bard...there is n age restrictin. A mtin t amend Article XI (General Bard members fr R. Dvrak and A. Kmetk at the cmmunin table electin t a tw-year term) was made by Gerge Smmer. General Bard members will be updated n the prgress f this amendment, and any pending errrs will be crrected. President s Reprt:! I have thanks t say t yu. Thanks t yu fr yur faithfulness.! We have a prblem with the Baptist Unin regarding ur gift planned fr They have given us 14 different ideas. We will take it up at midyear after requesting that they shrten their suggestin list. Jiøí and Ludmila Dedecius and president Dvrak! A chance t talk abut the Orville Freeman bequest. He was very faithful t the cnventin. This was hme t him. The cnventin is a hme place t many f us thrugh the years.! We need t get the right persn t tell us hw t handle ur wills in reference t ur cnventin respnsibilities. Lydia Gabr in her estate remembered the cnventin, as have thers.! The State f the Cnventin will present ideas as t where we are ging in the future. We will be n the smewhat lwer side in attendance nce again this year. We shrtened the length f the cnventin in hpe f attracting mre peple. Times are changing, and we are lsing sme f ur members. Hw d we cultivate a sense f cmmitment and respnsibility t the cnventin? What can we d here that cannt be dne in any ther place? We will be a different cnventin in ten years. Thanks t Gerge fr all he des fr the cnventin, and t Marija, wh suffers but supprts him. Secretary s Reprt:! Glrius Hpe nw lists ur web page. Lg n and see what is happening. (! We have been wrking n tax-exempt status and are waiting t hear frm the IRS.! We have tw new big sectins f cnventin pictures called D yu remember when psted in the chapel fyer.! The executive secretary received a letter frm the president f A-B Cllege stating that Gerge will be eligible fr retirement in June What des it have t d with the cnventin? Gerge has much cnventin material in his ffice. He may be given an ffice at the cllege when he retires t keep the cnventin materials. Pray that the Lrd will shw us what we can d. Dan Widlicka led in prayer asking Gd s blessing + Cntinues n next page Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

5 n the decisin t be made.! In the past we had decided that the cnventin wuld invite the Rev. Jzef Kulacik and his wife as special guests, but the Baptist Unins in the Czech and Slvak Republics decided t have their cmbined annual cnventin at the same time as urs, even thugh they knew abut ur cnventin s dates at The Nvaks least tw years in advance. S Jzef Kulacik had t decline ur invitatin t cme this year.! Last year we had tw guests frm Trans Wrld Radi, Gerge Cper and Lubs Vyhnanek. This year we have Gerge Cper back with anther guest, Jan Viktrin, t give us a reprt abut what TWR is ding in the Czech Republic.! Names f persns wh died during the past year as well as the date and what church they attended shuld be given t Rbert Dvrak fr the Memrial Service.! The time f the next cnventins will be: 92 nd cnventin July 5 8, rd cnventin June 27 30, th cnventin June 26 29, 2003 A change was made in the 92 nd cnventin due t cnflicts.! The 92 nd cnventin prgram has already been planned fr It was suggested that we shuld have visitrs frm the Czech r Slvak Republics every ther year instead f every year. Mre discussin n this pint will be held at the midyear meeting.! Fr Canadians, the cst f the annual cnventin is almst 50% mre than US csts. Hw can we help them t be able t cme? We will wrk n this prblem at the midyear meeting.! An ad hc cmmittee will have vides made f cnventin services t be sent ut t the churches. Steve Michael reprted that the last f his mther s siblings died in Califrnia, and he went t the funeral and was greatly helped by Mike Sivulka, his daughter, and her husband. The first Cnventin business meeting was held n June 30, 2000, at 11:10. Fllwing missinary reprts given by TWR (Gerge Cper and Jan Viktrin using transparencies), a letter frm Vlad Canji, wh is back frm Slvakia, was read, and Je Nvak gave his reprt n the tract distributin prgram. Rbert Dvrak read the scripture frm Luke 1:57 and fllwed it with cmments n the scripture befre leading in prayer fr the business meeting. Then we received greetings frm the fllwing peple and churches: Scrantn Rad Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH; Ruth Oestreicher, Berwyn, IL; Mils Slc and family, Prague, Czech Republic; Pplar Spring Baptist Church, Richmnd, VA; yung peple frm Slvakia; Trnt Baptist Church; Stan & Je Hynek family; Grace Baptist Church, Windsr, ON; Christ Cmmunity Church, Campbell, OH (frmer 1 st Baptist Church); Jhn & Marie Pavelda, Phenix, AZ; Judy & Dn Shff and Mike Sivulka, CA; Parma Heights Baptist Church, OH; Sabrina Ck, Akrn, OH; Emmanuel Baptist Church, Prtland, TN; Mildred & Gilbert Drwley, Scttsdale, AZ; Dan & Ruby Ertner, Winstn-Salem; Dttie Dvrak, Middletwn, CT; Angie Gregry, Bca Ratn, FL; Helen Wilcx, Sun City, AZ; Virginia Prfant, Parma, OH; Tny & Helene Mikulencak, WI; Bill Walter & family, Des Plaines, IL. In the secnd Cnventin business meeting, held n July 1, 2000, President Rbert Dvrak asked fr the cmmittee reprts. Jan Bank reprted n the Yuth Cmmittee. He was very pleased with the grup in attendance and with the additin f the 17 yung peple wh came frm the Slvak Republic. Their subject was Mbilizing the Spiritual Needs in the Church and in the Ministry. We have been using ministers t address the yung peple because they are the future f the cnventin. Pray fr the yuth. Time and Place Cmmittee: The 92 nd Cnventin will meet July 5 t 8, 2001, at Philippi. The midyear meeting will be held in Campbell, OH, at the Christ Cmmunity Church n Nvember 3, This was riginally the First Baptist Church. Publishing Cmmittee: The cst t prduce Glrius Hpe is apprx. $18,848 per year. A single issue is $3,141 (1,100 cpies f each issue are printed) r $2.85 per cpy. Thse are Jan Viktrin and the Widlickas apprximate figures. Peter Branda frm Trnt des the translatins frm Czech t English. Peter is ding a great jb. We are nw publishing articles in Czech, Slvak, and English. The Cnventin will be publishing fur different bks by Pavl Kndac f Histry f Anabaptists and Identity f Baptists. They will be printed in the Slvak and English languages, tw in English and tw in Slvak. 102 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

6 A new clumn, Blessed Is the Man, will be published in Glrius Hpe. Glrius Hpe represents ur cnventin arund the wrld. (We are mailing ur magazine t 17 cuntries.) An excellent jb is being dne by Natasha Legierski and her staff. The Auditing Cmmittee reprted that all dcuments and bks are in rder. Budget Cmmittee: The budget fr was presented and accepted. It was published in the July 2000 issue f Glrius Hpe, in the insert. Rbert Dvrak explained that we are lking fr better and mre remunerative investments. Bill Rtar and Gerge Gregr are t investigate what terms the Virginia Baptist Fundatin is perating under and discver what is best and then make their recmmendatins. These will be discussed at the midyear meeting and reprted at the cnventin in Electins: It was suggested that Article XI f the bylaws be amended s the members-at-large can be elected fr tw years instead f fur years in rder t have the entire General Bard elected at the same time in Jhn Jeren, Jr., parliamentarian, has agreed that this is a legal prcedure. Ballt: nminatins were clsed, and it was vted unanimusly t accept the ballt as printed. Fr this year s cnventin we have invited Jiri (Gerge) and Ludmila Dedecius frm Brn, Czech Republic. The bk Guarded City, published by the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin, describes their missin wrk during the Cmmunist regime. We were inspired by their testimny, which was printed in the last issue f Glrius Hpe, n page 95. At last year s cnventin we decided t shrten ur annual cnventin by ne day t make it mre affrdable fr ur Canadian delegates, because the exchange rate is nt favrable Dr. Andrew Kmetk led English and Je Hdul Slvak Bible study. We had guests frm TWR-Czech Republic, Jan Viktrin and Gerge Cper, directr fr Eastern Eurpe TWR. They gave us a Fellwship at lunchtime reprt abut TWR wrk in the Czech Republic. There were special events fllwing every evening service. On Thursday night Flrian Manas again presented his prgram, called Manas the Mystic. On Friday, as usual, we were blessed with Old Fashined Hymn Singing, with Bb Dvrak at the pian. We ended with The Lrd s Prayer, which was the highlight f whle evening. After that we cled ff with big prtins f ice cream. And again we heard frm the sund system bth vice, The ice cream is m-e-l-t-i-n-g. Saturday mrning at the Ladies Missinary Rally, Ludmila S. Senak, A. Vlcek, M. Smmer, Brian & Vera Drs fr them. At the pening service n Thursday night we were greeted by the president f Aldersn-Braddus Cllege, Dr. Steve Markwd. The Philippi Baptist Church chir sang under the directing f Dr. Jud Bracey (wh was als the cnventin chir leader), accmpanied by Marija Smmer. Bth are music faculty members f Aldersn-Braddus Cllege. N. Legierski, J. Alac and K. Prusa Dedecius gave her testimny abut their missinary wrk during cmmunist regime in Czech Republic. Then Natasha Legierski, president, gave her reprt frm the trip t Czech Republic, where she was invited fr Wmen s Cnference f Czech and Slvak Baptist Unins. On Saturday night we heard Saturday Night Cncert, in which everybdy culd participate and shw his r her talent. It was very entertaining t see even the smallest children play different + Cntinues n page 105 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

7 Seventy-Seventh Annual Rally f the Czechslvak Baptist Wmen s Missinary Unin Philippi, West Virginia, July 1, 2000 This meeting was held in cnjunctin with the 91st An nual Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin and started at 11:15 a.m. Our president, Natasha Legierski, welcmed all in attendance, and mentined that in checking ld recrds pertaining t the beginning f this Missinary Unin, she fund that the wmen had a mtt Kristus Zivt Nas (Christ ur Life) which they repeated as they gave their fferings. Therefre we nw have this mtt displayed n the cmmunin table during ur meeting. We jined in singing hymn N. 466, What a Friend we Have in Jesus, with Dnna Nesvadba at the pian. Psalm 115 was read in English by Dnna Nesvadba and in Slvak by Oty Alac. Jean Rtar led in prayer, asking Gd s blessing n ur meeting. Special music was a vcal tri My Utmst fr His Highest, J. Rtar, A. Opcensky, E. Lev and N. Legierski sung by Elizabeth Legierski and Amy and Jdi Nesvadba, accmpanied by Dnna Nesvadba n the pian. Jdi played interludes n the flute. Minutes f the 1999 meeting were read by Anne Opcensky, and Marija Smmer read a letter frm Helen Struharik advising us that fr health reasns she must give up the psitin f treasurer. Sister Smmer then presented the slate f fficers fr the next tw years as fllws: President Natasha Legierski, Vice- President Eileen Lev, Treasurer Jan Rtar, Secretary Anne Opcensky. The fficers were then asked t cme frward and ffer a prayer f dedicatin. The next item n the prgram was the president s message. Natasha Legierski started by saying that when she returned hme frm the Trnt Church Yuth Camp in the summer f 1999, in the pile f mail waiting fr her was an invitatin t attend a cnference f Czech and Slvak Baptist wmen in Ostrava, in April f She really wanted t g, but was hesitant t accept this invitatin. After cnsulting ur executive secretary and Cnventin president, bth f whm encuraged her t g, she made the decisin in the affirmative. It was especially meaningful t her as Ostrava was where she and her husband Gerge started their life tgether 25 years ag. She brught greetings frm ur Missinary Unin t the sisters gathered at the cnference. In return she brught us greetings frm the cnference as well as frm the sisters in the Prague church. Natasha made reference t Hebrews Chapter 11, the Faith Chapter, and said that faith is the mst imprtant element in ur Christian life. She then went n t tell us abut a lady she met, Lydie Jariabkva, wh has a visin t start a Christian scial center under the auspices f the Baptist churches. This wuld be a ministry t senirs and yuth, pertaining t physical care, but als giving an pprtunity fr Christian witness. In cnclusin she nce again mentined the wmen wh had the visin t start the missinary unin, and thanked Gd that we have the privilege f cntinuing the ministry. At this pint ur ffering was received, and Jane Widlicka gave the ffertry prayer. The ffertry was a lvely arrangement f Lead On, O King Eternal played by Marja Smmer n the rgan. Anther special number was Amy Nesvadba singing Breathe n me, Breath f Gd, accmpanied by her mther n the pian. Our guest speaker, Ludmila Dedecius, was intrduced. She spke Czech, translated int English by Marja Smmer. Her pening wrds were an expressin f appreciatin fr having the privilege t be amng us, and she brught greetings frm her hme church. She read a prtin f scripture frm 2 Crinthians 1:2-4, Grace and peace t yu frm Gd ur Father and the Lrd Jesus Christ. Praise be t the Gd and Father f ur Lrd Jesus Christ, the Father f cmpassin and the Gd f all cmfrt, wh cmfrts us in all ur trubles, s that we can cmfrt thse in any truble with the cmfrt we urselves have received frm Gd. She then prceeded t share her testimny, which can be fund in the sectin Tell Us Abut Yu in this magazine. She clsed with Isaiah 43:2: When yu pass thrugh the waters, I will be with yu; and thrugh the rivers, they will nt verflw yu. When yu walk thrugh the fire, yu will nt be scrched, nr will the flame burn yu. Our president thanked Ludmila fr her message and presented her with a tapestry f Aldersn-Braddus Cllege as a mement f the ccasin, and als gave her a certificate f appreciatin. Ludmila presented a gift f ceramic items made and painted by handicapped yuth. A certificate f appreciatin was als issued t Helen Struharik fr her many years f service as treasurer f the Wmen s Missinary Unin. This was accepted by Jan Rtar n Helen s behalf. After the singing f Hymn N. 622, Oh, Hw He Lves Yu and Me, Anne Opcensky clsed the meeting with prayer. Respectfully submitted, Anne Opcensky, Secretary, Czechslvak Baptist Wmen s Missinary Unin 104 Glri ` `` Slavná nadìje September 2000

8 Mary (Marienka) Brtan M ary Brtan celebrated her 96 th birthday n June 26, Brn in Vaec, Czechslvakia, int a family f three brthers and three sisters, f Lutheran parents, she was accustmed t church attendance. Mary came t a saving knwledge f Christ thrugh the witness f her ldest brther, Jhn Brtan, wh returned frm Minneaplis, MN, fr a visit, with the express purpse f sharing his new-fund faith in his Saviur. Mary was arund 20 years ld at that time. Shrtly after her cnversin, she felt the Lrds tug n her heart t serve Him full-time, but did nt knw where. When she shared this desire fr service with sister Sintajva f the Baptist Church in Vazec, this dear sister had the answer. Having knwledge f Kristína Rjvás establishment in Stará Turá fr the care f the elderly and childrens rphanage, sister Sintajva wrte a letter and received an immediate reply saying that this was Gds answer t their prayers because they urgently needed help. Mary, feeling smewhat like Abraham f ld, left her hme and village fr a place she had never seen, nt knwing what awaited her there. Upn arriving, she was put t wrk and als trained t serve as a deacness under Kristína Rjvás directin. Later n, when Kristína became extremely weak and frail in her ld age, she chse Mary t wait n her. Mary remembers carrying Kristína in her arms up the stairs t her bedrm. After Kristína Rjvás death and transfer t glry, Mary cntinued t serve under Maria Rafajvá until the ttalitarian take-ver in 1948, at which time the establishment was clsed and the inmates dispersed. Mary served in a number f places befre ending up in her ld hmetwn f Vaec, where she was the caretaker f the Baptist church, Mdlitebna. In 1968 she emigrated t the USA and lived in Cleveland, Ohi, where she attended the Scrantn Rad Baptist church during Rev. Daniel Widlickas pastrate. At present Mary Brtan is living with her niece, Mary Schr, in Mneta, Virginia, wh is caring fr Mary in her declining health. Sme f the favrite verses she likes t qute in Slvak are Philippians 4:13, Vetk vladzem v tm, ktrý ma psilòuje, v Kristvi, and Jhn 15:5,...bez mna nemete nic rbit. Her favrite hymn is V srdci mi znie sladká piesnièka, especially the secnd verse. Ida May Feryance Picture which includes all the deacnesses f the Mdrý Krí in Stará Turá when Maria was accepted. She is the ne in the back rw, secnd frm the right. Kristína Rjvá is the little ld lady in the center f the picture, in the middle rw. All the deacnesses have the white starched head cverings. Mary Brtan served abut 24 years, till the Cmmunist take-ver f Czechslvakia. Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin Cntinues frm page 103 instruments. We have a lt f talents amng ur peple, and they are nt afraid t use them t praise the Lrd. On Sunday the Cmmunin was served. After Bible study, Sunday mrning wrship, and the cnventin picture, we headed t the dining hall fr a banquet f generus fd (as usual). We must nt frget the team f Helen Pjman (Vlasta Pjman, Amy Nesvadba, Jhn Alac, David, Elizabeth and Katherine Legierski, Kathy Prusa, Branislav Vlajnic) and many thers wh helped t prepare and run the 91 st annual cnventin. I believe that we received Gd s blessing thrugh sermns, fellwship (becenstvi), and prayers. We nticed that the number f delegates was smaller than previus years. We must ask urselves hw t address ur churches and the descendants f thse wh were funders f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin and thse wh helped t nurture the Cnventin. President Dvrak s sermn made us think deeply and search urselves. We believe that the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada is missin-riented. We believe that we will be able t resurrect the visin f ur funders t bring it int the new millennium. With thse thughts n ur minds, we departed t ur hmes. Executive Secretary Gerge Smmer Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

9 Autbigraphy Cntinues frm page 99 especially affected by the intensive life f prayer f my parents. Alng with preaching and pastral duties, they als created a family atmsphere within the cngregatin and tk care f the church s scial services. Our husehld was seldm withut guests, and Gd blessed even the humble means we had at ur dispsal. Educatin, Career, Family During a time when the Cmmunist regime did nt allw Christians t study at clleges and universities, I was miraculusly accepted at a medical schl, where I graduated in I had a desire t cntinue studying medicine, but unfrtunately it was nt pssible at the time. I wrked in the hspital in Ostrava as an tlgist, first with children and later in surgery. The wrk at the hspital filled me with satisfactin. I was married in My husband is a member f the Baptist Church in Ostrava and serves as a lay preacher. Since 1977 I have stayed hme with my children while caring fr bth my parents and my brther, wh was ill. Eventually, my sisters tk ver the care f my brther. With Gd s help we were able t keep caring fr my parents at hme until they passed away. I learned valuable lessns which I was als able t put t use at wrk after the Velvet Revlutin in Frm a brad grup f Christians, we eventually frmed an ecumenical Diaknie Center. Our cngregatin was a member f the center frm the beginning. At first we fcused n Christian cunselling and later, under the leadership f Dr. Balaban, we expanded int ffering scial services fr families with yung children and the elderly. After the necessary building space was btained, a schl and residence fr mentally and physically disabled children was als established. I wrked in the Diaknie Center as manager f scial services until the end f During my rle as a manager, I frmed a team f caregivers and prvided fr their educatin and persnal grwth. We expanded ur services t include meal delivery, prfessinal rehabilitatin, help with mving, lending f rehabilitatin tls, hspital beds, wheelchairs, etc. Our scial services were acknwledged and valued by the city gvernment ffices, hspitals, and mst f all by ur clients and their relatives. We were willing and able t slve immediate prblems, such as prviding prtectin fr children in difficult circumstances r ffering husing fr the yung hmeless. Current State and Future Plans I wuld like t cntinue in this wrk frm within ur cngregatin, fcusing n the needy in the neighbrhd f ur church. Specifically, we wuld ffer a center with scial services fr the elderly and a club prviding activities fr children. I plan n creating several new jb psitins. Recently I have met with the elders f ur church t discuss the use f available space in ur church building. I keep in clse tuch with the city scial wrkers and am infrmed f the need fr specific scial services in Ostrava. I am als mnitring any pprtunity t btain a building fr future use as a retirement hme, r pssibly t huse needy children. The demand fr these services currently greatly exceeds the supply. At present, I am attending a curse fr entrepreneurs. I have included several pages utlining my gals. Translated by Peter Branda Lydie Jariabkvá Plans fr the Christian Scial Center under the auspices f the Baptist Church in Ostrava Lydie Jariabkva Translated by Peter Branda 1. Persnal Gal, Mtivatin My persnal gal is t prvide, thrugh ur cngregatin, aid fr children and the elderly. I cnsider it a persnal calling and als the calling f all Christians t prvide, under the authrity f Gd s wrd, help fr the needy in these areas: Acceptable living cnditins Spiritual and pastral care Healthy scial envirnment Striving fr mre than mere material values Scietal and persnal perspectives 2. Shrt-Term Gals a) T frm a senirs club in the available space in the church building, with prgrams utside regular church activities. Fcus especially n the elderly in the neighbrhd f the church. Offer the fllwing: a pleasant envirnment t relax, lectures, medical infrmatin, cnsultatin services, discussin grups, infrmatin abut ur church activities and activities within ther denminatins, the pprtunity t take part in church prgrams, persnal spiritual care, literature 106 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

10 Plans Cntinues frm page 106 (t brrw r purchase), pprtunity t listen t/view audi/vide tapes, cncerts, refreshments, etc. b) T supprt traditinal crafts and rganize craft shws t supprt charities, exhibitins, etc. c) T ffer clients hme care t enable the elderly and disabled t live in a natural and familiar envirnment fr as lng as pssible. Base the quality f this service n persnal respnsibility and biblical principles. d) In cperatin with ur yuth grup and ther church members, t ffer leisure activities t children in the church neighbrhd. These will take place in the church building, available playgrunds, gyms, and in nature. The children will be mtivated twards higher values and familiarized with biblical principles. 3. Lng-Term Gals T meet public demand, an apprpriate building will be recnstructed as a retirement hme, with space available t accmmdate children in critical situatins. Shrt-term accmmdatins will als be available t family members prviding care fr the senirs. Based n need and interest, cntinue the wrk fr the senirs club and fr the children s prgrams. 4. Necessary Cnditins t Meet Shrt-Term and Lng-Term Gals a) All wrk will fllw the principles f gd management with the gal f btaining services f the greatest quality, flexibility and scpe within the available means. b) The retirement hme will perate accrding t biblical principles, with clse spiritual and rganizatinal ties t ur cngregatin. c) Based n the scpe f the services, financial surces will include client fees, sales revenue, charitable dnatins, gvernment grants and private dnatins. In the city f Ostrava, ver 2,000 individuals are currently waiting fr retirement hme placement. 5. Wrk Experience I have ver twenty-five years f experience in the field f scial services and medicine. I als pssess the necessary medical educatin. Wrked in hspital fr six years Cared fr my elderly parents in their hme and cared fr my ill brther fr several years Wrked in the Diaknie Center in Ostrava fr ten years, fr eight years f which I filled the psitin f scial services manager Cmpleted management curse fr medical staff in Brn in 1993 Cmpleted management training in 1995 Regularly update my knwledge in the areas f gerntlgy, scial services, psychlgy, etc. Currently attend a curse fr entrepreneurs Zámìr Pkraèvání ze strany 109 c) Zajistit peèvatelsku slubu v dmácnstech klientù a umnit tak senirùm pøípadnì pstieným lidem c nejdéle ít v pøirzeném dmácím prstøedí. Kvalitu sluby zalit na sbní dpvìdnsti a uvádìní biblických zásad d ivta. d) Ve splupráci s mládeí a statními èleny sbru zajistil aktivity pr vyuití vlnéh èasu dìtí z klí sbrvéh dmu a t jak pøím ve sbrvém dmì, tak také na dstupných høitích, v tìlcviènách a v pøírdì. Mtivvat a smìrvat dìti k vyím hdntám, seznamvat je s biblickými phledy na plnhdntný ivt. 3. Dluhdbý výhled Reagvat na spleèensku pptávku a upravit vhdný bjekt (vhdné bjekty) na penzin (penziny) pr seniry s mnstí pskytvat azylvý pbyt dìtí v krizvé situaci. Pskytvat také mnst krátkdbéh pbytu klientù pr dpèinek neb jiné ptøeby pøíbuzných, kteøí nì peèují. Pdle ptøeby a zájmu dále prvzvat klub senirù a práci s dìtmi ve sbru. 4. Pdmínky realizace krátkdbéh a dluhdbéh výhledu a) Vekeré èinnsti pdøídit zásadám hspdárnsti s cílem dsáhnut za prstøedky, které jsu k dispzici c nejkvalitnìjí, nejirí a flexibilní slubu. b) Prvz penzinu øídit pdle øádu ve kterém budu krmì jinéh bsaené pdstatné biblické zásady a duchvní a rganizaèní vazba na sbr. c) S hledem na pøedpkládaný rzsah èinnsti vyuít vícezdrjvé financvání, pèínaje platbami klientù, pøes vlastní bchdní èinnst, nadace a p dtace mìstských úøadù a dbrvlné dary. Na zajitìní kmpletníh ubytvání senirù v zaøízeních typu penzin èeká v suèasnsti v Ostravì víc ne dva tisíce bèanù. 5. Pøedpklady a zkuensti V blasti zdravtní a sciální sluby mám více ne pìtadvacetileté zkuensti. Mám také dpvídající støední zdravtní vzdìlání s maturitu. V nemcnici jsem pracvala 6 let. Peèvala jsem ba rdièe v jejich dmácnsti a nìklik let také nemcnéh bratra. 10 let jsem pracvala ve støedisku Diaknie v Ostravì z th 8 let jak veducí peèvatelské sluby. V rce 1993 jsem v Brnì abslvvala manaerský kurz pr zdravtníky. V rce 1995 jsem abslvvala manaerský výcvik pr veducí pracvníky. Dplòuji si vìdmsti studiem dbrné literatury v blasti Gerntlgie, sciální péèe, psychlgie a pd. V suèasnsti navtìvuji kurz pr pdnikatele. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

11 Zámìr pr køesansku sciální slubu Z èinnsti naich sester V prùbìhu cesty na sestersku knferenci d Ostravy jsem pøe mýlela, zda-li se nám pdaøí navázat uí kntakt s naí bývalu vlastí ve vzájemné splupráci na misijním pli. Víme, e práce sester v rámci Èeskslvenské knvence Baptistù v USA a Kanadì vznikla právì za úèelem pmci a pdpry naí vlasti. V prùbìhu let byla tat práce znemnìna, a tak se sestry brátily na jiné blasti, v práci a hlavnì i ve finanèní pdpøe neustaly. Nyní, p zmìnì reimu, je pìt mnst se zamìøit na Èesku a Slvensku republiku. Ètyøicet dluhých rkù výchvy v atheismu zanechal na celých generacích hlubké následky hlavnì v blasti duchvníh a mrálníh ivta. Lidé dcházejí na vìènst v naprsté beznadìji, zklamáni spleènstí i ivtem, mnhdy putìni i d tìch nejbliích. Mnzí v existenci Bha nevìøí a umírají bez pznání Spasitele. Odvrácení se d Bha je skuteènì tragédií naich nárdù. Na druhé stranì vak Pán Bùh neputí a má své sluebníky vude, i v naí staré vlasti. Na knferenci jsem se setkala s tìmi, kteøí jsu Pánem vláni ke slubì právì tìmt lidem. V následujících stránkách se vám pøedstaví sestra, která stjí v ppøedí rzvíjející se misijní práce v Ostravì. Výbr naich sester se s tímt prjektem ji seznámil pøi letním setkání na knvenci ve Philippi a rzhdl se tut práci finanènì pdprvat. Kristva církev má pracvat jak jeden velký tým. Kadý èlvìk má na tét zemi pslání a pøíspìvkem svých schpnstí neb finanèním pmùe k dsaení cíle. Rády bychm vás pvzbudily k pøipjení se pdpry tht prjektu (pchpitelnì pøispívat mhu i bratøi). eky vypite na Czechslvak Ladies Missin Unin a zalete na adresu knvence (pøedtitìné bálky). Dále vás vyzýváme k mdlitbám za tut sestru a její rdinu, aby je Pán vedl tak, jak je ptøeba, aby jetì mnhá due byla zachránìna. Nezapmeòme, e ze spasení kadéh èlvìka se celé nebe raduje...tak jest radst v nebi nad jedním høíníkem pkání èinícím vìtí, ne nad devadesáti devíti spravedlivými... (Luk.15,7 ) Nataa Legierská Váení bratøi a váené sestry. P øijala jsem jak Bí dar becenství s milu setru Legiersku, která se v dubnu letníh rku zúèastnila knference sester Jariabka family v Ostravì. Vìtinu infrmací ivtì ve Vaem sbru jsem mìla a mám z èaspisu Slavná nadìje. Návtìva sestry Legierské pìt pøiblíila nae sbrvá spleèenství. Jsem ráda, e Vás mhu seznámit se svým zámìrem zajivat v rámci stravskéh sbru BJB køesansku sciální slubu. Více mnì a mém zámìru je v pøilených materiálech. Uvítám z Vai strany jakukli pmc, pdnìt, neb radu. Zajímají mne také zkuensti se sciálními slubami v Kanadì. Kd jiný by mìl lépe pchpit pmìry a situaci ve staré vlasti ne ti, kteøí zde jetì nedávn ili. Myslím, e nae kntakty by se mhly rzíøit ze stránek èaspisu a bèasných telefnátù napøíklad na prázdninvý pbyt vai mládee v Ostravì. Krmì prcvièení mateøskéh jazyka a pznávání krás klní krajiny by mhla v pøítím rce pmci v pøipravvaných sciálních aktivitách a slubách. Pøeji Vám hjnst Bíh pehnání a vechny Vás srdeènì zdravím Lydie Jariabkvá, Ostrava, ÈR dne ivtpis Lydie Jariabkvé Základní infrmace J menuji se Lydie Jariabkvá. Nardila jsem se 5. listpadu 1949 v Olmuci jak smé z deseti dìtí. Jsem vdaná, mám ètyøi dìti, tøi dcery a syna; nejmladí dcera má 18 let. Bydlím v Ostravì-Prubì, J. Skupy 1639, , Èeská republika. Telefn ÈR: 069/ Mùj tec, Alis Erlich, byl kazatelem evangelia Jeíe Krista v Bratrské jedntì baptistùsluil 27 let. Maminka byla první diáknka pardubické Snahy. Oba rdièe byli velmi hlubce zakøenìní v køesanské víøe. Vìtinu èasu vìnvali práci ve sbru a v církvi. Tmut pslání byl pdøízen i rdinný ivt. Pána Jeíe jak sbníh spasitele jsem pøijala v rce Pkøtìna jsem byla v mdlitebnì nai jednty v Krmìøíi bratrem kazatelem Zbøilem. Pracvala jsem v mládei stravskéh sbru BJB, vyuèvala jsem dìti v nedìlní besídce. Zpívám v naem pìveckém sbru. Prameny Rdinné prstøedí a sbrvý ivt frmval d znaèné míry mùj charakter, názry a ivtní pstje. Nejhlubím djmem na mne zapùsbil intenzivní sbní mdlitební ivt bu rdièù. Suèástí jejich pslání krmì bhslueb a pastrace byl také vytváøení rdinnéh vzduí ve sbru a zajivání sbrvých sciálních slueb. V nai dmácnsti málkdy chybìli hsté a pán Bùh ehnal skrmným prstøedkùm které byly k dispzici. + Pkraèvání na pøítí stranì 108 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

12 Vzdìlání, zamìstnání, rdina V dbì, kdy kmunistický reim v bývalém Èeskslvensku vemnì bránil dìtem vìøících studvat na støedních a vyských klách, jsem se Bím zázrakem dstala na støední zdravtní klu, kteru jsem uknèila maturitu v rce Tuila jsem dál studvat medicínu. T el nebyl v té dbì mné. Pracvala jsem v Mìstské nemcnici v Ostravì na uním ddìlení, zpèátku u dìtí, pak na peraèním sále. Práce v nemcnici mne velmi tìila a naplòvala uspkjením. Vdala jsem se v rce Manel je èlenem stravskéh sbru Bratrské jednty baptistù. Sluí jak laický kazatel. Od rku 1977 jsem zùstala dma s dìtmi a suèasnì jsem peèvala ba rdièe a nemcnéh bratra. Péèi bratra pzdìji pøevzaly sestry. Rdièe jsme s Bí pmcí dchvali dma. I t byla kla necenitelných zkuenstí, které jsem pak mhla vyuít v zamìstnání p sametvé revluci v rce Z iríh køesanskéh fóra pstupnì vznikl ekumenické støedisk Diaknie. Ná sbr byl spluzakladatelem støediska. Nejprve jsme se sustøedili na køesansku pradensku slubu a pzdìji na pdnìt a pd vedením Mudr. Balabána také na peèvatelsku slubu v rdinách mezi seniry a dìtmi. P zajitìní ptøebných prstr vznikla také kla a stacináø pr tìlesnì a mentálnì pstiené dìti. Ve støedisku Diaknie jsem pracvala jak veducí peèvatelské sluby d knce rku Lydie and Jan Jariabka P dbu méh pùsbení ve veducí funkci jsem zfrmvala tým výknných peèvatelek, zajistila jejich vzdìlání i sbní rùst. Rzíøili jsme srtiment slueb dvz bìdù, dbrnu rehabilitaci, pmc pøi stìhvání, péèi zemøelé a pzùstalé, pùjèvání rehabilitaèních pmùcek, nemcnièních pstelí, vzíkù a pdbnì. Peèvatelská sluba získala uznání mìstských úøadù, nemcnic a pøedevím samtných klientù a jejich pøíbuzných. Byli jsme chtni a schpni øeit kamité ptøeby, napøíklad zajistit azylvý pbyt dìtí v krizvé situaci i pbyt nezletilých uprchlíkù ve stacináøi støediska. Suèasný stav a výhled Ráda bych v tét práci pkraèvala v rámci naeh sbru se zamìøením na ptøebné lidi z klí sbrvéh dmu. Jednal by se klub a peèvatelsku slubu pr seniry a aktivity pr vyuití vlnéh èasu dìti. Pèítám s vytvøením nìklika nvých pracvních míst. K dnenímu dni jsem abslvvala jednání se starvstvem sbru vyuití vlných prstr v naem sbrvém dmì. Jsem ve spjení s pracvníky mìstských úøadù a sleduji pptávku p sciálních slubách v Ostravì. Sleduji také mnst získat v buducnsti budvu pr penzin pr seniry, pøípadnì pr azylvý pbyt dìtí. Pptávka p tìcht slubách vysce pøevyuje místní nabídku. V suèasnsti abslvuji kurz pr pdnikatele. Blií infrmace uvádím v pøileném zámìru. V Ostravì dne Lydie Jariabkvá Zámìr køesanské sciální sluby v rámci sbru Bratrské jednty baptistù v Ostravì Lydie Jariabkvá 1. Osbní cíl, mtivace Mým sbním cílem je pskytnut v rámci sbru pmc dìtem a senirùm. Pvauji za sbní výzvu a také za výzvu vem køesanùm zajistit pd autritu Bíh slva pmc vem ptøebným v blasti: dùstjných ivtních pdmínek duchvní a pastraèní péèe zdravéh sciálníh prstøedí zamìøení na vyí ne jen materiální hdnty a spleèenské a sbní perspektivy 2. Krátkdbý výhled a) Ve vlných sbrvých prstrech v èase mim pravidelné sbrvé akce zajistit èinnst klubu pr seniry. Zamìøit se pøedevím na seniry z klí sbrvéh dmu. Pskytnut jim pøíjemné psezení, pøednáky, infrmace lékaøù, knzultace, vzájemný rzhvr, infrmace sbrvých akcích a akcích jiných køesanských církví, úèast na sbrvých akcích, sbní duchvní péèi, èetbu, pslech, videprjekci, pùjèvání a prdej literatury, kncerty, jednduché bèerstvení a pd. b) Pdprvat tradièní drbné ruèní práce, uspøádat s výrbky dbrèinné bazary výstavy a pd. + Pkraèvání na stranì 107 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

13 Dear Natasha, I wuld like t thank yu fr yur initiative and yur help in starting up the scial services prgram in ur church. Several years ag, this type f service was a natural respnsibility ur sisters fulfilled. Back then, they did nt need great wrds; selfless help ffered t brthers and sisters was a natural part f the Christian life. Smetimes I ask whether smething has changed in ur view f ur cngregatinal life. I believe that the fundatin f the gspel is Gds mercy that we have received thrugh Jesus Christ. Unfrtunately, we ften nly think f ur persnal relatinship with Gd, ur persnal salvatin and faith. These are imprtant, but we lack empathy fr thse arund us. We frget abut brtherly lve. This is just what was s strng in the early church f the New Testament. The rule was: they lve each ther even befre they knw ne anther. This type f strng fellwship thught f all thse wh were pr, sick, abandned, and mcked, as we read in the Acts f the Apstles. I wuld like t aplgize fr nt sending this letter sner. I was helping an elderly wman mve t a retirement hme. T pack and clean the apartment was time-cnsuming fr me as well as fr Jhn, wh helped diligently. I was very pleased t learn that the sisters will supprt ur wrk. I am grateful; please give them my warmest thanks. With greetings t yur family and the cngregatin, Lydie Jariabkva ) The Yuth Leader The Ostrava yuth grup f the 1960s has been scattered acrss all regins f the wrld. Thrughut the eventful histry f the cngregatin, every member f the yuth grup has fund a spt within their generatin and rles within the church. We have gtten lder, and the passage f time has changed the hrizns that pened befre us twards life. Our yuthful expectatins have been replaced with gray hair, experiences and memries. During ur last reunin there was indeed much t remember and t speak abut. As we recalled ur wnderful years f yuth, jy, and mischief we als discussed the serius tpics f the cnditin f the church and sciety. Eleven f us were able t meet, but there were many that were nt present. As ften happens during such reunins, we spent time remembering thse wh were nt able t be with us. The name f ne particular individual appeared especially frequently in many pleasant incidents we recalled. As the yuth leader, he was caring and sensitive, and n bstacle culd stand in his way. He had (and has) an pen heart fr everyne. When he, alng with his wife, left ur cuntry (at the time a scialist republic), an empty space was left behind. This space remains empty t this day. I find it hard t believe that Gerge Smmer will be celebrating the first anniversary f his secnd half-century f life. With pleasant memries, all f us frm Ostrava wuld like t send him ur cngratulatins and wish him Gds blessing, much health and strength fr the future, and t thank him fr everything he has dne and cntinues t d fr ur cngregatin. Frm the Ostrava yuth grup f the 1960s Jan Jariabka [Brther Jan Jariabka is a new crrespndent t ur magazine frm the Czech Republic. He is a member f the Baptist Church in Ostrava with his wife Lydie, daughters Petra, Katherine and Jane and sn David. They live in Ostrava-Pruba.] ) Dear Gerge and Marija, I hpe yu have been able t relax and enjy this beautiful weather after yur hectic schedule leading up t and during ur Cnventin. Dan and I dnt take fr granted all the wrk that yu dthe many hurs f thught and preparatin t make everything s enjyable fr us. We appreciate yu bth, and thank yu! With lve t yu, Jane Widlicka ) Dear Vera, September 25, 2000 This is t let yu knw f the hme ging f Aunt Mary Brtan. She went t be with the Lrd Sept. 15, She had her 96 th birthday June 26. My sister Lydia and I are member f Franklin Hts. Baptist Church f Rcky Munt, Va. We are members f The Fellwship Class. The class wished t d smething in memry f Aunt Mary Brtan. Since Aunt always lked frward t receiving the Glrius Hpe we felt she wuld want the gift t g fr that peridical. Enclsed is a gift frm The Fellwship Class f Franklin Hts. Baptist Church. Sincerely, Mary Schr ) Dear Vera, We are srry we were unable t attend the Cnventin this year. Our prayers were with yu. Please pray fr my Dad, Mike Sivulka, wh has been diagnsed with a tumr deep behind his nasal passage. He will be underging radilgy treatments fr six weeks t help relieve the pain and shrink the tumr. His address is: Park Vista, 2525 Brea Blvd, Fullertn, CA Recently, while were at the Brea Hspital we met Vera Chchlaty wh attended the Czech Cnventin sme years ag. That was a nice treat. Keep up the gd wrk and may ur Lrd bless yureal gd. Lve in Jesus Judy Shff ) Dear Vera, August 3, 2000 Greetings frm ht Sun City, AZ, where the temperature is saring in the 100s and ver. I am trusting that yu and yur family are well and happy. I did plan t get t the Cnventin this year but because Lillian Krda whse daughter became ill, Lillian had t change her plans in ging with me, s I was unable t travel alne. I am sure yu all had a blessing time. I lve yu all and Gd bless yu in ding His wrk. In Christian lve, Lennie Wilcx + Cntinues n next page 110 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

14 Czech Republic Missin Trip, May 2000 Richard F. Mazanec Part 2 Saturday was a special day f celebratin in Namest. The twn square recently had been cmpletely and beautifully renvated. The members f ur team visited huse t huse and the many multiple husing units with invitatins t the pen frum r discussin t be held at a small chapel just ff the twn square that evening. We als circulated thrugh the crwds that had cngregated during the day fr the celebratin activities. Even Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus and his wife were present. Fighter jet planes flew verhead, perfrmers, music and speeches were part f the excitement that permeated the crwds. Even an rchestra cncert was prvided which lasted until 7 p.m. Then sme rain brught everything pretty much t an end. At that time we successfully were able t btain the help f the students attending the frum t walk ver t the twn square t get chairs which the rchestra had been using fr the chapel. Thirty peple shwed up t listen t questins and answers abut religin, wh Baptists are and wh they are nt and t als hear the plan f salvatin. The imprtance f the Bible as ur guide fr living was stressed and emphasized. Early Sunday mrning we left fr Zlin t attend the secnd service at the Baptist church where Dr. Titera, Pavel s sn, is pastr. I shared my testimny and Rbb Dunn, ne f the seminary students frm S.E.T.S., Raleigh, NC, preached the sermn. It was a time fr wrship and praise. We als were pleased t be able t have dinner with the pastr and his family. Sunday afternn we headed fr Mikulv, a city with a rich histry dating back t the Anabaptist Mvement in the 16th century, a city f religius tlerance (refuge) invlving Baltazar Hubmaier and his fllwers until the plitical situatin f the times necessitated that they seek asylum smewhere else. Mikulv is a city near the Austrian brder in suthern Mravia tday with a ppulatin f abut It is hped by Baptists in the Czech Republic as well as by sme here in the U.S. and Canada that in time it will be pssible t establish a church in this city which is very much in need f an evangelical Christian witness. In January the Jesus film was shwn and sme peple did respnd psitively t the message f salvatin, but t date nt much has been dne t help disciple them fr Jesus Christ. Our missin team with the help f tw mre seminary students (ne a mime and the ther a yuth pastr) was able t witness fr Christ in the Zakladna Skla giving testimnies and sharing ur faith at anther frum. The assistant principal was very gracius, sent invitatins hme with the students, and attended the frum which was held in ne f the classrms. Twenty-fur peple came. The Baptist church in Brn is sending individuals and grups upn ccasin t Mikulv and is trying t reach ut t the peple f this city. Tw bys, ages 15 and 16, bth with the name Jarek, prfessed faith in Jesus. Bth were given New Testaments and are being discipled t sme degree. They need help and encuragement in rder t be able t grw in their faith and in their knwledge f the Lrd Jesus Christ. They need ur prayers. Early Wednesday, May 31, we left fr Prague. The next day, June 1, we left t return t the USA via British Air. Our missin trip f eleven days passed nly t quickly. It is my prayer that the seed has been swn and that an abundant harvest f suls will fllw. Prtland, TN Dear Friends, s many f yu already knw, I had the pprtunity t be A part f Jsef Slc s missinary team last May that spent sme time in Mikulv, a city f 7500 peple in Suthern Mravia. It is a place much in need f an evangelistic witness that hpefully will lead t the frmatin f a Bible and/r prayer grup r fellwship maybe even a Baptist missin r church. After sme earlier effrts t reach ut t these peple, using The Jesus Film and such, sme have respnded with an penness t the Gspel. Sme may even have asked Jesus t cme int their hearts and lives. The Lrd has really burdened my wife and me fr the peple f Mikulv. They need t be visited and encuraged and discipled. Perhaps we can make a difference in their lives. We nw have plans in place t leave fr Vienna, Austria, n Nvember 15, 2000, where we are t be met by smene frm the Baptist Church in Brn, wh will take us t Mikulv by car, abut an hur s drive away. We plan t return t the U.S. n March 15, We cvet yur prayers. Yurs in Jesus, The Mazanecs, Richard and Cra Frm Our Readers Cntinues frm page 110 Dear Gerge and Marija, We thank the Lrd fr bth f yu and fr the time and effrt yu put int making this Cnventin a success. Sue and I were blessed by all the meetings and it was a pleasure t again be with s many ld and new friends. We als enjyed the music and singing at the Priestly Hall after the evening service. One f the highlights after the Cnventin was the utdr picnic at yur hme, which was als a big success. We hpe and pray that mre peple will attend the Cnventin and receive the blessing as we have. May the Lrd richly bless bth f yu. In Christian lve Jhn and Sue Senak ) Dear Vera, Warren 9/7/2000 Greetings in the name f the Lrd! Thank yu very much fr Glrius Hpe, which is blessing t us when we read it. Enclse is a gift fr the Glrius Hpe. Lrd Bless yu and yur Family! With Lve, Jhn and Maria Valk Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

15 The Lrd has pened a dr fr me. (2 Crinth. 2:12) Dr. Jarld Knx Zeman went t be with his Lrd n September 18, Jarld was brn n February 27, 1926 (in a village in Nrth-eastern Bhemia named Semnice). He grew up in a teacher s hme. After the war in 1945, he began his studies at the university in Prague in preparatin t becme a teaching prfessin At the end f the first academic year, he was called int full-time ministry. He went t study at Knx Cllege in Trnt and became a pastr and missinary in Trnt. In 1951, he married Lilian Kncicku and Gd blessed them with fur children. They devted their lives t minister amng the Czech and Slvak peple in Ontari. In the fall f 1956, Jarld Knx Zeman Feb. 27, 1926 Sept. 18, 2000 Gd pened the dr fr dctral studies at the University f Zurich, Switzerland. In 1959 he accepted a call t service n the staff f the Hme Missin bard f the Baptist Cnventin f Ontari and Quebec. The assignment in eluded supervisry respnsibility fr Baptist missin wrk amng immigrants f all ethnic rigins. In July 1968 they mved t Wlfville, Nva Sctia, where he was teaching church histry at Acadia Divinity Cllege, a Baptist seminary. He has preached in every Canadian prvince, in many states f the U.S. as well as in Eurpe. He retired in June Jarld Zeman s Christian cmmitment, his cnsiderable knwledge and wisdm was shwn thrugh his bk Open Drs published in [We published mre abut Dr. Zeman in Glrius Hpe, Nvember 1998, p. 134 Stanley Hynek May 5, 1919 July 9, 2000 I d like t share with yu a little bit abut my dad s faith especially t friends and neighbrs wh never saw the deeper side f my father. Why talk abut his faith? Because it was his faith that made him the kind f man that he was; a kind, benevlent, fun lving man, wh saw the lighter side f life and even kept his sense f humr up t the very end. Althugh he was a deacn and a church bard member, he was never ne t beat a big religius drum. Oft times, sme peple g thrugh a real n fire fr Gd phase that is shrt lived. They remind me f dry twigs and leaves that are put n a fire, flare up and then sn burn ut. My dad, n the ther hand wuld lk mre like a lg in the fire with which nthing was happening, but if yu turned that lg ver, yu wuld see that it was nt just burning ht, but white ht! He was a man wh did nt like t be in the limelight. Believe it r nt, he actually feared getting up in frnt f peple. He wuld get quite nervus if he had t say the blessing at a cmmunin service r give the Treasurer s Reprt at the annual Czech Cnventin. It was nt his thing but he did it, fr he was a man f duty, and he did it fr his Lrd. He was a simple man. Nw dn t misunderstand me! There are many dictinary meanings fr the wrd simple. The nes that describe my dad perfectly are; free frm guile, inncent, free frm vanity, mdest, free frm shwiness r display, f humble rigin r mdest psitin example: a simple farmer. And that s exactly what he was a simple farmer frm Dauphin Manitba. A man wh wuld rather d things with his hands than anything else. He didn t read many bks. Neighbrs wuld ften seem him sitting n the prch reading ne f tw things: the newspaper r his Bible. Often times, when I wuld visit my flks, I wuld find him sitting n the prch reading his belved bk usually frm the Psalms. Dad was a behind the scenes type f man. He was a fixer f things and a helper f peple. Even his neighbrs all cmmented n his willingness t help them arund their hmes. Jesus said that if a man wanted t be great in the Kingdm f Gd, he must first be a servant. All wh knew him can attest that he was a man wh was always willing t serve thers. He was an hnest man. The ther day, a neighbr wh new dad fr many years said t me, Yu knw, I felt as if I culd trust him with anything! I was thinking a similar thught myself, just the ther day. I never saw my dad take advantage f anyne even fr a dime! He was a giver nt a taker! He was a man f prayer. Ever since I can remember, dad wuld give thanks (always in Czech) nt nly at the dinner table at hme but even publicly in a restaurant. He wasn t ding it fr shw! He did it because he was a truly thankful man. 112 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

16 But it wasn t just befre meals that he prayed. The ther day my sister Linda shared with me that she wuld quite ften hear what sunded like my dad talking t himself when he thught he was alne; either sitting n the prch, hbbling arund the huse with his cane r ut in the backyard wrking in the garden. But when she gt clser, she realized that he was actually having a heart t heart talk with his Heavenly Father. This prved t be a wnderful example f a true Christian in her eyes which will be in her memry frever. He was practicing, as the Bible calls it praying withut ceasing. The ld hymn which says He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am his wn and the jy we share as we tarry there, nne ther has ever knwn was nt just a beautiful meldy with fluffy wrds but a living reality! One day, he did smething that I never saw him d. Befre he said thanks at dinner he tk his Bible and started reading (in Czech) frm Psalm 116 and with tears in his eyes he kept repeating This is talking abut me! Isn t this me? This is me! This is me! I understd that much but because I dn t fully understand the language very well, I culdn t wait t get hme s that I culd read and understand what he gt s emtinal abut. This is what I fund: Psalm I lve the LORD, fr he heard my vice; he heard my cry fr mercy. 2 Because he turned his ear t me, I will call n him as lng as I live. 3 The crds f death entangled me, the anguish f the grave came upn me; I was vercme by truble and srrw. 4 Then I called n the name f the LORD: O LORD, save me!. 5 The LORD is gracius and righteus; ur Gd is full f cmpassin. 6 The LORD prtects the simple-hearted; when I was in great need, he saved me. Yu see, yu have t understand that abut a 1 1/2 years ag, my father spent three mnths in the hspital with pneumnia. Fr three weeks he was in intensive care with wires and hses attached t him everywhere. He was uncnscius and near death. We were sure that we lst him! Then, but by the miraculus grace f Gd, he nt nly recvered but he was able t cme hme in January f As we drve int the driveway that day he simply exclaimed Thank yu Gd! Thank yu Gd! Truly, we had seen a miracle! S nw yu can understand why this passage was s precius t my dad. But smene may say Fine lrd isn t he! He saved him then but what abut nw! Stan died didn t he? Gd questin! I think that t understand the Bible, ne has t realize that there are bth physical miracles and spiritual miracles. Quite ften Gd perfrms physical miracles t shw us what he is able t d in the spiritual realm. It s imprtant t knw that physical miracles, n matter hw wnderful they are, always end in death! Jesus made the lame walk, blind eyes t see, deaf ears t hear, and even brught the dead back t life but n matter hw great the miracle, the recipients ultimately died! In Jhn 6, Jesus makes this pint perfectly clear. Peple wh wanted miracle bread frm heaven were tld D nt wrk fr fd that spils but fr fd that endures t eternal life, which the Sn f Man will give yu (vs. 26). Yur frefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died. I am the bread f life...if anyne eats f this bread he will live frever! (vs 48-51). S yu see, althugh physical miracles ultimately end in death spiritual miracles last frever!. When the Lrd gives a man the new legs which make him able t walk in the spirit, eyes and ears t perceive spiritual things, new life t thse wh were dead in their trespasses and sins these miracles last frever! Being able t cmprehend this principle is imprtant fr thse wh have truble understanding the Bible. As we read Psalm 116, there appears t be this gradual transitin frm the physical t the spiritual. With this in mind, ntice what the psalmist says in verse 7 9. He tells us that the Lrd has delivered his sul frm death s that he may walk in the land f the living! Aha!, the skeptic may exclaim, It sure lks t me like Stan has left the land f the living! He died, didn t he? But Stan is in the land f the living! fr he has eternal life! This wrld is nt the land f the living it is the land f the dying! N wnder the psalmist ges n in vs : Precius in the sight f the lrd is the death f his saints...yu have freed me frm my chains. I always like t pint ut that the wrd saint is never used in the Bible. It is saints, always plural, pertaining t the cllective bdy f true believers. Sme hw we tend t picture a super-spiritual persn with a hal arund their head, the elite in Gds Hall f Fame fr the mst righteus. That s nt true! If yu re a believer in Christ Jesus, yu are a saint. Here, physically tday, lies saint Stan. On July 9, at abut 9 pm, my dad truly experienced the ultimate miracle. He passed frm this wrld f pain and suffering and stepped int eternal spiritual realm where there is n mre death. Althugh this is an emtinal day, we weep nt fr pr Stan. He is nt pr at all! His physical eyes are shut but his spiritual eyes are nw wide-pen. His physical ears are n lnger hard f hearing but nw has clearly heard the vice f his master saying Well dne gd and faithful servant! Enter in. My jys are yurs! His earthly chains have fallen ff. He is nw free frm the bdy which imprisned him. He has been released frm his dungen and has stepped frm this wrld darkness int the Everlasting Light. As far as I knw, my dad never preached a sermn r even led a Bible study, but he wuld be thrilled t knw that because f what s been said n this day, smebdy here wh has been searching fr this simple faith that my dad had; the faith t live by, the faith t see yu thrugh the tugh times, a real hnesty t gdness persnal relatinship with the lving Savir, can be yurs tday! Hw? Just ask and the Lrd will give it t yu! Fr it is by grace yu have been saved, thrugh faith and this nt frm yurselves, it is the gift f Gd (Eph 2: 8). Yu may say, But dn t I have t change my life first? N just ask! Dn t Christians have t bey it a bunch f rules and regulatins? N. That s called religin. Christ s wrst enemies were the religius experts. His salvatin frees us frm the bndage f religin. His dr is always pen. Jesus said He that cmes unt me, I will in nwise cast ut. This is nt just wishful, hpeful thinking. What the Lrd will d in yur life will be very real. Yu will fear the change! Yu t will nt nly experience the miracle f a new life but realize a wnderful relatinship with the same living Lrd that my dad knew. As far as my dad is cncerned, this is a great day f celebratin. Sme may say that his spirit is here tday, watching what is ging + Cntinues n next page Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September

17 n. I dn t think s. I think he s in the presence f his Savir having the time f his life. With that in mind, I leave yu with this verse frm Luke 24:5 6, averse which certainly pertains t Christ s resurrectin but tday I d like t use it in cntext f what s been said here tday: Why seek the living amngst the dead? He is nt here. He has risen! Gd bless yu all! Farewell message fr Stan Hynek as delivered by his sn at his farewell service July 13, 2000 Antnín Springle April 13, 1916 August 8, 2000 Milan Springles (Sn) Remembrance I have s many gd memries f my dad. He was a gdly man, and I am s thankful fr the example he set and the Christian heritage he left with us. One f my fndest memries f childhd is waking up Sunday mrnings t the beautiful sunds f my father playing the pian. Dad lved music. Apparently he was a self-taught musician, never having had the benefit f frmal music lessns. Fr what seem like years in my childhd memries, Dad played the pian r rgan at church n Sundays. And he sang in the church chir fr ver 50 years. He gave us, his children, the pprtunity t share his lve fr music by encuraging us t take lessns in pian, cell and vilin. Sme f ur best family times tgether in the early years were practicing ur tri, where my brther Dennis played the cell, I played the vilin, and Dad, the pian. I was always prud t have the pprtunity t be part f a musical prgram at special events at ur church. Many f yu remember thse times. The last time we enjyed this activity was at my parents 50 th wedding anniversary in 1990, when my sister Dnna did the pian part in the tri. Dad was als a gd rle mdel. He was generus, he was always lking fr ways t help, and he was an encurager. My wife Beth and I (alng with ur three children) had the privilege f ding missins wrk in Zambia. I credit Dad with prviding the hme envirnment that led me t want t d that and thse were certainly sme f the best years f my adult life. Dad was always s supprtive. Often we wuld need things we culdn t btain in Zambia like a replacement mtr fr a washing machine and I always knew I culd cunt n Dad t get ne fr us. During ur 14 years verseas, my parents made trips t visit us. During thse visits he always kept himself busy helping ut in any way he culd. Dad was always a family man. I dn t ever remember his pursuing an interest r activity (apart frm wrk) that didn t als invlve ur family. Even with wrk, he prvided me with summer jbs. I sweat it ut at Fergusn Tls fr 10-hur wrk days every summer. (That was a real encuragement t me t keep plugging away at my university studies!) Just last week, as my mther and I kept vigil at Dad s bedside, I gleaned a little anecdte I want t share with yu. In 1942, Dad spent a few mnths wrking fr the Bata She Cmpany. He was being trained t take ver their retail stre in Chatham. During that training, he was taken n a tur f Bata s peratins in Suthern Ontari. On returning frm that trip he annunced t my mther that he was leaving Bata She then and there! Apparently the cmpany expected t exert ttal cntrl ver his time and life. But Dad wuld have nne f it. He had higher pririties in particular, family and church invlvement. I am s thankful fr Dad s strng family cmmitment, nt just t ur wn nuclear family, but als t the greater extended family. My clsest childhd friends were my cusins. I lved the times we spent with my tw uncles families n their farms in Burlingtn. My cusins were as clse as brthers and sisters. I remember being cmpletely devastated by grief when my cusin Charlie Springle was killed in a car accident when I was just nine years ld. I culdn t have felt the lss any mre deeply had he been my wn brther. The first family hliday I can remember, when I was seven years ld, we drve t Manitba t visit my mther s brther and sister in Minitnas what a thrill! Then when I was 13, Dad allwed me t travel alne by train, t spend the summer with cusin Charlie Reichert in Minitnas. They were wnderful times. Dad was always warm and sciable. He just lved t be with peple. My memries f Sunday mrnings were ging t church and I never bjected, I lved it, partly because I gt t hang ut with that circle f friends. And Sunday afternns were usually spent entertaining guests at ur hme, r being invited ut fr dinner. In the summer it was grup trips t the beach, r an afternn vlleyball turnament. We were never bred! Even in the past eight years r s, as Dad suffered the devastating effects f Alzheimer s disease, he lved t walk. But during his walks, he always stpped t greet everyne he met alng the way, and especially children. He was a peple persn t the end! I miss my father. He was a wnderful persn. But I rejice fr him t. Nw he is freed frm the deterirating bdy that had becme such a frustratin fr him in the last few years as he struggled with Alzheimer s. And I rejice especially because f what the New Testament writer Paul put s well: I desire t depart and be with Christ which is better by far. Milan Springle Cnventin Web page is nw being updated regularly 114 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje September 2000

[We will continue columns Builders and Makers of the Convention and Czech and Slovaks and the Bible in next isues of Glorious Hope. Editors.

[We will continue columns Builders and Makers of the Convention and Czech and Slovaks and the Bible in next isues of Glorious Hope. Editors. s I write these lines, the wrld is being shaken by varius events. Tragedy fllws tragedy, with crippling effects n ur sciety. During Thanksgiving, when we express ur gratitude fr all that we receive frm


+ Pokraèování na stranì 75

+ Pokraèování na stranì 75 very ht and sunny day reminds us that the time f summer vacatin is appraching. It has becme a traditin that fr many f us, the cnventin marks the beginning ur vacatin. The excerpt frm the verse n the cver


Jak by vypadal dnešní svět, kdyby Pán Ježíš Kristus

Jak by vypadal dnešní svět, kdyby Pán Ježíš Kristus Convention Mission Statement The Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA and Canada exists 1) to assist in extending the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in lands of central and eastern Europe, particularly





In this issue of Glorious Hope

In this issue of Glorious Hope Convention Mission Statement The Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA and Canada exists 1) to assist in extending the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in lands of central and eastern Europe, particularly


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Contents. Moving? Glorious Hope/Slavná nadìje. Let us know By Mail: CZSKBC P. O. Box 441516 Detroit, MI, 48244 Email: info@czskbc. Contents Editorial Natasha Laurinc... 3 From the President Stan Mantle... 4 Stránka prezidenta Stan Mantle... 5 Walking Wisely In a Wacky World (Part 6 and 7) Judy Shoff... 6 Moudře kráčet neobvyklým světem


Jaro. ročník 2008, číslo 2 Soutěž. o nejkrásnější. velikonoční vajíčko. podmínky soutěže čtěte na str.2

Jaro. ročník 2008, číslo 2 Soutěž. o nejkrásnější. velikonoční vajíčko. podmínky soutěže čtěte na str.2 Jar rčník 2008, čísl 2 Vážení přátelé, sníh už téměř stál, rzkvetly jarní květiny a svátky jara jsu přede dveřmi. Nechť Vás jarní sluníčk phladí p duši, rzveselí Vaši mysl a ddá Vám nvu



ANNUAL REPORT THE COMMITTEE OF GOOD WILL OLGA HAVEL FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT THE COMMITTEE OF GOOD WILL OLGA HAVEL FOUNDATION The is a member of the Czech Donors Forum Association of Foundations and the SKOK association of non-governmental non-profit organisations


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Jan Petrus (1962-2012)

Jan Petrus (1962-2012) Jan Petrus (1962-2012) None of us could have expected the tragedy that has befallen us this week here at our school. As Mr. Gray said, We have lost our heart. Honza Petrus created the 1st International


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Angličtina v poštovnictví finančnictví a logistice Angličtina v poštovnictví finančnictví a logistice Část B se zaměřením na logistiku Studijní texty a pracovní listy Denisa Vojáčková Grymová 2011/2012 Texty vznikly v rámci projektu Postilión projekt zvyšování



SOUBOR VZOROVÝCH ÚLOH ANGLICKÝ JAZYK ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE ANGLICKÝ JAZYK ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE Skupina úloh I (odpovídá 5. části DT) ÚLOHY 1 5 P e t te si p t krátkých text. Na základ informací v textech vyberte k úlohám 1 5 vždy


Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more...

Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more... Kam na jídlo? E knihovna Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou And much more... TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Words from the editorial board...2 Interview of the Dean...3 Welcome to first year...6 New campus information...10





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Lubomír Černý. Polkas and Marches. d e. with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý d e Polkas and Marches with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý: Polkas and Marches 2/88 Preface Lubomír Černý was my legendary uncle who immigrated with whole family in Canada around


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VĚSTNÍK. A newsletter of Sokol San Francisco SPRING 2014 VĚSTNÍK A newsletter of Sokol San Francisco SPRING 2014 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Page 2 Congratulation to Georgina Teyrovsky 90th Birthday from all Sokol Members Involment in various Sokol


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Komunikujeme v rámci EU Komunikujeme v rámci EU Mgr. Jitka Fraisová Soukromá střední odborná škola Hranice, s.r.o. Jaselská 832, Hranice Mgr. Dalibor Šimko externí expert Hranice 2012 Komunikujeme v rámci EU studijní texty Jitka


DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám

DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám ANGLICKÝJAZYK DIDAKTICKÝTEST POSLECH,TENÍAJAZYKOVÁKOMPETENCE Maximálníbodovéhodnocení:63bodů Hraniceúspěšnosti:44% 1Základníinformacekzadánízkoušky Didaktickýtestobsahuje63úloh. asovýlimitprořešenídidaktickéhotestu



AKTIVITA 1 OSOBNÍ OTÁZKY PERSONAL QUESTIONS AKTIVITA 1 OSOBNÍ OTÁZKY PERSONAL QUESTIONS jazyková úroveň: falešní začátečníci, mírně pokročilí pomůcky: příloha 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D postup: odpovídejte na běžné otázky v přítomném čase příklad: How old is


Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego,

Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego, OBSAH Úvod.. 3 Pracovní list 1 5 Worksheet 1.. 6 Worksheet 2..... 7 Pracovní list 2.. 8 Worksheet..... 9 Pracovní list 3.. 11 Worksheet..... 12 Pracovní list 4.. 13 Pracovní list 5.. 15 Pracovní list 6..


Proč taky, když jsou vaření či pečení.

Proč taky, když jsou vaření či pečení. Brouků se ve SCIS nebojíme Proč taky, když jsou vaření či pečení. Někteří si při školním Halloweenu na exotické havěti z dílny šéfkuchařů Davida Švejnohy a Milana Václavíka dokonce pochutnávali. Méně odvážnější


annual report 2011 výroční zpráva

annual report 2011 výroční zpráva annual report 2011 výroční zpráva Obsah Contents Kapitola I Slovo patronky 6 Struktura Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 7 Statut Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 8 Grantová pravidla Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 8 Kalendář





SVU NEWS ZPRÁVY. Mila Rechcigl Bids Farewell. Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Inc. Společnosti pro vědy a umění

SVU NEWS ZPRÁVY. Mila Rechcigl Bids Farewell. Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Inc. Společnosti pro vědy a umění ZPRÁVY SVU NEWS Společnosti pro vědy a umění Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Inc. Electronic Publication September-October 2006 No. 5/2006 The End of an Era: Mila Rechcigl Bids Farewell The





A reptile in HK. Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou. Meet the students. Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích

A reptile in HK. Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou. Meet the students. Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích Back to school: study tips UP TO 4th year! A reptile in HK IFMSA Adapťák Rozhovor s profesorkou Červinkovou Meet the students Pozvání na Vánoce v Pardubicích Issue 003 1 2013 November TABLE OF CONTENTS



7 TRAVELLING 8 CULTURE 110. 9 SPORT 118. OBSAH Úvod REFERENčNÍ část PÍSEMNÁ ZKOUšKA POSLECH S POROZUMěNÍM Informace o zkoušce 0. Zkouškové strategie. Cvičení typu pravda / nepravda (true/false). Varianta cvičení výběr odpovědí z více možností


ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úrove obtížnosti AJMZD12C0T04

ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úrove obtížnosti AJMZD12C0T04 ANGLICKÝJAZYK základníúroveobtížnosti AJMZD12C0T04 DIDAKTICKÝTEST POSLECH,TENÍAJAZYKOVÁKOMPETENCE Maximálníbodovéhodnocení:93bod Hraniceúspšnosti:44% 1Základníinformacekzadánízkoušky Didaktickýtestobsahuje63úloh.


Buddy UP. fall 2010. inside. magazine for bringing students together. Interviews. CoMeet Move UP Photos. E S N V S E P r a h a

Buddy UP. fall 2010. inside. magazine for bringing students together. Interviews. CoMeet Move UP Photos. E S N V S E P r a h a Buddy UP magazine for bringing students together fall 2010 E S N V S E P r a h a Buddy System inside Interviews nation2nation CoMeet Move UP Photos BuddyUP / Spring 2010 Buddy UP / fall 2010 MILÍ PŘÁTELÉ,


Week 1 Revision. Put the noun in the plural. 1. a secretary 2. a bus

Week 1 Revision. Put the noun in the plural. 1. a secretary 2. a bus Week 1 Revision Fill in the article A/AN/THE. if necessary. 1. How are.children? 2. I live in.. small house in country. 3. front door of our house is small. 4. girl with.. blue eyes is my sister? 5. Can