[We will continue columns Builders and Makers of the Convention and Czech and Slovaks and the Bible in next isues of Glorious Hope. Editors.

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2 s I write these lines, the wrld is being shaken by varius events. Tragedy fllws tragedy, with crippling effects n ur sciety. During Thanksgiving, when we express ur gratitude fr all that we receive frm Gd, we must deal with lss, the lss f that which is mst precius human life. We may be persnally affected by this lss. Perhaps mre than in the past, we are grateful fr ne anther. We are grateful fr ur fellwship. We are grateful that prayer is returning t American schls and families. We are grateful that peple are aware f Gd s existence. Sn we will be celebrating Christmas, which reminds us f the Saviur f mankind frm a different perspective. Every year Cntents: Editrial - Natasha Legierski BWA News - Nvember A Panychida fr the Dead - Pavl Kndaè, transl. P. Branda Panychída za màtvych - Pavl Kndaè nd Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin - G. Smmer, A. Kmetk Èeskslvenská bapt. knvence - pøekl. Nataa Legierská Kristus vlá k akci, èást 5 - T. Csmades, pøekl. N. Legierská Christ Calls t Act, part 5 - Thmas Csmades My Secnd Trip t the USA - Jan Viktrín, transl. P. Branda Mje druhá cesta d USA - Jan Viktrín Old Streetcar - Ján Jariabka, transl. Peter Branda Stará tramvaj - Ján Jariabka Frm Our Readers In Memry - Angeline Santner Gregry Childrens Crner - Natasha Legierski Yuth Scene - Katka Duèaivá Frm the President - Rbert Dvrak Ladies Page - Sue Devine Frm the Executive Secretary - Gerge Smmer Ruins/Trsky - Natasha Legierski Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001, Vl. 27, N 6 (USPS ) ISSN Published Bi-Mnthly by The Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada Peridical pstage paid in Philippi, WV. Publicatin Office: Glrius Hpe 1524 Lancaster Dr., #134, Oakville, ON, L6H 2Z2, Canada Editr-in-Chief: Natasha Legierski Electrnic Publishing and Art: Vit Malek Assistant Editrs: Janice Cermak, Ján Bank Editrial Staff: Gerge Smmer, Gerge Legierski, Jseph Nvak Yu may send articles t abve address POSTMASTER: Send address changes t Glrius Hpe / Slavná nadìje Rt. 4, Bx 58D, Philippi, WV USA Next issue deadline - December 15, 2001 much effrt is exerted in preparing the perfect Christmas. We want t be sure that every friend and family member receives an apprpriate gift. This is a gd testimny f ur genersity and lve fr thers. Terrrism has increased the number f families that will be celebrating this Christmas withut their lved nes. Hw precius is the gift f Gd s peace! It is a peace that the human mind cannt cmprehend. It is nt pssible t tuch it r t identify it by physical prperties. It is like xygen. Withut xygen, the living rganism ceases t exist. Withut Gd s peace, the sul dies. Let s be sure t maintain this peace, and let s nt frget the central message f Christmas: Christ Jesus came int the wrld t save sinners. (1 Tim. 1:15). This reality is mankind s nly hpe. Editr-in-Chief Natasha Legierski íi tyt øádky v bdbí událstí hýbajících svìtem. Tragédie stíhá tragédii a chrmuje ivt spleènsti. V dbì díkùvzdání, kdy si uvìdmujeme hjnst Bích darù, pøicházejí ztráty. Ztráty th nejcennìjíhlidskéh ivta. Ztráty, které se nás sbnì dtýkají. Snad více, ne kdykliv pøedtím, jsme vdìèni za t, e máme jeden druhéh. Jsme vdìèni za becenství. Jsme vdìèni za t, e d amerických kl i rdin se vrací mdlitba. Jsme vdìèni za t, e èlvìk vnímá existenci Pána Bha. D tét situace vstupují vánce, svìdèící Spasiteli lidstva, v jiné perspektivì. Mnh prstøedkù je rk c rk vynalen na pøípravu perfektních vánc. Usilujeme t, aby na stlech nic nechybìl a kadý èlen rdiny i pøítel byl dstateènì bdarván. Je t pìkné svìdectví tìdrsti i lásce k blinímu. Terrismus zvýil prcent rdin, které prijí vánce ve vzpmínkách na ty, kteøí museli pøedèasnì dejít. Jak vzácný je dar Bíh pkje! Je t pkj, který lidský rzum nemùe pchpit. Nelze jej hmatat ani identifikvat fyzikálními vlastnstmi. Pdbnì jak kyslík. Bez kyslíku zaniká ivý rganismus. Pøi nedstatku Bíh pkje umírá due. Buïme tedy vlastníky tht pkje a nepmíjejme hlavní pselství vánc: Jeí Kristus pøiel na svìt, aby høíné spasil. (I. Tim. 1,15) Tat skuteènst je jedinu nadìjí lidstva. éfredaktrka Nataa Legierská [We will cntinue clumns Builders and Makers f the Cnventin and Czech and Slvaks and the Bible in next isues f Glrius Hpe. Editrs.] Frnt cver: Vit Malek, (phts Wrld Trade Center in New Yrk by Vit Malek, Crel phts) Cnventin phts: Vlastimil Pjman Back cver: Vit Malek WTC in New Yrk 122 Printed n recycled paper Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

3 Baptist Wrld Alliance News Nvember 2001 Frm the General Secretary Dentn Ltz reedm frm Religin The idea f religin as an institutin that restricts and denies freedm became clear t me the ther day when riding hme frm the airprt in a taxi. The taxi driver s accent indicated he was a freigner. I asked him t which religin he belnged. He answered, I have n religin! I am free! It was a shcking reminder t me f the tragedy f religin thrughut histry and arund the wrld. Humankind is yearning fr freedm and hping that religin will free them, but then sadly humanity ends up bund and enslaved by religius idelgies. I thught t myself, There are Christians like that als. They d nt knw the freedm that Christ has cme t bring. They are bund up in their rules and regulatins. Like the apstle Paul, they are yearning fr freedm. After the tragic events f September 11, jurnalists, many fr the first time in their lives, are writing abut religin. They very ften write frm a secular pint f view and examine religin as a scilgical and cultural phenmenn, and d nt really distinguish the differences. They assume that basically all religins are the same and desire peace, harmny and justice. It was against this type f thinking that Karl Barth reacted when he maintained that biblical faith was nt a religin, but new life in Christ. Barth emphasized that religin is man s attempt t find Gd, but biblical faith is Gd s attempt t find man. Religin tries t knw Gd by laws and rituals, by bservances and festivals and man-made dctrines. In the Bible, hwever, we meet a Gd wh cndemns all religins as idlatrus attempts t cntrl r manipulate Gd. We cannt knw Gd except thrugh Gd s revelatin. And this revelatin f Gd is nne ther than Gd becming a human being in Jesus the Christ! There are thse wh have made biblical faith int a religin, and as such it has becme like all ther religins that scilgists and phenmenlgists f religin study and abut which we read daily in ur newspapers. Religi in Latin means t tie r bind. This is, tragically, the stry f mdern-day religius fundamentalism, liberalism and all ther idelgical interpretatins f religin. Sadly, there are thse wh thrughut Church histry have made Christianity int a religin f bndage, f restrictin and cnfinement, even using trture t ensure and prtect it. The Inquisitin f the 16 th Century is a sad reminder f this. Dstyevsky s stry The Grand Inquisitr reminds us f this type f religin, which tells Jesus t g away and nt cme back again: They d nt want yu and yur freedm! They want the law! As fllwers f Christ, let us remind urselves t preach the liberating pwer f Christ and t cnfess with the apstle Paul, Fr freedm Christ has set us free; stand fast therefre, and d nt submit again t a yke f slavery (Ga1. 5:1). In cnfrnting the religin f Nazism, Dietrich Bnheffer wrte f religinless Christianity. Perhaps we ught t read his Letters frm Prisn again and remind urselves that Christ frees us frm religin t give us true freedm. Then we can witness t the taxi driver and say, Because I have Christ, I t have n religin. I am free! Mennnites Learn frm Baptists The Baptist passin fr missins, fr evangelism and fr cnversin are strng pints, says the Mennnite Wrld Cuncil (MWC). In a recent issue f their secnd quarter f Curier, the Mennnite Central Cmmittee nted things they learned frm the Baptists during the Baptist Mennnite Cnversatins that tk place frm 1989 t In turn, Baptists learned f the Mennnite emphasis n church histry. Rss T. Bender, past president f the MWC, says, BWA representatives in particular were eager t hear these stries and even t recmmend that ur cmmunins jin tgether in a cmmn service prject. We Mennnites were cnfrnted with the fact that the Baptists had utstripped us in numbers (43 millin t 1 millin) even thugh the Mennnites started a century earlier. The reasn is that Baptists never lse an pprtunity t prclaim the gspel and t extend an invitatin t accept Christ. Eurpean Prayer Call During their September meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, leaders f the Eurpean Baptist Federatin (EBF) asked all f their member unins and friends t jin in prayer fr Afghanistan. The decisin t retaliate against the terrrists fr the destructin f September 11 was ne that I am sure was nt taken lightly, said The Angelv, general secretary f the EBF. What we must insure nw, hwever, is that inncent civilians will nt pay the price fr the actins f a small grup f peple. We are asking all Christians t cme tgether t pray fr these civilians and fr a quick end t this war. We are als asking fr prayers fr the United States and ther wrld leaders as they make decisins that will have lng-term cnsequences. Re-printed frm BWA News-Nvember 2001 Cnventin Web page is nw being updated regularly Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

4 A Panychida fr the Dead Pavl Kndaè Translated by Peter Branda lmst a mnth has gne by since smething unbelievable and shcking has ccurred. I am nt ging t describe the terrible events f September 11, 2001; yu are prbably better infrmed than I am. Hwever, I cannt but speak abut what has filled my heart and what I am feeling even tday. I was deeply shcked and surprised, just as yu certainly were. I asked (I am nt sure t whm the questin was directed, but I asked): is man really capable f ding smething f this srt t anther human being, even in this enlightened era? T cnsciusly destry s many lives, t bring s much suffering t inncent peple. It was a terrible blw directed against inncent victims. Thse wh died were rdinary peple, including children and the elderly, wh did nt harm anyne. Was it mere revenge, r a deed f blind hatred? I was deeply shaken by the fact that the acts were cmmitted in the name f Gd. But which Gd? Des he ask t be beyed in this manner? Is this his style, his cmmand r will? Was this the result f the teaching f the Kran r sme ther hly bk? Where is the wrld headed, what future awaits mankind? Perhaps many peple are searching fr an answer, just as I am, but their questins remain unanswered. Hwever, we are peple f prayer and f the Wrd, nt ur wrd, but a higher ne, the Wrd f Gd. I therefre steered my search in this directin. I was nt the nly ne. Even unbelievers reached fr the Bible, especially fr the prphets and fr the bk f Revelatin. Even the newspapers quted passages frm the scriptures, fr example frm Revelatin, Chapter18: the great Babyln has fallen. I had t ask myself whether this was an apprpriate passage, whether they were nt cndemning the inncent. Certainly it is nt ur rle during these times (r at any ther time) t cndemn r judge ur fellw human beings. Only ur Gd and creatr is cmpetent fr this. Only he sees the true state f things and nly he truly knws ur mtives and ur hearts. He sees and als righteusly judges, and justly rewards and punishes. We shuld never dubt this. One questin has been especially painful and difficult fr me. Is it pssible fr a religius persn t cmmit r justify this mass murder? Will we find a priest wh wuld bless such a thing? What has happened t us? What shuld we d in the days ahead? We need t remain faithful t the principle f lve and gdness. Gd is the surce f all that is gd and the surce f that mst precius value: life. Jesus asked: What can be cmpared t the value f life? Life is mre than fd, clthes r mney, r any ther riches f this wrld (Matt. 6:25). We knw that an act f this magnitude will nt remain withut sme srt f reactin. Tday we already knw that the US frces have taken actin against thse respnsible fr this crime. Is this justified? Peple search fr answers in varius places. Sme answer based n their intellect, thers based n their cnscience. Again, we lk nly t Gd s Wrd fr an answer. We knw that the state has the right t bring t justice evilders, murderers, thieves and ther criminals. In this specific case, their task is nt easy. They must find thse wh are truly guilty. The psitin f the criminals is simpler. They d nt cnsult their cnscience r Gd; they strike unexpectedly and quickly flee. They may even kill themselves alng with the victims. But their crime still remains a crime. The gvernment has the difficult task f ensuring that preventative measures are taken s that similar acts cannt take place. They must prevent the murder f inncent and defenseless peple. May Gd give them the wisdm needed fr the decisins that must be made. I believe that many f yu, perhaps all, have cried alng with thse in murning. This was ur quiet panychida, ur memrial service fr them. Surely yu were als mved t help the needy. Yu prayed fr Gd s mercy and cnslatin fr thse wh had lst their dear nes, their husbands, wives, sns and daughters. What shuld we d in the days ahead? We need t remain faithful t the principle f lve and gdness. Gd is the surce f all that is gd and the surce f that mst precius value: life. Jesus asked: What can be cmpared t the value f life? Life is mre than fd, clthes r mney, r any ther riches f this wrld (Matt. 6:25). It is ur challenge t believe and t act n the belief that lve is the best path fr mankind t fllw. Lve leads t a wnderful future; hate leads t cmplete destructin. There is n ther way. Let us attempt t stay n this path, and let s recmmend it t thers. Let s listen t Gd s vice during these decisive times: This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against yu that I have set befre yu life and death, blessings and curses. Nw chse life, s that yu and yur children may live (Deut. 29:19). 124 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

5 Panychída za màtvych Pavl Kndaè uplynul skr mesiac, e sa stal èsi neuverite3 4né a kujúce. Nie, nejdem pisva trasné udalsti z 11. septembra 2001, veï ste nich infrmvaní mn lepie ak ja. Ale nemôem nehvri tm, è naplnil mje srdce ptm a drí sa ma a ddnes. Ak vari kadý, aj ja sm bl vrchlne prekvapený a kvaný, ak iste aj Vy, milí èitatelia. A pýtal sm sa (ani neviem kh, ale sm sa pýtal): nazaj je schpný èlvek vykna èlveku èsi pdbné aj v dnenej svietenej dbe? Úmyselne znièi t3 4k ivtv, zavini t3 4k neastia 3 4uïm, ktrí za niè nemhli. Bl t straný úder na nesprávnu adresu. Zahynuli byèajní 3 4udia práce, deti i starci, ktrí nikmu neublíili. Bla t iba pmsta èi diel slepej nenávisti? Najhlbie mnu triasa fakt, uvedmenie si, e sa t stal v mene Bha. Nejakéh bha Akéh? Káe n niekmu pracva týmt týlm? Je t jeh týl, jeh spôsb èi jeh pkyn a jeh vô3 4a? Tak t káe Krán, aleb nejaká iná svätá kniha? Kde sa t svet dstáva dnes a aký zajtrajk èaká 3 4udstv? Mn mnhí 3 4udia si lámu hlavu pdbne ak ja, h3 4adajú a nenachádzajú dpveï. Ale sme 3 4udia mdlitieb a Slva, nie svjh, ale vy- ieh, Bieh. Tak sm sa v svjm h3 4adaní pbral týmt smerm. A nielen ja. Vari aj neveriaci a nekresania siahli p Biblii, a najmä p známych prrckých knihách, najviac p tej apkalyptickej, teda p Zjavení Jánvm. Aj nviny, ktré priniesli trasné správy hneï p ných udalstiach, citvali výrky z Zjavenia kap. 18: Padl ve3 4ký Babyln. V duchu sm sa pýtal, èi siahli na správne miest, èi nezatracujú nevinných? Urèite nie je nau úlhu v týcht chví3 4ach (vlastne ani inkedy) súdi a zatracva svjich blínych. Kmpetentný je iba Najvyí, ná Bh a Stvrite3 4. On vidí pravý stav vecí, verný braz a najmä vnútrné phnútky a úmysly sàdc. Vidí a iste aj spravdliv psúdi, pd3 4a zásluhy dmení a ptresce èinite3 4v dbra i zla. O tm by sme nemali ani na chví3 4u pchybva. Jeden táznik sa vak ve3 4mi hlbk a blestne zasekl d mjej due. Je t mné, e nábný èlvek je schpný vykna, vysvet3 4va a spravedlòva takýt masvý zlèin? Nájde sa Pavl Kndaè s manelku A aké je slv d budúcnsti pre nás?vari len zsta verný zásade lásky a dbra. Bh je darca vetkéh dbréh, sbitne tej necenite3 4nej hdnty: ivta. Èím vyvái èlvek ivt, aku prtihdntu?pýtal sa Pán Jei. ivt je viac ak pkrm, atstv a peniazea akék3 4vek myslite3 4né bhatstv sveta (Mt 6,25). nejaký kòaz èi ve3 4kòaz, ktrý t ete aj pehná? Kde sme sa t dstali? Vieme, e takýt významný èin nezstane bez zveny, bez reakcie. Dnes u je známe, e americká päs udrela na ptenciálnych páchate3 4v zlèinu. Právm? Odpveï si kadý h3 4adá, kde vie a chce. Niekt dpvedá pd3 4a svjh rzumu, pd3 4a svedmia. My h3 4adáme zase len dpveï Biu, jeh Slva. Vieme, e tátna vrchns je právnená stíha èinite3 4v zla, vrahv, zldejv a rôznych zlèincv. V tmt prípade nemá 3 4ahkú úlhu. Vyh3 4ada, vypichnú pravých vinníkv. Zlèinci t majú jednduchie. S svjím svedmím, ani s vyu Bu intanciu sa neradia, prídu tajne a neèakane a ptm ujdú. Prípadne sa zabijú aj s druhými. Ale zlèin aj tak zstáva zlèinm Vrchns t nemá 3 4ahké, keï chce zaisti prevenciu, aby sa druhý raz pdbný skutk u nepdaril a nezstal neptrestaný. Aby nehynuli nevinní a bezbranní 3 4udia. Nech jej Pán Bh dá dstatk múdrsti pri rzhdvaní. Verím, e mnhí z Vás (vari vetci?) ste vyrnili slzy a plakali s plaèúcimi. T bla naa tichá panychída. A nielen t. e ste bli phnutí milsrdenstvm a tvrili aj ruky k pmci tým najptrebnejím. e zneli nae mdlitebné prsby Bie pteenie pre tých, è stratili svjich najdrahích, nenahradite3 4ných blínych, manelv, synv i dcéry. A aké je slv d budúcnsti pre nás?vari len zsta verný zásade lásky a dbra. Bh je darca vetkéh dbréh, sbitne tej necenite3 4nej hdnty: ivta. Èím vyvái èlvek ivt, aku prtihdntu?pýtal sa Pán Jei. ivt je viac ak pkrm, atstv a peniazea akék3 4- vek myslite3 4né bhatstv sveta (Mt 6,25). Je hrmne aké veri a pd3 4a viery aj pstupva s presvedèením, e láska je schdnej- ia cesta pre 3 4udstv. Láska vedie d krásnej budúcnsti, nenávis zavedie 3 4udstv d skazy, d ttálnej, mne kneènej záhuby. Niet inej cesty. Pkúsme sa pstupva tut cestu aspò my a dpruèujme ju aj iným. Pèujme Bí hlas v týcht histrických, rzhdujúcich chví3 4ach: Za svedkv vlám dnes prti vám nebesia i zem, e sm ti predlil ivt i smr, pehnanie i kliatbu. Vyv3 4 si ivt, aby si il ty i tvje ptmstv. (Dt 29,19) Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

6 92 nd Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin July 58, 2001 Christs Expectatins f Us If yu lve me, yu will keep my cmmandments. Jhn 14:15 t is really hard t believe that it has been a whle year since we said Gdbye and See yu next year at the cnventin. This year we started ne day earlier (fr thse wh wanted t relax) t celebrate an Independence Day n July 4 th. Of curse, n real celebratin culd be withut firewrks. S we did have firewrks. And I believe that everybdy like it s much, especially children, that we will cntinue next year with The Secnd Annual Firewrks. As usually Annual Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin started with meeting f the General Bard which was held n July 5, 2001, in Crim Dining Rm. The meeting was pened by president R. Dvrak with welcming remarks. K. Devine was welcmed as the new pastr f the Hatch Hllw Baptist Church. Bb read frm Psalm 33 and Clssians 3. Whatever yu ding wrd r deed d all in the Name f the Lrd Jesus giving things t the Father (3:17). This is what we are called t d in the life f the church and in ur hmes and in ur cnventin. We were asked t remember Esther and Bill Widlicka wh had bth suffered strkes in June s they culdn t be with us. We miss Helen Struharik. Milan Lev is in tractin with his shulders s culdn t attend. Jhn Jeren Sr. was hme caring fr his ill wife Irene and fr her brther-in-law Paul, t. They sent their greetings t the cnventin. We were led in prayer by J. Nvak, D. Widlicka, N. Legierski, and W. Rtar. Bb clsed in prayer. Secretary presented minutes frm midyear meeting. We als heard reprts frm financial secretaries and treasurers. Treasurers Gerge Gregr and Oti Alac were thanked fr their reprts and the wrk they are ding fr the cnventin during the year. Cnventin Chir Gerge Gregr and Bill Rtar gave full reprts n the transactins f the trust funds. Natasha Legierski, editr-in-chief f Glrius Hpe, reprted that the May issue was delayed s they wrked hard t prepare the July issue in time t be distributed at the cnventin sessins. We hpe it will be n time in the future. She thanked peple fr the cntributins t the Glrius Hpe but they wuld appreciate mre cntributins abut what the churches are ding. The magazine is published in three different languages: English, Czech, and Slvak. It ges t many cuntries arund the wrld. We hpe t have mre infrmatin and reprts frm the Czech and Slvak Republics in the future. Please send us yur infrmatin abut yur lives, churches, families, etc. We really appreciate yur supprt and prayers as wrk n preparing the Glrius Hpe. Her reprt was received with applause and appreciatin frm all f the delegates. It is a beautiful presentatin that enables peple t see ur lifeline f missin. Be sure t read Glrius Hpe! J. Nvak talked abut tract ministry. Since last cnventin he received 668 letters f which 149 were new cntacts. He sent ver 180,000 tracts in the last 12 mnths. By nw, ver 2,498,725 are witnessing in 63 different cuntries. He als mailed ut 953 Bibles, 46 New Testaments, and 731 bks, ttaling 1,752 Bibles, 309 New Testaments, 1,494 bks, 1,313 pencils, 1,441 pens and ther Sunday Schl materials. J. Nvak, chair f the Nminating Cmmittee, annunced fllwing cmmittees as fllws: Nminating: Je Nvak- chair, Daniel Widlicka, Jan Bank, William Rtar, Stan Mantle, Garth Priebe, Flrian Manas, Kenneth Devine. 126 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

7 Budget: R. Dvrak- chair, G. Gregr, B. Rtar, O. Alac, Henry Pjman, Vera Drs. Time, Place: B. Widlicka- chair, Jhn Senak, F. Opcensky. Publishing: G. Smmer-chair, J. Nvak, J. Bank, G. Legierski, N. Legierski. Auditing: R. Struharik-chair, L. Hala, R. Mazanec, Missinary: F. Manas-chair, F. Opcensky, J. Andrs, L. Hala. Yuth: Bill Rtar- chair, S. Michael, S. Mantle. Awards & Recgnitins: R. Dvrak- chair, F. Manas, H. Hrvath, G. Smmer President and the Executive Secretary are ex-ffici members f all Cmmittees. President Rbert Dvrak then gave his reprt. Dttie and Bb spent time in the Czech and Slvak Republics. His emplyer sent them and paid the expenses. They were met at the airprt by Mils Slc, Jr. wh tk them t the Baptist Headquarter apartment in Prague where they spent a few days. He preached ne night at Mils Slc s church in Vinhrady. He als preached at the clsing service f the Czech Baptist Unin annual cnference. Czech Baptists sent greetings t ur Cnventin and thanked us fr the cntributins they have received frm us fr their missin wrk. They als went t Bratislava. Had cnversatin ver lunch with the secretary f the Slvak Baptist Unin, Brther Kulacik. Bb felt it is very imprtant fr us t invited Jzef Kulacik, General Secretary f the Slvak Baptist Unin, fr the 2002 cnventin in Philippi. We want him t knw the heart f ur cnventin and f their Baptist Dan Widlicka, Rbert Dvrak, and Dr. Steve Markwd Unin. There was a date cnf lict when we invited him a cuple f years ag. G. Smmer and Bb have talked repeatedly, and V. Drs als brught it up, that this cnventin and its leaders and basic financial supprt aren t grwing any yunger. We have nt fund the yunger generatin picking it up. We are just hlding ur wn. What is the glue that hlds ur cnventin tgether? In the past, it was ur Ján Bank, Rbert Dvrak, and Cnventin Chir churches but we are n lnger a cnventin f churches. It is individual persns wh cme tgether t supprt the wrk. It is the fellwship and ur yearning t be tgether with each ther. This isn t enugh fr the future. We need a strng sense f what we are ding as a missin. Right nw, it is a passinate cmmitment t the spreading f the Gspel in Central Eurpe. It must be mre and mre in the frefrnt a calling frm the Lrd t evangelize in the Czech and Slvak Republics. When we went t the churches t hld ur annual cnventin meetings peple were mre invlved in what the cnventin was ding. Hw can we cmpensate fr the lss f ging t churches when we are meeting in Philippi? We have t let peple knw that we nly cme arund nce a year. We must d what needs t be dne t encurage peple t cme and supprt the wrk f the cnventin. Hw d we encurage the yung peple t cme and t be interested in the wrk? Our children dn t knw why the cnventin was established. Hw d we bring new zeal fr the cnventin wrk? Tell the stry f wh we can be in the future. Remind them f their rts but als ask what we can d t evangelize the Czech and Slvak Republics fr the Lrd. What is ur Missin? Hw can we serve ur Lrd? Perhaps we can have mini cnventins r smaller meetings s we can reach sme f the churches where we used t g. G t individuals in churches wh were frmerly interested and try t tell them what ur message is and culd we tell their peple abut the cnventin wrk and missin. Electins will be held next year (2002). We need sme new vices and yunger bld in the future. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

8 The Trnt church is celebrating 60 years and invited Rbert Dvrak t attend and preach. Executive Secretary, Gerge Smmer reprted: We are updating ur Web page at least nce a mnth. Please check it ften. It was decided t publish tw bks and ne f the bks is almst ready t be printed. Trans Wrld Radi in Czech Republic published a histry f TWR in Czech language. They have translated it int English and we will publish it. Shuld be ready in next few mnths. He mentined that the ad hc cmmittee decided t make vide clips f the cnventin t send t the churches. It is n the back burner just nw. He can take it further when retires later this year. He wuld like t prepare a tape fr peple t see what we are ding at the annual cnventins in Philippi. We were asked t give names f thse wh have passed away since the last cnventin t Bb Dvrak fr the Memrial service. We were reminded f the change we made. Canadian delegates will pay meals, accmmdatin and registratin fee in Canadians dllars. They n lnger had t g t the bank and send internatinal mney rder in US$. We have received the Czech Baptist Unin prpsal fr a new church being started in Ceske Budejvice. Prpsed sum f US$11,000 will be sent in the spring f This missin supprt is given t the Czech Baptist Unin ne year and t the Slvak Baptist Unin the next year. Gerge Smmer will ask the secretary f the Czech Baptist Unin t send us mre specific prpsal. It was annunced that the midyear meeting will be held at the Scrantn Rad Baptist Church in Cleveland, OH n Nv. 2, 2001, at 1 p.m. Daniel Widlicka will wrk ut the details with the lcal pastr. The 93 rd cnventin will be held July 4 7, The 94 th cnventin will be held July 3 6, The 95th cnventin June 30 July 4, All in Philippi. Natasha Legierski reprted that she culdn t get anyne t help as cunselrs with the prpsed camp prgram s they had t cancel it fr 2001, but they hpe that it will be wrked ut by We als need a prgram fr cllege age yung peple t keep them interested in ur cnventin. Jan Viktrin, Lubmir Vyhnanek, and Gerge Cper reprted abut TWR wrk in bth republics. G. Smmer brught t the cnventin attentin the Plicy fr Distributing Grants t the Czech and Slvak Baptist Unins and als the Amendment t the By-Laws f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin. These insure an rderly prcess f cntributin t these causes. It sets ut the way thse applicatins will be received and apprved and the way in which they will meet accuntability. The secnd is the amendment. It was apprved at the 2000 midyear meeting and checked with the IRS s that we fulfill their requirements. Fllwing are Plicy and Amendment : Plicy fr Distributing Grants t the Czech and Slvak Baptist Unins The fllwing plicy has been adpted at midyear meeting f the General Bard f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada, in Campbell, Ohi, n Nvember 3, The Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada (frmerly Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f Nrth America) may prvide annual lump sum grants (currently US$11,000), in alternative years t the Czech Baptist Unin in the Czech Republic and the Slvak Baptist Unin in Slvakia. Grants shall made after written applicatin is received frm either the Czech r Slvak Baptist Unin. The applicatin shall include the fllwing: Name f Unin Persn respnsible fr administering the grant in the Czech r Slvak Republic Amunt requested Narrative describing hw funds are t be used At the end f the grant year the receiving Baptist Unin (Czech r Slvak) will issue a reprt t the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada cnfirming hw funds were spent, including names f recipients and/r receiving churches and/r assciatins. Peridically, site visit will be cnducted by representative(s) f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada t verify first hand hw funds were distributed and used. v Amendment t the By-Laws f the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin f USA and Canada The rganizatin is rganized exclusively fr charitable, religius, educatinal, and/r scientific purpses under sectin 501 (c) (3) f the Internal Revenue Cde. N part f the net earnings f the rganizatin shall inure t the benefit f, r be distributable t its members, trustees, fficers, r ther private persns, except that the rganizatin shall be authrized and empwered t pay reasnable cmpensatin fr services rendered and t make payments and distributins in furtherance f the purpses set frth in the purpse clause heref. N substantial part f the activities f the rganizatin shall be the carrying n f prpaganda, r therwise attempting t influence legislatin, and the rganizatin shall nt participate in, 128 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

9 r intervene in (including the publishing r distributin f statements) any plitical campaign n behalf f any candidate fr public ffice. Ntwithstanding any ther prvisin f this dcument, the rganizatin shall nt carry n any ther activities nt permitted t be carried n (a) by an rganizatin exempt frm federal incme tax under sectin 501 (c) (3) f the Internal Revenue Cde, r crrespnding sectin f any future federal tax cde, r (b) by an rganizatin, cntributins t which are deductible under sectin 170 (c) (2) f the Internal Revenue Cde, r crrespnding sectin f any future federal tax cde. Upn the disslutin f the rganizatin, assets shall be distributed fr ne r mre exempt purpses within the meaning f sectin 501 (c) (3) f the Internal Revenue Cde, r crrespnding sectin f any future federal tax cde, r shall be distributed t the federal gvernment, r t a state r lcal gvernment, fr a public purpse. The abve amendment has been adpted at the 92 nd Annual Cnventin in Philippi, July 7, 2001 v Reprts were made by missinaries telling abut their wrk. Ruby Mikulencak tld us abut her added respnsibilities with SIM as leader and requested ur prayer. Budget Cmmittee presented budget fr year which has been apprved. Budget was printed in the insert f September issue f Glrius Hpe. J. Bank reprted fr Yuth cmmittee that it is a real pprtunity t wrk with the yuth. Cl. 3:6 7. It is a real experience and privilege t lead ur yung peple, teaching them abut the way t live. They want t wrship Gd in their hearts. We are nurturing the creativity f the yung peple. I thank thse persns wh are assisting me in the wrk with the yung peple, playing the pian, etc. Alexander Flek was intrduced. He is visiting with us, he is a student, a pastr, wh brught us greetings frm the brthers in the Czech Republic. There is a great hunger tday in the Czech Republic fr the Wrd f Gd. Kralicka Bible is s ld but s beautiful. They are making a translatin f the Kralicka Bible in easier t understand language. They had printed 27,000 cpies last year. Distributed 10,000 cpies in ne week just lately. Greetings were then received frm the fllwing churches: Czechslvak Baptist Church in Trnt, Grace Baptist in Windsr, Christ Cmmunity Church in Campbell, Parma Heights Baptists Church in Parma, Hatch Hllw Baptist in Unin City, Shirley Mbley, Lillian Adams, Jhn Jeren, Sr., Esther and Bill Widlicka, Flrian and Barbara Manas, and Scrantn Rad Baptist Church, Cleveland. v It has been secnd year nw that we started ur annual cnventin n Thursday in rder t make it cheaper. On pening night, as always, we heard the chir frm lcal Baptist Church under the directin f Dr. Jud Bracey, accmpanied by Marija Smmer. They bth wrked with cnventin chir during the duratin f the cnventin. President f Aldersn-Braddus Cllege, Dr. Steve Markwd, greeted us n behalf f the Cllege, and as usually, did nt frget t greet as in Slvak language this year. We all missed this year Manas the Mystic presentatin. Flrian had a very gd intentin t be with Alac Family and Yuth Class us, but he had t underg surgery. As always we enjyed Old fashined hymn singing with ur talented Bb Dvrak at the pian. And after that? Of curse an Ice cream scial. All f that has becme a traditin at ur annual cnventins. We heard many sls and ther musical numbers. Als pian-rgan duets with Pat Slmn n the rgan and Marija Smmer n pian. Bth are frm Philippi Baptist Church. Saturday Night Cncert was certainly music culminating pint f whle cnventin. We d nt realize hw many talents are amngst ur peple. And late that evening? What else. Camp fire and anther firewrks. Well, what else t add? N dubt, we have had very blessed time hearing the wrd f Gd, blessed fellwship r as we say in Czech language, becenství. I believe that all f ur English speaking brthers and sisters already knw hw t prnunce it and knw what it means. But n matter hw I try t describe cnventin, yu will nt knw r experience it unless yu cme next year July 4 7, 2002 and have becenství with us. Cme and see! See yu next year! Gerge Smmer, Executive Secretary Alice Kmetk, Assistant Secretary Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

10 92. Èeskslvenská baptistická knvence 5.8. èervence 2001 Kristv èekávání Jestlie mne milujete, budete ddrvat má pøikázání. Jan 14:15 ent rk knference zaèala den døíve pr ty, kd si chtìli dpèinut a slavit Den nezávislsti (4. èervence). Uspøádaný hòstrj byl pìt zaøazen d prgramu pøítí knvence, díky zájmu úèastníkù. Oficiální zahájení prbìhl den pzdìji. Pøedseda knvence, bratr Rbert Dvøák, zahájil ètením almu 33., a Kls. 3:17. Byl pøivítán nvý kazatel ze sbru v Hatch Hllw, Pennsylvania, K. Devine a zmínìni ti, c nemhli být pøítmní ze zdravtních dùvdù a ti, kteøí nás ji pøedeli. Zaznìl nìklik mdliteb. P pøeètení zápisu z minulé knvence byly pøedneseny zprávy za jedntlivé slky: Pkladní, investièní, redakèní a misijní (traktátvá misie br. J. Nváka). Vlastimil Pjman and Children Class s dìtmi a mládeí hvøit pùvdu knvence, práci, misii apd. Kntaktujme sbry, které byly kdysi suèástí knvence a seznamme je s prací a missii knvence. Pøítí rk budu prbíhat vlby (2002), mysleme na mladé lidi. Trntský sbr pzval br. R.Dvøáka na 60. výrèí zalení sbru (únr 2002) Dn Shff, Bill Rtar, and Dan Widlicka Pøedseda nminaèní kmise, J. Nvák, známil jedntlivé výbry (viz anglicku verzi). Zpráva pøedsedy, Rberta Dvøáka: Díky tìdrsti zamìstnavatele br. Dvøáka, mhl br. Bb se svu manelku Dttie navtívit Èesku a Slvensku republiku. Dl k setkání s pøedstaviteli baptistù bu republik. Bratr mìl mnst psluit pøi závìru blastní knference v Litmìøicích, v Èechách a v Bratislavì mhl sbnì pøedat pzvání bratru J. Kulaèíkvi k úèasti na sejití naí knvence v rce Vzhledem ke zvyujícímu se vìku pravidelných úèastníkù knvence, je tøeba pdchytit mladu generaci. C vlastnì drí nai knvenci phrmadì? Døíve byla tat knvence knferencí sbrù s èeskslvenským pzadím, dnes t jsu puze jedntlivci z rùzných sbrù. T nestaèí, je tøeba si uvìdmit, v èem spèívá nae missie. V suèasné dbì t je pøedsevzetí k íøení evangelia ve støední Evrpì. Je tøeba vzbudit více zájmu u lidí, aby tut knvenci pdprvali. Jak mùeme pvzbudit mladé lidi, aby se ujali práce? Je tøeba Children and Yuth Cnventin Chir Zpráva tajemníka, br. Jiøíh Smmera: Jednu za mìsíc je bnvvána stránka na internetu: Djde k vydání dvu knih, jedna je témìø pøipravena k tisku. TWR v Èechách vydal svu histrii, pøipravili i anglicku verzi a knvence t vytistne. Vide z knvenèních setkání bude k dispzici. Dl ke zmìnì v pplatcích pr kanadské úèastníky, kteøí 130 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

11 mhu platit v kanadské mìnì. Obreli jsme návrh Èeské jednty baptistù na pdpru nvéh sbru v Èeských Budìjvicích. Suma 11, US$ bude deslána na jaøe Tat misijní pdpra je psílána støídavì d Èeské republiky jeden rk a druhý rk na Slvensk. Jiøí Smmer si vyádá pøesnìjí infrmace. Pùlrèní sejití výbru prbìhne v Clevelandu, v Ohiu, ve Scartn Rad sbru baptistù, 2. listpadu, Ddatek ke stanvám Je t rganizace ryze dbrèinná, nábenská, vzdìlávací a/neb vìdecká Nesluí k bhacvání se jedntlivcù neb èlenù na veducích místech Nepdílí se na rùzných prpagacích neb plitických kampaní Tent ddatek byl schválen na 92. knvenci v rce Následvala zpráva za misii (s. Ruby Mikulenèákvá) a za mláde (br. Ján Bank). Pøedstavil se bratr Alexandr Flek, návtìvník z Èech, kazatel, pracuje na pøekladu kralické Bible d mderní èetiny. Pøedal knvenci pzdravy d tamních bratøí a phvøil práci, kteru knají. Výèet sbrù, které zaslaly pzdrav knvenci je v anglické verzi. Je t ji pdruhé, kdy knvence zaèala den pzdìji, ne býval zvykem. Stal se tak zdùvdù finanèních. Pøi zahajvacím shrmádìní psluil pìvecký sbr z místníh baptistickéh sbru pd vedením Dr. Juda Braceyh a za dprvdu Marije Smmervé. Øeditel Aldersn-Braddus Cllege, Dr. Steve Markwd, Yuth Bible Study with Ján Bank Data pøítích knvencí jsu uvedena v anglické verzi tét zprávy. Plánvaný dìtský tábr v rámci knvence se nemhl uskuteènit pr nedstatek pracvníkù. Je ptøeba dmyslet rganizaci prgramu pr dìti, mláde i mladé lidi (infrmvala Nataa Legierská). Jiøí Smmer pøedlil Smìrnice týkající se misijních pøíspìvkù pr Èechy a Slvensk a Ddatek ke stanvám èeskslvenské baptisticé knvence. Old Fashined Hymn Singing with Rbert Dvrak at the Pian Obecenství at Smmers Uveøejòujeme struèné znìní: Smìrnice pr pøispívánípøíspìvky budu udìlvány na základì zaslané aplikace, ve které musí být uveden jmén rganizace, sba zdpvìdná za pøevzetí pøíspìvku, a pdrbné infrmace, jak bude s penìzi nalen. Kncem rku bude èekávána pøesná zpráva. Knvence má práv si tyt infrmace vìøvat. jménem univerzity pzdravil pøítmné a nezapmìl ani na pzdrav ve slventinì. Pstrádali jsme br. Flriana Manase a jeh kuzla. Bratr se musel pdrbit peraci a nemhl být pøítmen. Jak kadým rkem, i lets jsme se tìili spleènému zpìvu za dprvdu talentvanéh br. Bba Dvøáka, za kterým následvaly zmrzlinvé hdy. Objí se ji stal tradicí knvence. Slyeli jsme mnh sólvých pøíspìvkù, dueta pian-varhany pøednesená sestru Mariju Smmervu a Pat Slmnvu (bì ze sbru ve Philippi). Sbta veèer pìt patøila talentùm, smìli jsme si uvìdmit, jak velice Pán Bùh nai knvenci bdarval. Veèer byl uzavøen tábrvým hnìm a hòstrjem. Nezbývá ne ddat, e t byl velmi pehnané becenství klem Bíh Slva. Pøijeïte se pøesvìdèit pøítí rk! Jiøí Smmer, tajemník Alice Kmetkvá, zapisvatelka pøelila Nataa Legierská Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

12 Kristus vlá k akci Èást 5 Thmas Csmades pøelila Nataa Legierská 7. Otevøi dveøe tarbylá Ladicia byl bhaté bankvní a bchdní mìst leící v prsperujícím Lycusském údlí Malé Asie. Mìla svùj pùvab. Díky dstatku financí, tat metrple byla chránìna tím neefektívnìjím pevnìním. Herculvy hradební brány byly tevírány a zavírány puze na rzkaz. ivt za silnými hradbami se splehlivými branami mìl jistì mnhé výhdy. Jak smutný je phled na sbr jeh stìny sluí jak chranné hradby i se vemi centrálnì zamìøenými prgramy. Pd ruku sebeuspkjení je i Hlava církve vypuzena. Svìt je zaplaven takvým druhem sbrù, v nich Jeí Kristus není Hlavu ani nesprným Vládcem. Na chvíli se zastav a puvauj nad stavem sbru, d kteréh patøí. Najde nìc, z èeh je Pán, který dal svùj ivt za církev a miluje církev, dsunut stranu a nahrazen lidskými stanvami a rzmary? V dbì, kdy Izrael nemìl krále, kadý èlvìk se chval pdle th, c si myslel, e je správné (srv. Sudcù 21,25). Stav dnení církve, v tét kritické dbì, je smutnu pøipmínku tée neuspøádansti. Pkud Kristus není váen a ctìn a pkud mu není pnechána mc dstranit vechn, c d sbru nepatøí, nemùe djít k nápravì. Nastlit pøádek v církvi lze jedním rázem: Otevøít dveøe dkøán a nechat vejít Hlavu církve. Pdøídit se dluh ignrvané autritì a pøivítat Pána jak milujícíh a starstlivéh hstitele. Ten, který nasytil zástupy nadpøirzeným zpùsbem, je pøipraven nasytit hjnì kadéh. Ve skuteènsti vak pak byl pravdu. Pøádaly se divké hstiny, které Pán vytýkal: Jezábel, která se prhlauje za prrkyni, aby vyuèvala a svádìla mé sluebníky k nemravnstem a pívání mdlám bìtvané (Zjevení 2,20b). Tent sbr tevøel dveøe a pdlehl faleným hstitelkám, nabízejícím velijaká nepøístjná, becná jídla a pití. Svádìli tak nevìdmé úèastníky k jídlu a ptm k rgiím. Manipulace byla irce puívána. Mnh se vplíil a nadále plíí d spleèenství zvané církev. Pdbnì jak tenkrát Jezábel, bez prblému se dstanu dvnitø a napáchají mnh kdy pd rku prstøených stlù. Budi jim stùl jejich jak sídl a pkjný zpùsb jejich míst sítí (alm 69,23, Øím. 11,9 a 10). Nasluchá-li hlasu vzkøíenéh Krista, tè se zády k nechutným tabulím s falenými pamlsky: lidská dgmata a praktiky, zastávání mrálnì etických názrù mderní dby, materialistickýpitkáøský ivtní styl, naruené mrální hdnty; uctívání, d sebe zahledìných uèitelù a vùdcù, kteøí své sbní zájmy staví na úrveò Krista, jemu patøí vechna sláva; pkrytectví zabývající se zbyteènstmi neb telgická nepøesnst s hstií dalích zkaených jídel bìtující kdví kmu! (viz Juda 4) Otevøi dveøe Kristu a usedni k Jeh hdvní tabuli. Jeh pøítmnst tì bhatí nad tvé èekávání. Christ Calls t Act Part 5 Thmas Csmades 8. Buy Frm Me uying and selling is an imprtant invlvement f us all. We always pay sme value f exchange in the exercise f purchasing smething. Our Lrd used tw parables regarding the persns wh fund a treasure, ne hidden in a field and the ther a pearl f great value. The men run, sell all they have, and buy, respectively, the field and the pearl. There are a number f interpretatins f these and ther kingdm parables recrded in Matthew 13. We may be allwed t add ur wn interpretatin: What culd it be that, when first discvered, is immediately held in high regard and finally purchased, but the Christ Himself? There is nthing in heaven r n earth mre valuable than Jesus Christ. Any persn arriving at a clear realizatin f His supreme wrth will be prepared t exchange all earthly values fr Him (Philippians 3:8). Apprehending the One wh is eternal justifies fully the relinquishing f the tempral. Let there be n mistake! Justificatin is by faith alne. N sinner can purchase r cntribute t his r her salvatin apart frm bwing the head in thankfulness fr the grace f Gd. The New Testament, hwever, teaches abundantly the principle f the exchanged life. Yu turn ver yur sinful and death-bund, faltering life in reciprcatin fr the victrius life f the risen Savir (Rm. 5:10; 8:10; 6:3 6; Gal.2:20). Buy frm me is the divine principle. Nne f yur earthly values r effrts can justify yu; it is an act f grace. But in rder t arrive at the life f victry, exchange yur inept life fr my cnquering life. Ladicea was a city renwned fr its buying and selling activities. Nne f its transactins, hwever, gave the church fulfillment. They had t frfeit earthly dealings primarily their lives in exchange fr the highest value, the life f the risen Christ. MOVING? Please write t: Glrius Hpe Rt.4, Bx 58D Philippi, WV USA Include yur mailing label frm a recent issue f Glrius Hpe fr faster service. + Pkraèvání na stranì Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

13 Christmas in the Big Huse Cntinues frm page 140 Vánce ve velkém dmì Pkraèvání ze strany 140 Then came the mment that the children bth eagerly waited fr and dreaded - their Sunday schl prgram. The children were very nervus, but they encuraged ne anther and recited their pems and Bible verses and sang their sngs. Smetimes, ne f them made a mistake r stumbled. This made them feel as if they culdn t even lk up at the audience, but everyne was still smiling and singing Christmas carls. After the singing was ver, a call was made t all thse present t allw Jesus t be brn even in their wn heart. Afterwards, the lights were turned ff. The whle cngregatin sang Silent Night and the wax candles n the Christmas were lit. The rm was filled with the scent f the tree and burning candles, the flames flickered and the children s eyes shne. Every child received a package with chclate figures, nuts, an range and an apple. The range was a special treat, since it culd nly be bught at Christmas. The apple smelled sweeter than the nes frm their wn garden, the children thught and they were happy. On the train ride hme the children lked thrugh the windw at the flickering lights f the Christmas trees inside the huses they passed. They hurried hme frm the train statin. The snw crunched under their feet as they raced t see wh wuld be hme first. The Christmas tree was waiting fr them with presents underneath (these weren t there in the afternn). The whle family sat arund the tree and sang Christmas carls. Befre pening a gift the children had t recite a Bible verse abut the birth f Christ. They culdn t repeat verses that were already recited, s they eventually went thrugh all the verses they learned in Sunday schl. After pening their presents, satisfied and tired frm the exciting day, the children went t sleep. As the children fell asleep, they culd still see the events f the Christmas stry befre their eyes. The next day, the children spent the mrning in church and then went t visit friends. There they sang and spke f the past. The fllwing day was als very eventful. The children visited the elderly at the retirement hme. This was still at the time when the cmmunist regime allwed these visits. The retirement hme was up in the hills and it was necessary t walk thrugh deep snw fr several kilmeters. The children played in the snw and had snwball fights. The adults wuld ften jin in. This way, the lng walk went by very quickly. Everyne at the retirement hme gratefully welcmed the visitrs. The children learned t understand hw much jy a sng and a smile can bring t anther persn. The children wuld always remember the tears f jy that appeared in the eyes f these lnely peple. The children realized what it means t shw lve t thers. In future years the gvernment frbade these visits. Christmas became rted in the children s hearts as a time when peple lve each ther. In His lve, Gd sent Jesus Christ t this earth. This lve is revealed in every persn wh accepts Jesus int his heart. Is Jesus present in yur heart? Merry Christmas, Natasha Legierski jestlipak ti mudrci najdu cestu d Betléma. On t vechn dbøe dpadl, Herdes Pána Jeíe nenael. Nali h mudrci, devzdali mu své dary a celé nebe se radval, prte se lidem nardil Spasitel. Nadeel èas, kteréh se dìti bávaly a zárvìò se na nìj tìilyprgram nedìlní besídky. Dìti mìly veliku trému, ddaly si vak dvahu a nauèené vere drecitvaly a písnièky dzpívaly. Nìkdy se stal, e nìc ppletly neb zakply stupínek. T byl study, myslely si a zdál se jim, e se nemhu nikmu pdívat d èí. Vichni se na nì vak usmívali a zpívali píseò Nardil se Kristus Pán, veselme se! P dzpívání tét písnì zaznìla výzva, aby kadý pøítmný dvlil Pánu Jeíi se nardit i v jeh srdci. Ptm zhasla vechna svìtla. Celé shrmádìní tie zpíval píseò Tichá nc a na strmeèku byly pstupnì zapalvány pravdvé svíèky z vsku. Celá místnst vnìla strmeèkem a svíèkami, plaménky blikaly a dìtem záøily èi. Kadé z nich dstal balíèek s èkládvými figurkami, s øechy, pmeranèem a jablkem. Pmeranè byl velice vzácný, dal se kupit jenm na vánce. Jablk byl úasnì vòavé, ty ze zahrady tak nikdy nevnìly, pmyslely si dìti a byly astné. Pøi cestì vlakem dmù si dìti, v zamrzlém knì vagónu, vyfukaly kleèk, aby vidìly ven. Pzrvaly blikající svìtélka vánèních strmkù za kny míhajících se dmù. Z nádraí dìti spìchaly dmù, sníh jim chrupal pd nhama, pøedhánìly se, kd bude první. Strmeèek na nì èekal a leely pd ním i dárky (dpledne tam jetì nebyly). Celá rdina usedla klem strmeèku a zpívaly se kledy. Dìti musely pøed kadým dárkem øíci nìjaku básnièku, ver z Bible narzení Pána Jeíe neb zazpívat písnièku. Nesmìly se pakvat, a tak se stal, e døíkaly vechny vere, které se nauèily v nedìlní kle. P rzbalení dárkù, spkjené a unavené vzruujícím dnem, ly dìti spát. Spánek se dstavil rychle, jeh pna zahalila brazy vánèníh pøíbìhu, který se jim znvu dvíjel pøed èima. První svátek vánèní dìti pìt prily ve shrmádìní, p kterém se l k nìkmu na návtìvu. Tam se hdnì zpíval a vzpmínal na dby minulé. Druhý svátek vánèní byl také plný záitkù. Jel se navtívit putìné staøenky a staøeèky d dmva dùchdcù. Byl t jetì v dbì, kdy takvé návtìvy kmunistická vláda dvlvala. Tyt dmvy bývaly v kpcích. Cestu se musely pøeknávat snìhvé bariéry a ujít i nìklik kilmetrù pìky. Dìti sktaèily ve snìhu, kulvaly se a vìtinu k tìmt hrám nadchly i dspìlé. Tak byly vzdálensti úspìnì pøeknávány. V dmvì dùchdcù byla takvá návtìva vdy vdìènì pøijata. Tam se dìti nauèily vnímat, jaku radst pùsbí píseò, a e úsmìv rzzáøí i zachmuøenu tváø. Dìti nikdy nezapmenu, jak tit putìní lidé radstí i djetím plakali. Dìti pchpily, c je t láska a prjevit lásku blinímu. Pzdìji byly tyt návtìvy vládu zakázány. Vánce se dìtem z velkéh dmu zakøenily v srdci jak svátky, pøi kterých se lidé mají rádi. Pán Bùh z lásky k lidem pslal Pána Jeíe na zem. Tat láska se pøenáí na kadéh èlvìka, který Pána Jeíe pøijme d svéh srdce. Je Pán Jeí ve tvém srdci?! Veselé vánce, Nataa Legierská Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

14 My Secnd Trip t the USA his year a Czech and Slvak delegatin frm TWR tured Canada and the USA fr three weeks. TWR-CZ was represented by bard member Jan Viktrin, and TWR-Slvakia was represented by its directr, Lubs Vyhnanek. Gerge Cper, the directr f TWR-CE, supprted the trip financially and in persn. The tur had tw gals. The gegraphical destinatin was the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin in West Virginia. The cnventin wuld last apprximately fur days, and the remaining time wuld be devted t visiting six cngregatins with a Czechslvak backgrund. The secnd gal f the trip was t deepen persnal relatinships with ur fellw believers and t infrm them f ur wrk and ur desire t begin all-day bradcasting by TWR-CZ and TWR-Slvakia. Jan Viktrin writes f his experiences: Ondra drve me t the airprt in Prague, and there I began t lse cntact with my hmeland. Hw I dislike that feeling! I was alne, and fr three weeks wuld be withut my family and friends. I nly had my suitcase, packed full f dress shirts. In Frankfurt I was suppsed t meet Lubs Vyhnanek, but he was nwhere t be fund. The luggage was already n the plane, nly my seat was still empty. I was still waiting. After the final barding call I ran thrugh the departure gate. I was still alne, even abve the cean. I reached int my pcket and pulled ut a sealed letter frm my clleagues at the Czech bradcast statin. I shed sme tears befre putting the letter away in my carry-n bag. They had truly encuraged me! Nw I realized that I was nt alne. I was smewhere between my lving heavenly Father abve and my dear nes belw. On the cntinent beynd the cean, fellw cuntrymen greeted me, and I felt much better than I had a year ag. After all, nw we knew each ther, and my frmer feelings f sadness were replaced by jy frm the encunters and warm welcme. I was tld that Lubs had nt finished preparing ur presentatin vide and had had t pstpne his departure by ne day. I didn t knw him t well and was lking frward t seeing him. Lubs was able t finish the vide and headed fr the airprt in Vienna. It is just a shrt drive frm Bratislava, as lng as there are n line-ups at the brder crssing. We finally met tw days later. Gerge Cper als jined us, and ur delegatin was cmplete. It is nt pssible t describe every day in s much detail, but I will never frget the time when Gerge was beginning t fall asleep behind the steering wheel, and I had my first pprtunity t drive an American car n American highways. Gerge is an American and wuld like t settle in the United States after he retires. He had bught a used car. The seats reminded me f Jan Viktrín translated by Peter Branda Jan Viktrín and Alexandr Flek a richly uphlstered sfa. (I am nt surprised that ne culd fall asleep after driving fr thusands f kilmeters I wuld fall asleep in a few mments.) After driving the car fr several kilmeters, I began t think that it really was a sfa n wheels. The car glided frward gracefully, but the steering was unrespnsive and I didn t even want t think abut the brakes. America is simply different. I recalled the narrw rads in the Alps this car wuld prbably nt last fr lng there. The brder crssings between Canada and the USA were anther interesting experience. We had t crss the brder n three ccasins, and it was much different frm the brder crssings in Eurpe. We were shuted at, interrgated, searched and asked abut cmpletely irrelevant matters, and all f this had t be endured calmly and with a smile. Otherwise, at the whim f the immigratin fficer ur jurney culd have cme t an end. Freedm has a duble meaning. Americans prtect their freedm, and n September 11 th I realized that even the frmer measures were nt enugh. We preached at the varius cngregatins that we visited. It was the first time that I preached in English, and it was rather difficult. Mila Markva helped me greatly befre my departure, and it was thanks t her that it was pssible t understand my message. Lubs was in a much better psitin. He is accustmed t thelgical English, while I am mre familiar with technical terminlgy. When I was presenting the wrk f TWR-CZ, I had fewer prblems. The fundatin f ur presentatin was the vide that dcumented the wrk f ur Czech and Slvak bradcast statins. We als had varius written materials describing ur wrk. Our fellw believers were quite interested in ur wrk, despite the fact that in sme cngregatins they n lnger even speak Czech r Slvak. Our trip was cncluded at the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin in Philippi. We were greeted as ld friends. Lubs was part f the rganizatinal team as a sund technician, and I helped wherever I culd. Everyne was interested in ur wrk t an even greater extent than last year, and the verall atmsphere was sthing fr my sul. I had nt frgtten thse dear t me in the Czech Republic, but here I truly felt at hme. I have grwn t lve them, and althugh I d nt knw if I ll ever see them again, I will nt frget the encunters with many individuals and the encuragement that was shwn nt nly t me, but als t the verall wrk dne by Trans Wrld Radi in ur cuntry. The Czechslvak Baptists in the USA and Canada have remained in my heart, and I knw we have remained in theirs, because they are supprting us thrugh their prayers as well as by ther means. 134 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

15 Mje druhá cesta d USA Jan Viktrín ets se uskuteènila tøítýdenní spleèná cesta èeské a slvenské delegace d Kanady a USA. Èesku redakci reprezentval èlen Rady TWR-CZ Jan Viktrín a slvensku øeditel TWR-Slvakia, Lubmír Vyhnánek. Cestu pdpøil finanènì i sbnì øeditel TWR-CE Gerge Cper. Cíle cesty byly dva: zemìpisný cíl byla knference Èeskslvenské baptistické knvence v USA a Kanadì. Knference trvala asi ètyøi dny a zbývající èas byl vìnván návtìvám asi esti krajanských sbrù. Ten druhý cíl cesty nenajdete na mapì, prte byl skryt ve vzájemných vztazích. l a prhlubvání sbních kntaktù a infrmvání tamních spluvìøících naí práci a èeskslvenské spleèné snaze uskuteènit celdenní rzhlasvé vyslání. Take: c tm øíká Jan Viktrín? Na letitì d Prahy mì dvezl Ondra a tam jsem ztratil kntakt s mjí dmvinu. Jak t nemám rád! Byl jsem sám a èekaly mì tøi týdny bez rdiny, bez pøátel jen s kufrem plným kil v ruce. Ve Frankfurtu èekám Lube Vyhnánka a n nikde. Kufry u jsu v letadle, jen mje sedadl je prázdné. Stále èekám. Na pslední výzvu v amplinu bìím k letadlu a dveøe se za mnu hermeticky uzavírají. Jsem sám i nad ceánem! Sahám d kapsy pr zapeèetìný dpis d klegù èeské redakce a ne h staèím ulit d pøíruèníh zavazadla, ukápla mnì nìjaká slzièka. Ptìili mnì! Asi teï nejvíc si uvìdmují, e sám nejsem. Jsem jen nìkde mezi mým laskavým Otcem nade mnu a svými milými dle pde mnu. Na kntinentì za velku luí mì èekají krajané a je mi mnhem lépe ne pøed rkem. U se pøece známe, smutek rychle zahání radst z nvých setkání a vøelých pøijetí. Dzvídám se, e Lubmír nestihl pøipravit prezentaèní film a prt dlil let jeden den. Mc h neznám, a tak se na nìh dcela tìím. Lub film skuteènì pøipravil a jetì s teplu kazetu uhání na letitì d Vídnì. Z Bratislavy je t cby kamenem dhdil, jen by na hranicích nesmìla být øada aut. Dèkal jsem se h za dva dny. Pøipjil se k nám i Gerge Cper a delegace byla kmpletní. Nemá cenu, abych takt ppisval kadý den, ale nikdy nezapmenu na kamik, kdy Gerge usínal za vlantem a t byl pprvé, c jsem si mhl vyzkuet jízdu americkým autem p amerických silnicích. Gerge je Amerièan a chce se tam na dùchd usadit. Kupil jetý vùz. Sedí se v nìm jak v bývákvé, dbøe èalunìné sedaèce (a vùbec se nedivím, e p tisících ujetých kilmetrù se usínájá bych usnul za chvíli). P prvních pár kilmetrech øízení Jan Viktrín, Gerge Cper, and Lubmír Vyhnálek Gerge Cper tht vzu jsem pøemýlel, zda t fakt není sedaèka s kny a na kleèkách. Aut se hupal, plynnì a ladnì se sunul vpøed, ale nezatáèel a brzdách jsem radìji mc nepøemýlel. Amerika je prstì jiná. Vzpmnìl jsem si na silnièky v alpských prùsmycíchtt aut by tam sknèil velmi patnì a my s ním. Zajímavé byly pøechdy hranice mezi USA a Kanadu. T jsme abslvvali asi tøikrát, ale mhu kadéh ujistit, e hranice evrpskéh typu jsu tady naprstu neznámu. Øvu na vás, psílají k výslechu, prhledávají, vyptávají se na naprst nesuvisející vìcia t vechn musíte abslvvat s úsmìvem a v klidu. Jinak staèí puhé gest imigraèníh úøedníèka a sknèili jste. Prstì svbda a svbda je dvjí pjem. Amerièané si tu svji chrání a 11. záøí jsem pchpil, e i tak jetì dst mál. V jedntlivých sbrech jsme sluili Bím slvem. Já pprvé v angliètinì a byl t dst tìké. Míla Markvá mnì hdnì pmhla jetì pøed dletem a i díky její pmci byla mje sluba srzumitelná. Lub na tm byl hdnì lépe. On zná dbøe biblicku angliètinu, já zase bchdní a technicku. Pøi pøedstavvaní práce TWR-CZ jsem u takvé prblémy nemìl. Základem naí prezentace byl Lubùv filmvý dkument práci èeské i slvenské redakce a pak dílèí prezentaèní materiály bu redakcí. Vìøící se nai práci dst zajímali, i kdy musím pøiznat, e v nìkterých sbrech u vùbec èesky ani slvensky nehvøí. Závìr naí cesty patøil spleènému setkání èeskslvenských baptistù ve Philippi. Zde jsme byli pøijati u jak dmácí. Lub zapadl d týmu rganizátrù jak zvuèvací technik a já jsem pmáhal, kde se dal. O naí práci dma se zajímali mnhem více ne v lòském rce a atmsféra byla balzámem na mji dui. Nezapmnìl jsem na své milé, ale tady jsem se skuteènì cítil jak dma. Zamilval jsem si je a i kdy nevím, jestli je jetì nìkdy uvidím, nezapmenu na mnhá setkání s jedntlivci a na tlik pvzbuzení, kteréh se dstal nejen mnì, ale celé slubì Trans Wrld Radia v naí zemi. Èeskslventí baptisté v USA a Kanadì mi zùstali v srdci a my jim také, prte na slubu Trans Wrld Radia myslí nejen ve svých mdlitbách. Pøetitìn z magazínu Anténa 2/2001 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

16 Old Streetcar Ján Jariabka translated by Peter Branda e used t take a streetcar frm Orlva t Ostrava. The streetcar culd be barded frm either side f the platfrm. The driver std at the frnt, and the ticket cllectr walked thrugh the streetcar with a bag ver his shulder. As we passed thrugh a turn, the streetcar creaked. It grew luder as it accelerated and became silent when it came t a stp. At each stp the sliding drs rattled. The driver rang a bell and steered with a steel steering wheel that had a wden handle. The ticket cllectr sld tickets and ccasinally pulled at a belt that hung belw the ceiling. Except fr my parents hands, there was nthing within my reach that I culd hld nt. I usually sat n the wden seat, r n the lap f ne parent r the ther. As the streetcar rde alng, it shk and rattled. It flated alng the tracks like a ship n water. It cntinuusly changed speed and directin. With every passing meter, my stmach felt wrse. At the end f the line I descended the steep steps feeling faint and pale. Befre I tk the first deep breath f the plluted air, the sidewalk appeared t dance belw my feet. Despite these unpleasant prblems, I always lnged t jump ff the streetcar befre it had cme t a cmplete stp, just like the ticket cllectrs and ther shw-ffs. My parents, hwever, had n understanding fr this kind f entertainment. When we went t the Ostrava theater, we usually walked. The fences alng the sidewalk were cvered with psters and slgans. Frtunately I didn t knw hw t read yet. The walk seemed t take frever. At an intersectin we turned nt a side street. Our church was lcated nearby in a small curtyard. Abve the entrance, there was a symbl f the cup. Inside there were many peple and seats, just like in the theater. Everyne smiled at me and asked questins I didn t understand. They als said that my physical grwth was nt matched by the develpment f my mind. I felt that this was smething undesirable and that I shuld d smething abut it, but I didn t knw what. The children had their Sunday schl in a small rm behind the main hall. I felt cmfrtable there, althugh I was rather shy arund the lder children. It was wrse when I had t stay fr the sermn. I wanted t sleep, eat, walk, talk, play, lk arund at the peple and d many ther things. Nne f this was allwed. S that I wuldn t be bred, I wuld pen the hymnbk and pretend t sing. My parents were pleased and I was happy that they were happy. I was happiest when the service was ver. We rde the ld streetcar hme. We were ging t a place I knew well, where I didn t have t be all dressed up. I didn t realize that ne f ur jurneys t Ostrava wuld be the last fr many years. Instead f barding the streetcar, we barded the train and headed fr Slvakia. The familiar places in Ostrava became the destinatin f visits during my schl vacatins. After many years I was able t mve back t Ostrava. The streetcar n lnger ran frm Orlva, and the Baptists met in a different building. Mre than thirty years have gne by since that time, mre than three decades in frnt f the pulpit and smetimes even behind it. I have std befre children and yuth, sung in the chir, and attended meetings f the elders and cnventins. The decades have brught times f jy as well as srrw, acknwledgment and unfairness, satisfactin and dissatisfactin, friendship and alienatin, spiritual fulfillment as well as spiritual thirst. All f it flashes befre my eyes like a clurful image cmpsed f questin marks. Sme f the questin marks are small, thers large, sme are slyly curved, thers are painfully sharp. Sme questin marks pen the dr f pprtunity, while thers lead t dark cells f seclusin. In the unending stream f questins, the perid belw the questin mark smetimes disappears, and at ther times is s large that it cuts ff any further questins. The answers t sme questins are nt expected, but at times a hurried answer rudely vertakes the questin itself. A strm f questins. When life sends them flying at me with a strng wind f dubt, I pull ut an umbrella f memries. Its wrn handle is cl t the tuch, just like the handle in the ld streetcar. The cluds eventually depart, and the rays f sunlight brighten up the landscape. The fellw travelers are smiling. The smile is familiar. It is the smile f thse clsest t me. The streetcar stps by a huse in a small curtyard. Abve the entrance, there is a symbl f the cup. Inside there are many peple sitting n seats that used t be in a theater. I see myself there. A by with a hymnbk, a student, husband, father a persn writing these lines smene wh feels that perhaps he stayed in the huse with the symbl f the cup because f an encuraging smile and the interest thers shwed, because f thse that gave withut asking fr anything in return, because f the pwer f the Wrd, the beauty f fellwship, the gentleness f lve and the ffered hpe. The wind has calmed, the rain stpped. Carefully I clse the umbrella. Wh knws when I may need it again. The rails reflect the light f the sun as it begins t set. The ld streetcar cntinues riding alng. 136 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

17 Stará tramvaj Ján Jariabka Orlvé d Ostravy jsme jezdili tramvají. Dal se d ní nastupvat z bu stran z plin. Na pøední plinì stál øidiè, ve vze chdil prùvdèí s branu pøes ramen. Tramvaj skøípala v zatáèkách, zvyvala hlas, kdy se rzjídìla a tichla, kdy zastavvala. Na zastávkách rachtily a cvakaly jen psuvné dveøe. Øidiè øídil a zvnil. Tèil elezným klem ze kteréh nahru trèela døevìná rukje. Prùvdèí prdával jízdenky a bèas tahal za øemen pvìený ve vze pd strpem. Pd kny visely dèerna hmatané kené jazyky. Staèil za nì ptáhnut a kn se dal tevøít. V dsahu mých ruku nebyl v tramvaji nic, èeh bych se mhl chytitjen ruce rdièù. Vìtinu jsem sedìl na døevìné lavici neb rdièùm na klínì. Tramvaj se pøi jízdì kymácela a natøásala. Vznáela se na vlnách klejnic jak ldièka na vdì. Neustále mìnila smìr a rychlst. Kadým ujetým metrem se mùj aludek psuval nahru a sebevìdmí paèným smìrem. Na kneèné stanici pak sestupil p strmých schdech míst zdravéh, dbøe ivenéh kluka bledý, prùhledný hch, který se chvíli ptácel mezi vìdmím a mdlbami. Ne jsem se øádnì nadechl pvìtøí prsycenéh fenlem a ppílkem z klních kksven a hutí, mìl jsem djem, e chdník pdivnì tancuje pd mýma nhama. Pøes tyt nepøíjemné prblémy jsem vdy tuil vystupit z tramvaje døíve ne zastaví, jak t dìlali prùvdèí a jiní frajeøi. Rdièe pr tent druh zábavy nemìli pchpení. Od stravskéh divadla jsme li bvykle pìky. Na pltech klem chdníku byly nalepené plakáty a hesla. Natìstí jsem tenkrát jetì neumìl èíst. Cesta byla nekneèná. Na Fifejdách jsme dbèili z hlavní cesty. Kusek za køivatku stála v malém dvrku nae mdlitebna. Nad vchdem byl symbl kalicha. Zvenku byla mdlitebna malá, zevnitø velká. V sále byly øady lavic jak v kinì a byl tam hdnì lidí. Vichni se na mne usmívali a uvádìli mne d rzpakù dtazy, kterým jsem nerzumìl. Øíkali také, e rùst méh tìla znaènì pøedbìhl vývj duevní. Cítil jsem, e t je nìc nepatøiènéh, a e bych s tím mìl nìc dìlat. Nevìdìl jsem c. V malé místnsti za velkým sálem mìly dìti nedìlní besídku. Vedla ji tetièka Halvvá. Tam jsem se cítil dbøe i kdy jsem se mezi starími dìtmi stydìl. Kdy jsem musel zùstat v sále byl t hrí. Chtìl se mi spát, jíst, chdit, mluvit nahlas, hrát si, kukat na lidi a jetì jiné vìci. Vechn t byl zakázané. Abych zahnal nudu, tevøel jsem zpìvník a dìlal, e zpívám. Rdièe mìli radst, i já jsem mìl radst, e ni mají radst. Nejvìtí radst jsem mìl, kdy shrmádìní sknèil. Jeli jsme dmù staru tramvají. Jeli jsme tam, kde jsem t dbøe znal a nemusel nsit sváteèní bleèení. Netuil jsem tenkrát, e jedna nedìlní cesta d Ostravy bude nadluh pslední. Míst d tramvaje jsme nasedli d vlaku na Slvensk. Dùvìrnì známá místa na Ostravsku se pak stala jen cílem prázdninvých návtìv. P mnha létech jsem se d Ostravy vrátil. Tramvaj z Orlvé u nejezdila a baptisté se scházeli na jiném místì v pdnájmu. Od té dby uplynul víc ne tøicet let. Víc ne tøi desítky let pøed kazatelnu a nìkdy i za ní. Stával jsem pøed dìtmi, pøed mládeí a drstem, zpíval v pìveckém sbru, sedìl na sbrvých schùzích, na schùzích starvstva, na knferencích nai církve. Desítky let ve kterých se støídal svìtl se stínem, uznání s køivdami, dpèinek s vyèerpávající prací, uspkjení s nespkjenstí, pøátelství s dcizením, duchvní nasycení s hladem, hrdst s rzèarváním. Vechn se mi t prmítá pøed èima jak barevný braz pdivnì sestavený z mnha tazníkù. Jsu tam tazníky malé i velké, úlisnì zatèené i støe zraòující. Nìkteré tazníky tevírají dveøe pøíleitstí, jiné vedu t tmavých cel dluèení. V neknèícím prudu dtazù se teèka pd tazníkem ztrácí a nìkdy velká, èerná teèka usekne jakékli dalí dtazy. Odpvìï na nìkteré tázky se neèekává a nìkdy uspìchaná dpvìï neslunì pøedbìhne tázku. Buøe tazníkù. Kdy je ivt mete d tváøe strým vìtrem pchybnstí jak ledvé kapky detì na pdzim, vytáhnu detník vzpmínek. Jeh hmataná rukje chladí jak rukje staré tramvaje, která pøijídí nephdu p snvých klejích. Za nejblií zatáèku se mraky trhají a svazky sluneèních paprskù svítí d krajiny. Splucestující se usmívají. Ten úsmìv znám. Je t úsmìv mých nejbliích. Tramvaj zastavuje u dmu v malém dvrku. Nad vchdem je symbl kalicha. V sále sedí mnh lidí v lavicích, které kdysi bývaly v kinech. Vidím tam sám sebe. Kluk se zpìvníkem, student, manel, tecèlvìk, který píe tyt øádky-nìkd, kd cítí, e v tm spleèenství dmu s kalichem zùstal mná právì kvùli úsmìvu, phlazení, zájmu. Kvùli tìm, kteøí dávali ani by ckli padvali. e h tam pøitahuje mc Slva, krása becenství, nìnst lásky a uchpitelnst nadìje. Vítr se utiil. Pøestal pret. Peèlivì zavírám detník. Kd ví, kdy h zas budu ptøebvat. Klejnice se lesknu ve slunci, které pspíchá k západu. Stará tramvaj jede dál. Lidé pøistupují a vystupují. Jízdenka je ivt. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

18 Octber 15, 2001 Dear friends: Just a few wrds t thank yu fr sending me Glrius Hpe. It is a very interesting magazine and is widely read in ur huse. keep up the gd wrk! Enclsed is my check fr Glrius Hpe in memry f my dear friend and cusin, Rev. Daniel Chipka, wh passed away many years ag and is at hme with ur dear Lrd and Savir Jesus Christ. In Christs lve Marty and Lis Luchansky Hazel Crest, Illinis ) Dear sisters and brthers in Christ: Octber 15, 2001 May Gd bless yu all in yur service fr ur Lrd. Thank yu fr the wnderful pictures in Glrius Hpe f the cnventin. I am glad t hear that yu all had a wnderful time. I am sending a check in memry f my lving parents, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chupka, Sr. May yu all have gd health Yur sister in Christ, Ruth Chupka ) Kristus vlá k akci Pkraèvání ze strany Kupuj u mne Kupvání a prdávání je dùleitá záleitst. Chceme-li nìc získat, musíme za t zaplatit. Ná Pán puil v tét suvislsti dvì pdbenství: jednm èlvìku, který nael pklad zakpaný na pli a druhém, který zase nalezl vzácnu perlu. Oba reagvali stejným zpùsbem. Bìeli, prdali vechn, c mìli a kupilijeden ple, druhý perlu. Je t pdbenství v Matuvì evangeliu ve 13. kapitle Bím králvství a existuje nìklik výkladù. Dvluji si uvést vlastní výklad: nejprve bjeven, kamitì vysce cenìn a kneènì zakupen, t mùe být jedinì sám Kristus. Není nic vzácnìjíh na nebi i na zemi ne Jeí Kristus. Kadý èlvìk, který si tt uvìdmuje, je jistì pøipraven zamìnit vechny pzemské hdnty za Nìh (srv. Filipen. 3,8). Kd pchpí Th, který je vìèný, vzdá se bezpdmíneènì th dèasnéh. Nemylme se, vak. Ospravedlnìní se dìje puze skrze víru. Nikd s høíníkù si nemùe spasení zasluit neb h jinak získat. T jde ruku v ruce s pkru a s vdìènstí za Bí milst. Nvý zákn nás dstateènì vyuèuje hdntám nvéh ivta. Jedinì tak zamìní pùvdní høíný ivt, s jeh smrtícími následky, za vítìzný ivt vzkøíenéh Spasitele (srv. Øím. 5,10; 8,10; 6,36; Galat. 2,20). Tent výraz Kupuj u mne je pøeveden d duchvníh významu. Pzemské hdnty a snahy tì nespravedlní. Je t milst Bí. Ladicie byl mìst známe svými bchdními aktivitami. Církvi tyt transakce vak uspkjení nepøinesly. Museli dmítnut pzemské zpùsbyv tmt pøípadì pzemský zpùsb ivtaza úèelem získání vyích hdnt, tedy získat ivt vzkøíenéh Krista. Dear Vera Nvember 26, 2001 Greetings in the precius name f ur wnderful Lrd and Savir Jesus Christ frm whm all blessing flws. Hping yu are ding well and wish yu and yur family a blessed hliday seasn. Enclsed is mney rder fr Glrius Hpe, we enjy reading. In that blessed hpe Jhn and Maria Valk ) Dear Vera: Westlake, OH Enclsed is a check fr the Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin. This is in memry f my tw dearest sisters wh went t heaven seven weeks apart frm each ther. Mrs. Mary Pavelda died March 13, 2001 in Phenix, Arizna and Mrs. Angeline Gregry, died May 1, 2001 in Bca Ratn, Flrida. I miss them bth s very much, yet knwing they are in heaven. Sincerely, Ruth Hitchcck ) Oct. 20, 2001 The Wrd f Our Gd shall stand frever. Isaiah 40:8 Drahá sestra v Pánu Jeivi, Vera. Prichádzam k Vám s pzdravm a prajem Vám mnh Bieh pehnania a pkja v tmt svete, ktrý nepzná pravéh pkja. Ba iadny pkj niet u na svete, sú t práve také èasy, aké majú by na knci veku. Pd3 4a slv Pána Jeia On u rýchl príde. Drahá sestra, z Bej milsti ijem. Pán ma drí v Jeh svätej dbrej ruke. Je t vetk Bia ve3 4ká láska a mils, e nazaj Pán mi dáva silu sa patri a chdi d zhrmadenia. Vïaka Pánvi sm sa dila 88 rkv. Leb t Slv náh drahéh Pána a Spasite3 4a je mju silu a svetlm. Na cestu v kaddennm ivte Slv Pánv nám dáva silu i rads i nás napmína. Veï je t3 4k Bích zas3 4úbení a vetky patria i nám. Vieru si ich smieme prívlastni. Z lásky Pánvej psielam ek na pmc na Slávnu nádej. Prúèam Vás d Jeh milstivej chrany s prianím Jeh pehnania. V láske stávam, sestra v Pánu Maria Hgh All cnventin gifts may be sent in the enclsed envelpes: US residents may use the Business Reply envelpe r send their gifts t Vera Drs, 6621 Elmdale Rd., Middleburg Hts, OH, 44130, and Canadian residents may send their gifts t Henry Pjman, 1516 Pembrke Dr., Oakville, ON, L6H 1V9, Canada. Make checks payable t Czechslvak Baptist Cnventin, and n the bttm write t what accunt yu are sending yur gift: Cnventin, Glrius Hpe, Trust Fund, r Schlarship Fund. 138 Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

19 Angeline Santner Gregry December 9, 1911 May 1, 2001 Angeline Santner Gregry was brn December 9, 1911, in Bratislava, Slvakia. As an infant she immigrated t the United States with her parents, Simn and Anna. Thrugh the ministry and testimny f Christian Slvak friends, Angie s parents were saved. Angie accepted the Lrd when she was a teenager. Frm then n she began t serve the Lrd at the Scrantn Rd. Baptist Church as a Sunday schl teacher, where she taught the Willing Wrkers fr Christ girls class. She als played the pian and the rgan. As a yung adult, Angie attended the Cleveland City Missin, where she played the pian and als met Cliftn Gregry, a musician. They served tgether as vlunteers and after Clif s cnversin t Christ, they were married at the Scrantn Rd. Baptist Church in They cntinued t serve the Lrd tgether at the church as teachers and with the BYPU. When Clif became the directr f the City Missin in 1948, Angie fund ways t be f service at the Missin. In 1950 she launched the Wmen s Auxiliary, which has recruited hundreds f wmen ver the years t wrk tgether n service prjects and fund-raisers. Beginning in 1965, Angie spent mst f her summers at the Missin Grand Valley camp, jining with ther wmen t prepare meals fr the hungry campers. She cntinued wrking at the camp fr fifteen summers. In the late 1970s, the City Missin began seeing an increasing number f hmeless wmen and children. In 1981, the City Missin pened Angeline Christian Hme, named fr the wman wh had tirelessly advcated services t wmen. Fllwing their retirement frm the City Missin in 1985, Angie cntinued t be a very dedicated wman t her Lrd, her family and friends. Her favrite scripture verse was Nt unt us, O Lrd, but t yur name give glry, because f yur mercy, because f yur truth (Psalm 115:1). In 1996 Clif and Angie mved t St. Andrews Retirement Cmmunity in Bca Ratn, Flrida, where they enjyed attending Bibletwn Cnference. In 1998, Clif went hme t be with the Lrd whm he lved. On May 1, 2001, Angie als went t heaven, where she lnged t be. Graveside service fr Angie was held n May 5, 2001, in Cleveland. On May 6, friends and family gathered at the City Missin t celebrate the life as well as the hmeging f Angie Gregry. Many recalled her high standards f excellence. When it came t serving the city s pr and hmeless, Only the best wuld d. Her legacy f excellence remains a mainstay in the ministry f the City Missin, and elsewhere, t this day. Surviving are her sn Ralph and daughter-in-law Maryanne, f Katnah, NY, and daughter Linda Rhler, Cleveland Heights, Ohi; three grandchildren, David and wife Susan Gregry, NJ, Curtney Rhler, New Yrk City, and Jrdn Rhler, Trnt, and husband Matt, New Yrk City; tw great-grandchildren, David and Trisha Gregry; brther Steven Santner and wife Emily; sister Ruth Hitchcck; brther-in-law Jhn Pavelda, Phenix, AZ; sister-in-law Ruth Keasling, Tennessee, and many nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews. Preceding her in death were her parents, her dear husband Cliftn and her sister, Marie Pavelda, brther Samuel and sisterin-law Flrence, and brther-in-law Herbert Hitchcck. Blessed are the dead wh die in the Lrd, that they may rest frm their labrs and their wrks fllw them (Rev. 14: 13). Ruth A. Hitchcck Yuth Scene Cntinues frm page 141 land, it s nt like turists will run int yu s that yu can dublecheck yur lcatin. It s a barren, rugh, unknwn land; wind makes yu hear things. S then, abut 5 t 10 minutes later, the fg did smething amazing. Or I shuld say, the Lrd did smething with the fg. I dn t knw hw else t say this except that I was amazed at what was happening. I saw smething happening in the air. I was getting calmed dwn, waiting fr delivery f His prmise. Because after all, I remember His wrd and prmises He has kept fr many years. S as I was sitting there, all I remember was that the fggy patch n my left gt thicker and came dwn even mre, and n my right, it became thinner and lifted up! Later n I culdn t see anything n the left anymre, and mre and mre f the land was visible n my right, enugh t see farther dwn and what I needed t see the river, my main landmark and rientatin pint! It was quite far, but I knew I had t g that way; the left side was t difficult t see thrugh. One windw gt clsed, while the ther pened up! After abut 45 minutes I apprached the river, and the campsite frm a few days ag that I had been lking fr! Everything was back in place. I remember shuting with jy and praising the Lrd fr His care. He had never shwn His faithfulness like this t me befre! Despite my experience in the wilderness, and fr a while being in denial f getting lst (trust me, it was the fg that tends t cnfuse peple) this experience reminds me that I am s imperfect and little in Gd s creatin, and was surely getting humbled thrugh a test f my faith. I als like t remember with David, in Psalm 145:17-20, The Lrd is righteus in all his ways, and lving tward all he has made. The Lrd is near t all wh call n him. He fulfills the desires f thse wh fear him. The Lrd watches ver all wh lve him. I pray that yu will extensively seek the Lrd s faithfulness and lng fr experiences t strengthen yur faith. Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember

20 Christmas in the Big Huse Vánce ve velkém dmì he children frm the big huse culdn t wait until Christmas. During the entire year they were lking frward t it. Snw was the first sign f Christmas. The first snw usually fell at the beginning f December. The garden was already bare, the fruit and vegetables carefully stred in the cellar. The garden was prepared fr its winter sleep, and after the snw fell it really appeared as if a large white blanket cvered it. Anther sign f Christmas was the baking f Christmas ckies. Mther wuld bake them during the evenings and the children als helped. They were lking frward t being able t taste sme f the pieces that were slightly ver-baked r brken. A certain kind f ckies had t be set aside fr several weeks s that they wuld be tastiest fr Christmas. This was a big temptatin fr the children. They knew where the ckies were stred, but they culdn t eat them. This way, the children learned t vercme temptatin and practiced self-cntrl. They were always glad when mther was pleased that the ckies were still all there fr Christmas. The children were respnsible fr learning pems and sngs fr the Sunday schl Christmas prgram. They learned these diligently and practiced reciting them t their mther at every pprtunity. After all, Christmas was cming very sn. Finally the lng awaited day arrived. Since early in the mrning everything in the big huse was lively. Much f the day was spent preparing the Christmas Eve dinner. During the preparatins mther wuld tell the children abut varius Christmas traditins. In the afternn mther brught a large wven basket full f Christmas decratins frm the attic. The children eagerly helped and sn the Christmas tree was fully decrated. It was already high time t get ready fr the Christmas service. It was abut 20 km t the church, s the children had t take the train. On the way they still practiced their pems and Bible verses and enjyed every mment f the festive atmsphere. The church was full f peple and there was als a Christmas tree. The children sat right belw the pulpit and listened t the reading frm the gspel f Luke abut the birth f Christ. They were full f suspense as they heard abut the evil King Herd wh wanted t harm the baby and the wise men that were traveling t Bethlehem. It all ended well, Herd did nt find the baby and the wise men delivered their presents. All f heaven rejiced, because a Savir was brn fr all mankind. ìti z velkéh dmu se nemhly dèkat vánc. Celý rk se na vánce tìily. Prvním pslem vánc byl sníh. Sníh pøicházel byèejnì pèátkem prsince. Ze zahrady byl ji vechn sklizen. Ovce i zelenina byla peèlivì ulena ve sklípku. Zahrada byla pøipravena k zimnímu spánku, a kdy napadl sníh, vypadala pravdu jak pd veliku bílu peøinu. Dalí pøedzvìstí vánc byl peèení vánèníh cukrví. Maminka p veèerech pekla cukrví a dìti trchu pmáhaly. Tìily se, e si také smlsnu, bude-li nìkteré pøíli upeèené neb plámané. Urèitý druh suenek se musel nechat uleet i nìklik týdnù, aby byl chutný na vánce. T byl pr dìti pkuení. Vìdìly, kam je maminka dlila, ale jíst je nesmìly. Dìti se tak uèily pøeknávat pkuení, cvièily si tím pevnu vùli. Vak také z th mìly velku radst, kdy je maminka pchválila, e cukrví, jejich zásluhu, nezmizel. Velkým úklem dìtí byl nauèit se básnièky a písnièky d prgramu nedìlní besídky. Pilnì se uèily a pøi kadé pøíleitsti se nechávaly maminku zkuet, jen aby t dbøe umìly. Vdy vánce se blíily èím dál rychleji. Kneènì pøiel dluh èekávaný tìdrý den. Od rána byl ve velkém dmì iv a takvá zvlátní nálada. Témìø celý den se pøipravvala tìdrveèerní veèeøe. Maminka pøitm dìtem vyprávìla rùzných lidvých vánèních zvycích v Èechách. Dìti se, na pøíklad dzvìdìly, e kd na tìdrý den nejí, uvidí veèer zlaté prasátk. Dìti tedy také nejedly, ale nikdy zlaté prasátk nevidìly. Odpledne maminka snesla s pùdy veliký prutìný k. Byly v nìm zdby na vánèní strmeèek. Dìti nadenì pmáhaly a brzy byl strmek zdben, jen se tøpytil. T u byl také nejvyí èas se vypravit d shrmádìní. Mdlitebna byla vzdálená asi dvacet kilmetrù, dìti musely jet vlakem. Cestu si jetì pakvaly básnièky, tìily se a intenzívnì vstøebávaly kadý kamikvdy byly vánce! Mdlitebna byla plná lidí a stál tam také strmeèek. Dìti usedly pøím pd kazatelnu a psluchaly ètení z Lukáva evangelia narzení Pána Jeíe. Pøi pøedstavì nedstatku místa pr tìhtnu Marii, se jim srdce svírala, s napìtím psluchaly, zda-li ten zlý Herdes nemluvòátku ublíí, a + Cntinues n page Pkraèvání na stranì Glrius Hpe Slavná nadìje Nvember 2001

Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego,

Vážená paní kolegyně, vážený pane kolego, OBSAH Úvod.. 3 Pracovní list 1 5 Worksheet 1.. 6 Worksheet 2..... 7 Pracovní list 2.. 8 Worksheet..... 9 Pracovní list 3.. 11 Worksheet..... 12 Pracovní list 4.. 13 Pracovní list 5.. 15 Pracovní list 6..


Komunikujeme v rámci EU

Komunikujeme v rámci EU Komunikujeme v rámci EU Mgr. Jitka Fraisová Soukromá střední odborná škola Hranice, s.r.o. Jaselská 832, Hranice Mgr. Dalibor Šimko externí expert Hranice 2012 Komunikujeme v rámci EU studijní texty Jitka


Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more...

Kam na jídlo? E knihovna. Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou. And much more... Kam na jídlo? E knihovna Rozhovor s profesorem Červinkou And much more... TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Words from the editorial board...2 Interview of the Dean...3 Welcome to first year...6 New campus information...10


DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám

DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, TENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzav eným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otev eným úlohám ANGLICKÝJAZYK DIDAKTICKÝTEST POSLECH,TENÍAJAZYKOVÁKOMPETENCE Maximálníbodovéhodnocení:63bodů Hraniceúspěšnosti:44% 1Základníinformacekzadánízkoušky Didaktickýtestobsahuje63úloh. asovýlimitprořešenídidaktickéhotestu






7 TRAVELLING 8 CULTURE 110. 9 SPORT 118. OBSAH Úvod REFERENčNÍ část PÍSEMNÁ ZKOUšKA POSLECH S POROZUMěNÍM Informace o zkoušce 0. Zkouškové strategie. Cvičení typu pravda / nepravda (true/false). Varianta cvičení výběr odpovědí z více možností


A OF PRIMER CIVICS Designed for the Guidance of the Immigrant Written by J. J. Zmrhal issued by The Colonial Dames of Illinois 1912 Copyrighted by Eliza L. Potwin 1912 THB WALUVCE PRESS CHICAGO PRVNI CITANKA


Promrdaný roky. The Fucking Years. skuteèný pøíbìh. The True Story

Promrdaný roky. The Fucking Years. skuteèný pøíbìh. The True Story Promrdaný roky skuteèný pøíbìh The Fucking Years The True Story Sedíme u Davida v pokoji a vymýšlíme si. Už víme, jak to chodí, a tak si radši nejlepší nápady píšeme na papír, aby se nám s prùbìhem veèera,


Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové. Martin Smutek, Miroslav Kappl (eds.)

Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové. Martin Smutek, Miroslav Kappl (eds.) PROMĚNY KLIENTA SLUŽEB SOCIÁLNÍ PRÁCE SOCIAL WORK CLIENT METAMORPHOSES rizika prevence rizika risks prevention risks Katedra sociální práce a sociální politiky Pedagogická fakulta Univerzita Hradec Králové


VZOROVÝ TEST ANGLICKÝ JAZYK ú roveň A1 (Cizí jazyk 5. roč ňí k, Dalš í čizí jazyk 9. roč ňí k)

VZOROVÝ TEST ANGLICKÝ JAZYK ú roveň A1 (Cizí jazyk 5. roč ňí k, Dalš í čizí jazyk 9. roč ňí k) VZOROVÝ TEST ANGLICKÝ JAZYK ú roveň A1 (Cizí jazyk 5. roč ňí k, Dalš í čizí jazyk 9. roč ňí k) Společná část základní úroveň; poslech s porozuměním úloha 1 V prvním oddílu poslechové části testu žáci uslyší





Lubomír Černý. Polkas and Marches. d e. with an introduction by Holly Small

Lubomír Černý. Polkas and Marches. d e. with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý d e Polkas and Marches with an introduction by Holly Small Lubomír Černý: Polkas and Marches 2/88 Preface Lubomír Černý was my legendary uncle who immigrated with whole family in Canada around


ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti

ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti ANGLICKÝ JAZYK základní úroveň obtížnosti DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE AJGZD10C0T01 Didaktický test obsahuje 63 úloh. Didaktický test obsahuje dva subtesty, ke každému subtestu


Vyjadřování budoucnosti

Vyjadřování budoucnosti 5. Vyjadřování budoucnosti Vyjadřování budoucnosti Úroveň A (Cvičení 1 40) going to pro plánované nebo jisté události v budoucnosti a pro rozhodnutí Úroveň B (Cvičení 41 125) budoucí čas (will) (nabídky,


May might bring heart fires

May might bring heart fires FREE OF CHARGE Tourist Magazine No.2, May 2008 www.kampocesku.cz May might bring heart fires There Is Something to Golf How about Chodsko? Sand Festival in Písek Dear readers, I don t know what your perceptions


1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault.

1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault. Don Sparling 1 According to * According to me, he should leave. * According to me, he s crazy. * According to his opinion, it was John s fault. Angličtina používá according to, když jde o informaci získanou


annual report 2011 výroční zpráva

annual report 2011 výroční zpráva annual report 2011 výroční zpráva Obsah Contents Kapitola I Slovo patronky 6 Struktura Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 7 Statut Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 8 Grantová pravidla Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem 8 Kalendář



ENGLISH 3 UNIT 1 INTRODUCTIONS & SOCIAL LIFE PARTY AT ROCK CLUB 77 ENGLISH 3 Vážení studenti! Prosím netrapte se biflováním níže uvedených textů. Tyto budou v plném rozsahu zpracovány, vysvětleny a aktivně procvičovány v rámci vašeho kurzu. Pokud najdete chuť a čas, uvařte



ANGLICKÝ JAZYK AJMZD14C0T01 ANGLICKÝ JAZYK AJMZD14C0T01 DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE Maximální bodové hodnocení: 63 bodů Hranice úspěšnosti: 44 % 1 Základní informace k zadání zkoušky Didaktický test obsahuje



WUCC 2010 BOOK SAMPLE WFDF WORLD ULTIMATE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 3-10 JULY 2010 PRAGUE MISTROVSTVæ SVùTA KLUBÒ V ULTIMATE FRISBEE 3-10 âervence 2010 PRAHA Je milým zvykem oslavit památku velké a A nice tradition for commemorating


ANGLIČTINA pro kombinované studium

ANGLIČTINA pro kombinované studium Vysoká škola báňská Technická univerzita Ostrava ANGLIČTINA pro kombinované studium cvičení pro 3. semestr Miroslava Weberová a kol. Ostrava 2011 Recenze: Mgr. Radka Juříčková Název: Angličtina pro kombinované



English 2+ Unit 1 PEOPLE: APPEARANCE. WELL BUILT... QUITE TALL... BROAD SHOULDERS... STRONG ARMS... CLEAN SHAVEN... to APPRECIATE... English 2+ Vážení studenti! Prosím netrapte se biflováním níže uvedených textů. Tyto budou v plném rozsahu zpracovány, vysvětleny a aktivně procvičovány v rámci vašeho kurzu. Pokud najdete chuť a čas,


Chcete li Boha rozesmát, udělejte si plány tak takhle nějak jsme dopadli s naším plánováním na rok 2013.

Chcete li Boha rozesmát, udělejte si plány tak takhle nějak jsme dopadli s naším plánováním na rok 2013. OBSAH KiT v 2013 KiT v 2014 Výdaje v 2013 Info. emaily od našich studentů Informace ke školám a účtenky / potvrzení 11-4-2014 KiT V 2013 Chcete li Boha rozesmát, udělejte si plány tak takhle nějak jsme


Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika. Iva Dostálová Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika

Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika. Iva Dostálová Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika Iva Dostálová Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika Iva Dostálová Angličtina v kostce pro SŠ Gramatika Text Iva Dostálová Kresby Pavel Kantorek Obálka a grafická úprava Fragment DTP s. r. o., Kamila Flonerová


přepsat docela unavený včera italský

přepsat docela unavený včera italský Unit 1 1)Opakování mluvnice - present simple, past simple 2) Subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive adjectives Čas k prostudování učiva: 7 hodin včetně konzultací Čas potřebný k ověřování učiva:


DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzavřeným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otevřeným úlohám

DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE. 2.1 Pokyny k uzavřeným úlohám. 2.2 Pokyny k otevřeným úlohám ANGLICKÝ JAZYK DIDAKTICKÝ TEST POSLECH, ČTENÍ A JAZYKOVÁ KOMPETENCE AJMZD15C0T01 Maximální bodové hodnocení: 63 bodů Hranice úspěšnosti: 44 % 1 Základní informace k zadání zkoušky Didaktický test obsahuje


ANGLICKÁ GRAMATIKA PRO STUDENTY OBORU Ruština se zaměřením na hospodářsko-právní a turistickou oblast OLOMOUC 2013 UNIT 3 ZÁJMENA PRONOUNS

ANGLICKÁ GRAMATIKA PRO STUDENTY OBORU Ruština se zaměřením na hospodářsko-právní a turistickou oblast OLOMOUC 2013 UNIT 3 ZÁJMENA PRONOUNS ANGLICKÁ GRAMATIKA PRO STUDENTY OBORU Ruština se zaměřením na hospodářskoprávní a turistickou oblast OLOMOUC 2013 UNIT 3 ZÁJMENA PRONOUNS OSOBNÍ PERSONAL U osobních zájmen se ve 3. osobě sg. projevuje


Nic proti tomu chtít být lepší, hubenější,

Nic proti tomu chtít být lepší, hubenější, Novoroční předsevzetí u nás neletí Nic proti tomu chtít být lepší, hubenější, nebo si hned 1. ledna obout kecky a oběhnout dvakrát dům s dobrou vůlí začít konečně zdravě žít. Být však na sebe náročný jednou



S P E C I A L E D I T I O N SPECIAL EDITION DEAR GUESTS AND PATRONS, The team at the InterContinental Prague are proud to celebrate 40 years of being a leading international hotel in this vibrant and intriguing city. Ever since the